Sunday, 29 July 2012

The Colorado Batman Shooting Business

As soon as I heard about the Batman movie theatre shooting in Aurora, Colorado, my instant thought was it could conveniently keep the banking fraud off the front pages of the mainstream media. Days later important questions remain unanswered:
How did a medical school graduate student get the training to device a "complex maze" of flammable booby-traps complete with mortars, trip-wires and explosives?
Why did he tell the police about it as a way to make sure they didn't set any of them off?

I monitored articles from the alternative media:
James Holmes Shooting False Flag:

Is Batman Massacre Staged Terror?

FBI Theater Attack Warning 2012 Documentation Vanishes from FEDERAL Site:

I guessed the issue of gun control would be raised. The US Constitution states the right to arms in case the government becomes rogue and threatening. Here are examples of how a gun can be used to protect personal space and property:
Homeowner Pulls Gun To Stop New Electric Meter From Being Installed:
How to stop any violent criminal in mere seconds (the "grandpa solution")

Commentary began to develop on the 'lone gunman' scenario:
Killer on drugs:
Antidepressants and School Shootings, Suicide, Addiction:!

Were there others involved?
Witness: Someone Let Gunman Inside Colorado Movie Theatre:
James Holmes Possible Second Shooter In Batman Shooting Eyewitness Account:
3 Colorado Shooters?: Bloody Footprints Run Past James Holmes Car:
Surprise surprise, Chertoff suggests precrime solution to mass shooting psychos:
... and so the story unfolds differently within the alternative media while the mainstream plays to the official party line:
Another false flag attack appears imminent; here's how to protect yourself and your family NOW:
Fox News Channel Questions Narrative Of 'Batman' Massacre:
Chemical Experiments, MKUltra Military Veterans:
Batman Massacre Covert Operation:
Batman murders: The blood trail, the neck wound, and the 2nd gas mask:
Colorado Batman Shooting: Second Gas Mask Found on the Scene, Neck Wound Blood Trail Cover Up, Questions, and More:

Sunday 30 July 2012 - update...
According to his LinkedIn profile, James Holmes’s father, Dr. Robert Holmes, who received a PhD in Statistics in 1981 from the University of California at Berkeley, worked for San Diego-based HNC Software, Inc. from 2000 to 2002. HNC, known as a “neural network” company, and DARPA, beginning in 1998, have worked on developing “cortronic neural networks,” which would allow machines to interpret aural and visual stimuli to think like humans.
The cortronic concept was developed by HNC Software’s chief scientist and co-founder, Robert Hecht-Nielsen. HNC merged with the Minneapolis-based Fair Isaac Corporation (FICO), a computer analysis and decision-making company. Robert Holmes continues to work at FICO.
Robert Holmes brief bio at linked in states the following: “My educational background is in Mathematics and Statistics. My experience over the last 10 years at HNC and FICO has been in developing predictive models for financial services; credit & fraud risk models, first and third party application fraud models and internet/online banking fraud models.”

A few internet links among several already popping up:

Saturday 04 August 2012 - Manipulating and programming people to do the dirty work:
From Kerry Cassidy at Project Camelot:
Robert Holmes, the shooting suspect's father, is a senior lead scientist with FICO, the American credit score company. He was scheduled to testify in the next few weeks before a US Senate panel that is investigating the largest bank fraud scandal in world history. This banking fraud threatens to destabilise and destroy the Western banking system....

Monday 06 August 2012 - Here we go again, another shooting in the USA:
7 Dead Including Shooter in Oak Creek Temple Shooting - Aug. 5, 2012:
Sikhs express shock after shootings at Wisconsin temple:

Tuesday 07 August 2012 - Further commentary on the Sikh temple shooting:
Sikh temple shooting suspect was former U.S. Army PSY OPS specialist:

Saturday 11 August 2012 - Surveillance cameras turned off during Sikh Temple shooting:

Tuesday 14 August 2012 - Rense and Jay Weidner discuss Batman etc...!

