Wednesday, 18 July 2012

A Letter To My MP: The Emperor Is Naked

Matthew Hancock
Conservative MP for West Suffolk
House of Commons
London SW1A OAA

Wednesday 18 July 2012

Dear Matthew,

Mervyn King, governor of the Bank of England who gave evidence to the Treasury Select Committee yesterday, says he first knew about the Libor fixing fraud 2 weeks ago. The Libor gives cause for concern since we seem to be addressing a world-wide crime syndicate: 

I recommend Mervyn King try following Max Keiser on Russia Today:
or director of The Trends Research Institute Gerald Celente:
or even, incredibly, ex-Grandstand sports presenter David Icke:
They, among many others, were apparently all better informed well in advance of Mr. King, the Treasury Select Committee or the BBC.

Also regarding financial fraud, I trust you are aware of Jon Corzine and MF Global:
I further wonder if you are aware of Lord James of Blackheath’s address to the House of Lords 16 February 2012:

My first ever bank account was opened as a boy with Midland, later to become incorporated within the money laundering HSBC. I still have that account; though kept only a nominal amount in it for some years. I have an ‘A’ level in economics, yet as bizarre as it may be, ex-snooker TV commentator David Icke explains the realities of money more clearly than the school syllabus ever did. It is a peculiar state of affairs that a man belittled on the Wogan Show while wearing a turquoise tracksuit is now better informing me than Mervyn King, to the extent I find it appropriate to mention Icke in a letter to my MP. It would be funny if it were not so alarming. HSBC say: "We will apologise, acknowledge these mistakes, answer for our actions and give our absolute commitment to fixing what went wrong..." as stated in this BBC article:
I wonder if the law will be properly implemented or will banks merely pay a fine whether here or in the US; whether for narcotics laundering or Libor crime. I expect a continuation of one rule for me and another for your establishment comrades.

Yesterday also saw the interrogation of G4S head Nick Buckles over the Olympics contract. I do not want G4S representatives having access to our private homes to read our electric meter as happened last week, nor do I want G4S running police stations. G4S providing security for the forthcoming militaristic Olympics seems somehow in keeping; there's apparently much enthusiastic to keep that 3rd Reich flame burning and 5 rings flag flying - symbolic for different people for different reasons:

We, the public, do not confuse the street bank personal behind our counters with the criminals higher up within the banks. Of course, there may be scapegoats to shore up the damaged image of the banking cartel, but generally, I expect the ‘crooks’ will pay fines and apologise. We do not require further regulation so much as implementation of existing law whereby bankers stealing money are held to account just as a member of the public was imprisoned for stealing a TV set during the London rioting. We require the implementation of the law whether the media, banking or the pharmaceutical industry; yet another sector whereby the law is broken and fines appear to be the standard over imprisonment: GlaxoSmithKline fined $3bn for health care fraud:

It is becoming increasingly clear that John Humphreys, Robert Peston, Nick Robinson, the BBC, CNN, Qatar’s Al Jazeera and the mainstream media in general are either clueless or just part of the same club not wanting to rock the boat too much. I realise Russia Today and Press TV must have Russian and Iranian leaning, but the bottom line is Max Keiser's commentary frequently proves to be more accurate than the BBC. He makes Robert Peston seem out of touch by comparison. Peston supports Arsenal, as do I and it is an interesting side note to observe how even £130K/week is not enough to keep striker Van Persie at a club which has supported him through years of injury; the greed culture has impregnated so many aspects of our society as perspective and proportion are apparently sadly lacking. Indeed, we might do worse than appoint the frugal Arsene Wenger as our Chancellor of the Exchequer.

Listening to the BBC Today programme is funnier than the BBC 'comedy' Now Show. My UK government banning Press TV is unacceptable. I reserve the right to determine what I choose to watch, not a 'Mary Whitehouse' or the government choose for me. I have come to wonder if we ever had a public broadcasting service which truly informed us, or was it always intended as a propaganda tool? Today the reality is this: if you want to be informed go online, but if you want to hear the ‘official line’ go to the mainstream media. Gerald Celente refers to ‘presstitutes’ and David Icke calls reporters ‘repeaters’. They are sadly accurate descriptions. Dismissing the alternative internet media is a hollow argument since several years of following current affairs have shown me who is providing accurate commentary and who is falling short. It seems the levy holding up the established status quo is going to break and perhaps it is already doing so. Perhaps it is all part of a plan to destroy the existing order to enable the implementation of a solution: one world governance and banking. I anticipate diversions in the near future: false flag operations and incidents to occupy the media and deflect attention from banking fraud.

It seems the mentality of the Bullingdon Club rules the roost: if you are rich and well connected you simply take what you want, say sorry if caught and pay the fine; a fine which can probably be absorbed and accounted for as expenses within the original business plan of the fraudulent operation. If the culprit plays their cards right, they can even secure further work as an ‘expert’ media pundit commenting upon future scandals and gossip as the like of Jeffery Archer has been doing for years.