Saturday 18 August 2012 - Irish heroine of Batman shooting spree drowns:

Monday 11 March 2013 - update on Dunblane:
Sandra Uttley - Dunblane Unburied - Part 1a of 2
Sandra Uttley - Dunblane Unburied - Part 2 of 2

Sunday 30 July 2013 - Gun Control:

Sofia Smallstorm Unraveling Sandy Hook:

21.02.2014 - School Safety Expert Threatened for Questioning Official Narrative of the Sandy Hook Massacre:

05.03.2014 - Wolfgang Halbig Interview - Sandy Hook Investigation - Pete Santilli Show 2/25/14:

27.09.2014 - Former US school safety expert, Wolfgang Halbig says Sandy Hook was a hoax!

08.01.2015 - GLADIO-Style: Deadly ‘Cartoon Jihad’ Attack Against Charlie Hebdo in Paris:
Dead Men Walking? French Police Release Photos of 2 Likely Patsies:
PARIS SHOOTING: Charlie ‘Magazine Murders’ Reveals Evidence of Deliberate Staging:

10.01.2015 - The Paris Shooting Incident 07.01.2015:

31.08.2015 - Is The Virginia Shooting Hoax Blowing Up In The MSM’s Face?
Sandy Hook:

30.12.2015 - The Life of Adam:
13.08.2016 - Banned Documentaries - Ep. 2: What really happened at Sandy Hook?

Ned Pamphilon

Wednesday, 18 July 2012

A Letter To My MP: The Emperor Is Naked

Matthew Hancock
Conservative MP for West Suffolk
House of Commons
London SW1A OAA

Wednesday 18 July 2012

Dear Matthew,

Mervyn King, governor of the Bank of England who gave evidence to the Treasury Select Committee yesterday, says he first knew about the Libor fixing fraud 2 weeks ago. The Libor gives cause for concern since we seem to be addressing a world-wide crime syndicate: 

I recommend Mervyn King try following Max Keiser on Russia Today:
or director of The Trends Research Institute Gerald Celente:
or even, incredibly, ex-Grandstand sports presenter David Icke:
They, among many others, were apparently all better informed well in advance of Mr. King, the Treasury Select Committee or the BBC.

Also regarding financial fraud, I trust you are aware of Jon Corzine and MF Global:
I further wonder if you are aware of Lord James of Blackheath’s address to the House of Lords 16 February 2012:

My first ever bank account was opened as a boy with Midland, later to become incorporated within the money laundering HSBC. I still have that account; though kept only a nominal amount in it for some years. I have an ‘A’ level in economics, yet as bizarre as it may be, ex-snooker TV commentator David Icke explains the realities of money more clearly than the school syllabus ever did. It is a peculiar state of affairs that a man belittled on the Wogan Show while wearing a turquoise tracksuit is now better informing me than Mervyn King, to the extent I find it appropriate to mention Icke in a letter to my MP. It would be funny if it were not so alarming. HSBC say: "We will apologise, acknowledge these mistakes, answer for our actions and give our absolute commitment to fixing what went wrong..." as stated in this BBC article:
I wonder if the law will be properly implemented or will banks merely pay a fine whether here or in the US; whether for narcotics laundering or Libor crime. I expect a continuation of one rule for me and another for your establishment comrades.

Yesterday also saw the interrogation of G4S head Nick Buckles over the Olympics contract. I do not want G4S representatives having access to our private homes to read our electric meter as happened last week, nor do I want G4S running police stations. G4S providing security for the forthcoming militaristic Olympics seems somehow in keeping; there's apparently much enthusiastic to keep that 3rd Reich flame burning and 5 rings flag flying - symbolic for different people for different reasons:

We, the public, do not confuse the street bank personal behind our counters with the criminals higher up within the banks. Of course, there may be scapegoats to shore up the damaged image of the banking cartel, but generally, I expect the ‘crooks’ will pay fines and apologise. We do not require further regulation so much as implementation of existing law whereby bankers stealing money are held to account just as a member of the public was imprisoned for stealing a TV set during the London rioting. We require the implementation of the law whether the media, banking or the pharmaceutical industry; yet another sector whereby the law is broken and fines appear to be the standard over imprisonment: GlaxoSmithKline fined $3bn for health care fraud:

It is becoming increasingly clear that John Humphreys, Robert Peston, Nick Robinson, the BBC, CNN, Qatar’s Al Jazeera and the mainstream media in general are either clueless or just part of the same club not wanting to rock the boat too much. I realise Russia Today and Press TV must have Russian and Iranian leaning, but the bottom line is Max Keiser's commentary frequently proves to be more accurate than the BBC. He makes Robert Peston seem out of touch by comparison. Peston supports Arsenal, as do I and it is an interesting side note to observe how even £130K/week is not enough to keep striker Van Persie at a club which has supported him through years of injury; the greed culture has impregnated so many aspects of our society as perspective and proportion are apparently sadly lacking. Indeed, we might do worse than appoint the frugal Arsene Wenger as our Chancellor of the Exchequer.

Listening to the BBC Today programme is funnier than the BBC 'comedy' Now Show. My UK government banning Press TV is unacceptable. I reserve the right to determine what I choose to watch, not a 'Mary Whitehouse' or the government choose for me. I have come to wonder if we ever had a public broadcasting service which truly informed us, or was it always intended as a propaganda tool? Today the reality is this: if you want to be informed go online, but if you want to hear the ‘official line’ go to the mainstream media. Gerald Celente refers to ‘presstitutes’ and David Icke calls reporters ‘repeaters’. They are sadly accurate descriptions. Dismissing the alternative internet media is a hollow argument since several years of following current affairs have shown me who is providing accurate commentary and who is falling short. It seems the levy holding up the established status quo is going to break and perhaps it is already doing so. Perhaps it is all part of a plan to destroy the existing order to enable the implementation of a solution: one world governance and banking. I anticipate diversions in the near future: false flag operations and incidents to occupy the media and deflect attention from banking fraud.

It seems the mentality of the Bullingdon Club rules the roost: if you are rich and well connected you simply take what you want, say sorry if caught and pay the fine; a fine which can probably be absorbed and accounted for as expenses within the original business plan of the fraudulent operation. If the culprit plays their cards right, they can even secure further work as an ‘expert’ media pundit commenting upon future scandals and gossip as the like of Jeffery Archer has been doing for years.

In addition to younger generations, there is increasing dismay among the circle of friends of my 'conservative' OAP parents. To whom else can I express such concerns, but my parliamentary representative? I want to see fair play, I want to be accurately informed, I want the fractional banking system reformed and I want the zionist leaning, climate change fear mongering BBC reformed. Yes, zionist, and as US Vice President Biden said, you don't have to be Jewish to be zionist. The approach to Palestine by the UK/US seems to be appalling by comparison.
The Zionist agenda, the BBC by David Halpin:
Alan Hart (ex BBC) on Zionism:
Greenpeace Co-Founder Abandons Man-Made Global Warming:
It is so predictable when the BBC drag out another spokesperson from Chatham House or the Brookings Institute or similar establishment think-tank, pretending to be independent and enlightened while in reality merely voicing support for the Anglo-Saxon establishment status quo yet again.

I am fed up with time and money being spent on whether a footballer said the 'N' word or not - let's just stop being victims; as Max Keiser says, there is a new apartheid affecting the masses and the new 'N' word seems to be NIRP: Negative Interest Rate Policy.  I am fed up with the outbreak of people wearing a security-type fluorescent jacket; fed up with crap food producers being sponsors of sport; fed up with endless vaccine propaganda; fed up with incessant war mongering by my country in the name of a war on terror which is just as likely perpetrated by agents connected to the square mile of London one way or another. I yearn for my political representatives to wake up and take care of us at home and cease being the policeman of the world.

I returned to the UK in 2008 when gold was $600/700 per ounce. Since then ISA accounts, stocks and shares have rarely proved to be as profitable as gold, currently around $1500 per ounce; and no doubt the gold market is being rigged too, just like the stock market. The gold price symbolises what has been happening in the financial markets: if gold is rising in price it probably means all else is buggered. I bought more gold this last week. Why did Gordon Brown sell off UK gold reserves at around $260 an ounce 1999-2002? I suspect he was somehow propping up the 'printed money not worth the paper it's not printed on' banking system.