In addition to younger generations, there is increasing dismay among the circle of friends of my 'conservative' OAP parents. To whom else can I express such concerns, but my parliamentary representative? I want to see fair play, I want to be accurately informed, I want the fractional banking system reformed and I want the zionist leaning, climate change fear mongering BBC reformed. Yes, zionist, and as US Vice President Biden said, you don't have to be Jewish to be zionist. The approach to Palestine by the UK/US seems to be appalling by comparison.
The Zionist agenda, the BBC by David Halpin:
Alan Hart (ex BBC) on Zionism:
Greenpeace Co-Founder Abandons Man-Made Global Warming:
It is so predictable when the BBC drag out another spokesperson from Chatham House or the Brookings Institute or similar establishment think-tank, pretending to be independent and enlightened while in reality merely voicing support for the Anglo-Saxon establishment status quo yet again.

I am fed up with time and money being spent on whether a footballer said the 'N' word or not - let's just stop being victims; as Max Keiser says, there is a new apartheid affecting the masses and the new 'N' word seems to be NIRP: Negative Interest Rate Policy.  I am fed up with the outbreak of people wearing a security-type fluorescent jacket; fed up with crap food producers being sponsors of sport; fed up with endless vaccine propaganda; fed up with incessant war mongering by my country in the name of a war on terror which is just as likely perpetrated by agents connected to the square mile of London one way or another. I yearn for my political representatives to wake up and take care of us at home and cease being the policeman of the world.

I returned to the UK in 2008 when gold was $600/700 per ounce. Since then ISA accounts, stocks and shares have rarely proved to be as profitable as gold, currently around $1500 per ounce; and no doubt the gold market is being rigged too, just like the stock market. The gold price symbolises what has been happening in the financial markets: if gold is rising in price it probably means all else is buggered. I bought more gold this last week. Why did Gordon Brown sell off UK gold reserves at around $260 an ounce 1999-2002? I suspect he was somehow propping up the 'printed money not worth the paper it's not printed on' banking system.

I suggest The Guardian, Telegraph, Times, BBC, ITV et al are becoming increasingly redundant in terms of real news. I give you examples of where increasing numbers of people are accessing news information:
Gerald Celente - Greg Hunter, USA Watchdog 04 July 2012:
Inside Story - Rigged bank rates: Is there more to come? With Max Keiser:

You are ex-Bank of England, ex-Chief of Staff for George Osbourne and a quantitative easer, therefore, I have little incentive to read your book Masters of Nothing:
"At the root of this crisis was human behaviour... That's what this entertaining book gets to grips with in an original and thoughtful way", said John Humphreys, BBC Radio 4 Today.
"It was human behaviour after all, that led us to construct a bubble nobody suspected was dangerous."
Human behaviour? Nobody suspected? This is simply not true. There were commentators warning us because I was made aware to the extent I made the decision in 2007 and relocated from Istanbul back to the UK in 2008, before the financial problems that year. It was control, corruption and manipulation that instigated the crash of 1929; it was 'crooks' who gathered at Jekyll Island in 1910; it was the same bankers financing Napoleon and Wellington; it was Prescott Bush and the Union Banking Corporation helping to finance Hitler; the facade that is the Bank of England is controlled by private interests. It is an exponentially increasing number of people who are becoming aware of this information, whether it be entirely accurate or not, this is what is being digested because the mainstream media and education system has failed dismally to inform the public for far too long, so the public is looking elsewhere. The debate at 'street level' is becoming better informed, hence, there is already an internet battle between central governance and the open source community. It is lazy and short sighted to dismiss the likes of Keiser and Celente as fringe or radical commentators. There are revisionary conversations far and wide whether politics, history, science, archaeology, financial structure, energy sources, health, food production... the times they are a changing as sources such as probably provide more cutting edge information and command higher listening figures than BBC Radio 4.

Matthew, you seem to be a pleasant enough chap as most people do and responded and acted on my behalf when asked regarding the Robert Green case. I have a Hopton based friend who has met you and speaks highly of our clever and capable MP. However, I have long stopped buying into the concepts of right, left or centre politics. There is trouble brewing and though I expect any response from you will tow the party line, it seems dutiful to share these thoughts with you. Let us remind ourselves, the merger of state and corporate powers is fascism. The public tends to moan and groan in private, yet not write enough to their MP's. Please, as my constituent MP, step up to the plate; represent me and the rest of your constituents properly and to all our benefit by being aware of these concerns. God forbid if there really is intention behind the likes of Hague and Clinton to bring down Syria, Iran and risk WW III. The current BBC reporting on Syria is bias and correspondent Frank Gardener so perfectly suited to towing the BBC party line. I suspect the US/UK will again utilise such factions as the CIA's Al Quaeda 'data-base' to initiate unrest for Assad. I'm at a loss as to understanding the interests of those running MI5, MI6 and MI-ad infinitum; how that all works goodness only knows.

Despite this gloomy picture, I remain optimistic and even excited. Living in a state of fear is not my inclination and I could give scientific quantum reasons why that is so: low vibration cannot trawl the energy of high frequency vibration. The existing system will change and it is interesting to observe. Should your office require assistance in taking a different angle on current affairs, I am happy to help direct you toward useful sources. It is in my interest that my immediate community functions properly. Perhaps my concerns will turn out to be unfounded, but right now it seems the emperor is naked and I am not the only one noticing.

Yours sincerely,
Ned Pamphilon.