I suggest The Guardian, Telegraph, Times, BBC, ITV et al are becoming increasingly redundant in terms of real news. I give you examples of where increasing numbers of people are accessing news information:
Gerald Celente - Greg Hunter, USA Watchdog 04 July 2012:
Inside Story - Rigged bank rates: Is there more to come? With Max Keiser:

You are ex-Bank of England, ex-Chief of Staff for George Osbourne and a quantitative easer, therefore, I have little incentive to read your book Masters of Nothing:
"At the root of this crisis was human behaviour... That's what this entertaining book gets to grips with in an original and thoughtful way", said John Humphreys, BBC Radio 4 Today.
"It was human behaviour after all, that led us to construct a bubble nobody suspected was dangerous."
Human behaviour? Nobody suspected? This is simply not true. There were commentators warning us because I was made aware to the extent I made the decision in 2007 and relocated from Istanbul back to the UK in 2008, before the financial problems that year. It was control, corruption and manipulation that instigated the crash of 1929; it was 'crooks' who gathered at Jekyll Island in 1910; it was the same bankers financing Napoleon and Wellington; it was Prescott Bush and the Union Banking Corporation helping to finance Hitler; the facade that is the Bank of England is controlled by private interests. It is an exponentially increasing number of people who are becoming aware of this information, whether it be entirely accurate or not, this is what is being digested because the mainstream media and education system has failed dismally to inform the public for far too long, so the public is looking elsewhere. The debate at 'street level' is becoming better informed, hence, there is already an internet battle between central governance and the open source community. It is lazy and short sighted to dismiss the likes of Keiser and Celente as fringe or radical commentators. There are revisionary conversations far and wide whether politics, history, science, archaeology, financial structure, energy sources, health, food production... the times they are a changing as sources such as probably provide more cutting edge information and command higher listening figures than BBC Radio 4.

Matthew, you seem to be a pleasant enough chap as most people do and responded and acted on my behalf when asked regarding the Robert Green case. I have a Hopton based friend who has met you and speaks highly of our clever and capable MP. However, I have long stopped buying into the concepts of right, left or centre politics. There is trouble brewing and though I expect any response from you will tow the party line, it seems dutiful to share these thoughts with you. Let us remind ourselves, the merger of state and corporate powers is fascism. The public tends to moan and groan in private, yet not write enough to their MP's. Please, as my constituent MP, step up to the plate; represent me and the rest of your constituents properly and to all our benefit by being aware of these concerns. God forbid if there really is intention behind the likes of Hague and Clinton to bring down Syria, Iran and risk WW III. The current BBC reporting on Syria is bias and correspondent Frank Gardener so perfectly suited to towing the BBC party line. I suspect the US/UK will again utilise such factions as the CIA's Al Quaeda 'data-base' to initiate unrest for Assad. I'm at a loss as to understanding the interests of those running MI5, MI6 and MI-ad infinitum; how that all works goodness only knows.

Despite this gloomy picture, I remain optimistic and even excited. Living in a state of fear is not my inclination and I could give scientific quantum reasons why that is so: low vibration cannot trawl the energy of high frequency vibration. The existing system will change and it is interesting to observe. Should your office require assistance in taking a different angle on current affairs, I am happy to help direct you toward useful sources. It is in my interest that my immediate community functions properly. Perhaps my concerns will turn out to be unfounded, but right now it seems the emperor is naked and I am not the only one noticing.

Yours sincerely,
Ned Pamphilon.

Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Sir David Attenborough: Carbon Cultist

Sir David Attenborough: Carbon Cultist

As a teenager it was recommended I watch David Attenborough's Life On Earth TV series. God it was dull; I was so bored enduring what I recall to be at least a full hour. Still, I watched because my school teacher asked me to and I was relatively studious and would do most of my homework and eventually secured a dozen 'o' levels.

This last Saturday 14 July The Independent published this article by Sir David Attenborough: This Awful Summer - Weve Only Ourselves To Blame:

Sir David believes the washout summer may be down to climate change and is convinced humans are the main cause of this. I suggest Sir David is a climate change cultist fear monger and maker of lavish, expensive and for me often tedious films which propagate the conventional mind set caught between the parameters of Darwinian Evolution and theological Creationism; along with the Archbishop of Canterbury and Richard Dawkins, all members of the theoretical dogma society.

Sir David goes on to say: "Periodic famines are due to too many people living on land that can't sustain them."

I suspect Sir David supports the programme to vaccinate babies with Bill & Melinda Gates. That sounds like a good thing doesn't it? I suggest it is in effect part of a population control agenda whereby carbon cultists believe: less humans = less carbon = healthier environment.

Maybe unsustainable land management is a result of foreign land invasion by Christian conquerors such as Cecil Rhodes and the legacy of an Anglo-Saxon plan to impregnate, exploit and control areas such as the African continent. Maybe Sir David could engage Michael Tellinger and his Adam's Calendar work to consider a different take:

Rather than laugh-off and dismiss 'fringe' ideas and thinking, let's explore and investigate. David Attenborough is not necessarily the font of all knowledge regarding life on earth. I, with my democratic right to vote, my conventional academic qualifications to degree level, my non-criminal record and my up-to-date tax payer status, do not buy the fear mongering of Sir David or Bill Gates or my UK government's inclination to police the world and implement environment and population programmes designed to control and depopulate. I witnessed the WTC buildings on 9/11 appearing to be near perfect controlled explosions live on TV and watched reporting such as this:

If the powers that be cannot even come clean about 9/11, why should I trust their views on climate change and population control? If MI5, MI6 and my UK government disagree with me, so be it. They must have an agenda and reason to justify their actions. However, the emperors new clothes do not suddenly appear to me because my truth experience is denied.

Just listening to this morning's BBC news, the UK and US continue to aggravate the situation wherever they feel inclined from Syria to Sudan while another Sir, musician Elton John, continues to to bang on about AIDS. There is information publicly available questioning the origins of AIDS and the link between HIV and AIDS and proposed solutions to maintaining a healthy immune system. The powerful interests of central control, pharmaceutical companies, fossil fuel energy companies, the banking corporations and military-corporate-industrial complex are apparently all subsidised by the tax payer and accurate information about health and 'consciousness' is persistently side lined. As I type, this article comes under my nose:

I frequently follow the BBC's morning Radio 4 Today programme and frequently switch it off because of the lack of proper investigative journalism and bias reporting; or repeating as is a much more appropriate word. Gerald Celente refers to the mainstream media as 'pressitutes' and he is sadly accurate in his description.

I have old and close friends working within some of the biggest corporations in the world and they do not seem to question issues such as GMO crop manipulation which must have an effect upon our food chain and immune systems. Here's a recent press announcement:

Perhaps scientists should should ask NASA about alternatives to fossil fuel energy: Aliens? We'll probably have a close encounter this century says leading physicist who warns governments to be ready:
“One Mile Diameter” UFO Filmed by Space Station Now Confirmed as "Real":

Why doesn't Stephen Hawkings communicate with the likes of Stephen Greer, Richard Dolan, Edgar Mitchell, Paul Hellyer? Are all the UFO/ET commentators misguided and daft? Most recently UFO historian Richard Dolan has had an online disagreement wth Andrew Basiago who declares he's been part of a CIA Mars jump room programme:

Is the ET/UFO issue nonsense or is there something worth investigation by the BBC and scientific community? It is not just the ET matter, but archaeology, history, health, physics and an endless list of subjects whereby conventional thinking seems to stick to a perceived theory with determination to prove that theory the correct one regardless of other possibilities. The victor writes the history. Currently Brian Cox is the BBC's poster child for quantum physics. The same Brian Cox I heard dismiss ghosts as non existent follies of the imagination. How can you determine such a black and white conclusion?

It is frustrating and anger making and I was encourage to watch both Max Keiser and Gerald Celente demonstrate it is OK to get angry sometimes:
Max Keiser discussing the Inside Story - Rigged bank rates: Is there more to come?
Gerald Celente - Greg Hunter, USA Watchdog - 04 July 2012:!

The older I get the more I come to suspect the Nazi mind set did win WWII and climate change is part and parcel of a long term depopulation programme involving a one world government, one world banking system and a control system whereby an elite have long decided they know better than the rest of us. C'mon folks, ask some questions of your MP's and stop being so bloody passive and submissive! The issues are too important for politically correct politeness.

Ned Pamphilon

Post notes...
All mainstream media networks leap on global warming fearmongering after IPCC report release; No dissenting views allowed:
Aussie PM: carbon tax is ‘socialism’:
Hey, it's the Nobel Peace Prize winning official arseholes telling me they know better than I about the world's climate! Links below. Well, if Obomba and Al say it, it must true because we all trust these straight talking peaceful minded intelligent visionaries, don't we!? God and or the infinite consciousness save us from fools and idiots. Blood and Gore? You really can't make this crap up. Still, there are plenty of mugs who believe these nonces. Mind my language? Oh please, mind your own thoughts, do your homework, check out the kind of corrupt lying scumbags Obomba and Gore are.
Al Gore: world is on brink of 'carbon bubble'... Gore and partner David Blood call on companies to 'do their fiduciary duty' and identify carbon risks in their portfolios:
Obama uses executive order in sweeping takeover of nation's climate change policies:
Agenda 21: Opening Its Arms and Welcoming the Climate Change Mob and the ‘Greenies’
Weather Wars:
Prince Charles on climate change:
Man Made Weather:
Climate Change:
Dr. Stanley Monteith: The Population Control Agenda:
BBC's six-year cover-up of secret 'green propaganda' training for top executives:

08.08.2014 - The other night I heard David Attenborough host a BBC Radio 2 on folk music. It was superb:
The Natural History of Folk:

Friday, 13 July 2012

Andrew D. Basiago & Richard Dolan: Time Space Travel 13.07.2012

I have followed both Andrew Basiago and Richard Dolan for a few years. Suddenly they appeared to be at loggerheads. Major parts of the discussion unfolded as per below:

Andrew D. Basiago:
The Mars Anomaly Research Society (MARS) now has two affiliate groups on Facebook. The Lunar Anomaly Research Society (LARS) is being administered by Bret Colin Sheppard. The Earth Anomaly Research Society (EARS) is being administered by Karen Christine Patrick. We invite you to join these groups.
All disinformation, if properly distinguished with information, is, ultimately, an opportunity to educate the public about the true nature of reality, and to hold the disinformant up to the light of public scrutiny, so that deserved public hostility towards the disinformant can be properly fomented. So it is that I give you the disinformation of Richard Dolan juxtaposed against the information of Alfred Lambemont Webre. Let the people decide.
The disinformation of Richard Dolan: 

The information of Alfred Lambremont Webre: Third whistle blower confirms Obama’s participation in CIA jump room program of early 1980’s By Alfred Lambremont Webre  :

Andrew D. Basiago:
"Teleportation is a life experience that involves tunneling through the quantum hologram to reach a distant location in time-space. Reincarnation is a between-life experience that involves tunneling out of the quantum hologram to the location known as Heaven, Eternity, or the Godhead. They are two different experiences in time-space, the first physical and temporal, the second metaphysical and eternal."

Richard Dolan:
Greetings. I hope no one minds if I chime in here. It's come to my attention that Andrew Basiago has stated that I am giving disinformation on the Mars Jump claims. What I would like to do simply is reply to a few things that have come my way.
First, Andy, if you read this, I didn't unfriend you on Facebook: I created a new FB account at the beginning of 2012. Everyone I was friends with migrated to my public page. I was laboring under the idea that the only way to exceed 5000 friends was by promoting my public page. In retrospect it wasn't the best move, but so it goes. My apologies if you thought I was explicitly unfriending you. Many were confused by that.
Regarding my opinions of Mr. Mendez, it is the case that I met him in 2010 and had a series of conversations with him. He claimed then as now to have been an assistant to President Richard Nixon. Of course, he would have been around 16 years old at the time, which would be quite unusual. He had several claims about Nixon's interest in UFOs (which after all Nixon DID have an interest in UFOs and I believe the story about him and Jackie Gleason seeing ET bodies). But for two years I simply asked Bernard to provide any evidence that he did in fact worked for the Nixon White House. He never provided a thing. NOR did he EVER mention anything to do with Mars teleportation, nor anything at all to do with Barack Obama. Not a peep. So, yes, I am deeply skeptical of his account now, after becoming acquainted with yourself and Alfred Webre, and now making such claims.
I have legitimate reasons for skepticism on this scenario, especially as NO ONE has ever provided anything that can be considered evidence. Sorry, but your claims and the claims of others are not evidence. They are claims only. Someone needs to provide something that other people can check, otherwise the claims are unproductive. You as a lawyer are supposed to understand this. Even so, if I were to turn out to be wrong on this matter, what I say is still not disinformation. It would simply be wrong. Disinformation is a special act, something carried out with intention to deceive. If you truly believe I am disinforming, then you truly know nothing about me. Whereas we will clearly disagree professionally, I wish you well personally.
Andrew D. Basiago:
Hello, Richard! I accept your apologies regarding our falling out on Facebook. I now see what happened. You may recall that at the time the film producer Chantal Boccaccio had informed me that you were a fan of my work and was trying to bring us together for a filmed interview by you of me. In light of your erudition and professional standing as an historian of post-war defense matters, I was eager to complete such an interview. I have hundreds of facts to share about the emergence of time travel in the US defense community in the 1970’s and 1980’s because I was a participant in two time travel-related defense projects. I made strenuous efforts to make that happen, even securing verbal assurances from an investor to fund the production at $5,000. It was my impression at the time that you decided to prejudge my claims and break off communications with me. I now see what caused our communications to end in 2010. The result was that you have never interviewed me about my time travel or jump room experiences and so have no basis or expertise to discredit my facts or those of my supporting witnesses.

I stand by my position that Bernard Mendez is a truth teller. I do so because during 1980 to 1983, he was a colleague of mine in the CIA’s jump room program. During your July 7th broadcast on Truth Out, you asserted that Bernard Mendez is a fraud. He's not. He's a senior career US intelligence officer. He audited our training class under Major Ed Dames at College of the Siskiyous in 1980. I first met him in that context. Several years later, Mendez and I jumped together to Mars or whatever domain that Mendez’ investigation revealed the jump rooms were taking us to. Our fellow US chrononaut William B. Stillings has also provided detailed testimony about Mendez' involvement with us in the CIA’s jump room program. Mendez's corroboration of my involvement in the US secret space program is the result of a 12-year effort on my part to bring the truth forward. The fact that you would allege that Mendez is not authentic without interviewing me and would badger Mendez by sending him e-mails pressuring him to renounce his claims suggests, in my view, that you are not an independent scholar but a disinformant with an agenda to conceal the truth of my claims from the American people.

In regard to Bernard Mendez’ claim that he was a Special Assistant to President Nixon, when I recently met up with Benny after an absence of almost 30 years, he made the same claim. He stated that he began working for Nixon at age 18. He later stated that today he is 58 years of age. This would mean that he was born in 1953 and so would have been 18 in 1971, precisely the year he identified to me he began taking on investigations for Nixon. You may view such a young age as a threat to the validity of his account, but I was brought into the CIA’s jump room program at 18 years of age after first teleporting for DARPA in 1967-68 at the age of six years old.
Your allegation that my claims are not evidence is not true. In fact, direct testimony about firsthand experiences is direct evidence admissible in any court in the land. You should also know as an historian that since the 1980’s oral history has been in the ascendancy in the field of history because of its reliability. Documents can be fabricated, but, as in a court of law, a living participant can be cross-examined and evaluated as to his or her truthfulness. It is my position that by bringing forward two fellow participants – William B. Stillings and Bernard Mendez – I have done more to establish the historicity of my claims about the jump room program than a photocopy of a redacted FBI or Presidential briefing document would have. After all, Nixon’s signature can be forged, but my account of my facts and those of my witnesses have held up over dozens of interviews.
I remain available to be interviewed by you should you wish to explore how the presence of extraterrestrials in the skies above our planet sparked a postwar effort to achieve a time-space capability for the United States, a human presence on Mars, and other emergency measures. Having just brought forward two fellow participants in the jump room program, I am on the threshold of silencing my critics, which is why I regard your skepticism with such astonishment.

Response to Facebook member Peter from Andrew D. Basiago:
Peter, I am being transparent. I am stating that I believe that Richard is intentionally playing the role of "disinformant" in order to suppress the story of my experiences. As a professional historian, Richard should know that (1) live testimony is direct evidence and as such is admissible as evidence and that (2) the greater the number of informants claiming the same or similar facts pertaining to an event, the greater the likelihood that the event being described happened. Right affter I proffered my third corroborating participant-witness from the jump room program. Bernard Mendez, Richard took the position that my claims were not just LESS likely to be true, but that he could say that he now knew that they were veritably UNTRUE. This runs contrary to valid historiographical method. In the field of history, when a historian finds MORE corroborating witnesses (1) describing an event happened in a particular way or happened at all and (2) that they agree with the major elements of each others' accounts and that each other is telling the truth, the GREATER the likelihood that the event actually happened. Brett, Bernard and I (1) agree that the jump room existed and have described in great detail our individual and mutual experiences in the jump room program and (2) believe that we are all telling the truth and doing so accurately. So, when Mendez shared his story corroborating that of Basiago and Stillings, Richard Dolan, or any historian of post-war US defense history, had more evidence to conclude that I was originally telling the truth and that the jump room program existed. Instead, Richard stated that Mendez was a fraud because Bernie had not previously mentioned the program to him and made other arguments that were marginal at best. This was not history on Richard's part. It was politics done in furtherance of the US government's efforts to keep its secret programs secret. Generally, I would pose this question to Richard: Why tell the story of post-war UFO history and omit any mention of the secret programs that were launched to cope with the ET presence? Even my father's career is the story of that, for example, his involvement in the RAMJET program in the 1950s after the UFO overflight of DC; his work on Project Pegasus, beginning in the 1960's, which involved developing a time-space capability to match that of the ET's; the launch of ET-human liaison programs in the 1970's; on through to the jump room program of the 1980's. Why does the operational side of the US government's response to the ET presence never get told by supposedly independent historians? Because it remains classified, that's why. Andy

Richard Dolan:
Andy, I just wrote to you on the thread I was using, and now I see you continue to accuse me of being a disinformant. Honestly, how can anyone have a rational discussion with you when you are like this? I wish you well in your life, but do not expect me to support your claims. If, as I stated in the other thread, you, Bernard, or anyone else can ever provide something substantive -- I am all ears. But I see that with you, there is really no chance for a true discussion. You engage in accusations that I never dream of when discoursing with other people. Good day. I have work to do.

Andrew D. Basiago:

Oh, fuck off, Dolan! You defamed me on somebody else's profile page in an obvious strategic dodge and now criticize me for discussing the matter on one of my own groups! Your Cointelpro tactics are in obvious display. Very well. Now play the self-righteous card. Accuse me of "being like this" when I defend honor. Do you have any idea how harrowing our jump room experiences were? It was you who began this argument by accusing my supporting witness-participants of being frauds. They are not frauds. We served our country. If you were a legitimate historian of postwar US defense history, you would have an interest in interviewing us at length as Alfred Webre did and learn the truth of our experiences so that you could show your readers some of the things that were done to deal with the ET situation. Instead, you decline to interview us, say that you have an open mind, and then then write in the promotional text for your radio show that Bernard Mendez is "the latest fraudulent addition" to the jump room story. You, sir, are a liar! Andy

NPP: Oh dear. I have e-mailed and received a reply from Richard Dolan. I conclude Dolan is not overly enamoured with Basiago.

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