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Andrew D. Basiago & Richard Dolan: Time Space Travel 13.07.2012

I have followed both Andrew Basiago and Richard Dolan for a few years. Suddenly they appeared to be at loggerheads. Major parts of the discussion unfolded as per below:

Andrew D. Basiago:
The Mars Anomaly Research Society (MARS) now has two affiliate groups on Facebook. The Lunar Anomaly Research Society (LARS) is being administered by Bret Colin Sheppard. The Earth Anomaly Research Society (EARS) is being administered by Karen Christine Patrick. We invite you to join these groups.
All disinformation, if properly distinguished with information, is, ultimately, an opportunity to educate the public about the true nature of reality, and to hold the disinformant up to the light of public scrutiny, so that deserved public hostility towards the disinformant can be properly fomented. So it is that I give you the disinformation of Richard Dolan juxtaposed against the information of Alfred Lambemont Webre. Let the people decide.
The disinformation of Richard Dolan: 

The information of Alfred Lambremont Webre: Third whistle blower confirms Obama’s participation in CIA jump room program of early 1980’s By Alfred Lambremont Webre  :

Andrew D. Basiago:
"Teleportation is a life experience that involves tunneling through the quantum hologram to reach a distant location in time-space. Reincarnation is a between-life experience that involves tunneling out of the quantum hologram to the location known as Heaven, Eternity, or the Godhead. They are two different experiences in time-space, the first physical and temporal, the second metaphysical and eternal."

Richard Dolan:
Greetings. I hope no one minds if I chime in here. It's come to my attention that Andrew Basiago has stated that I am giving disinformation on the Mars Jump claims. What I would like to do simply is reply to a few things that have come my way.
First, Andy, if you read this, I didn't unfriend you on Facebook: I created a new FB account at the beginning of 2012. Everyone I was friends with migrated to my public page. I was laboring under the idea that the only way to exceed 5000 friends was by promoting my public page. In retrospect it wasn't the best move, but so it goes. My apologies if you thought I was explicitly unfriending you. Many were confused by that.
Regarding my opinions of Mr. Mendez, it is the case that I met him in 2010 and had a series of conversations with him. He claimed then as now to have been an assistant to President Richard Nixon. Of course, he would have been around 16 years old at the time, which would be quite unusual. He had several claims about Nixon's interest in UFOs (which after all Nixon DID have an interest in UFOs and I believe the story about him and Jackie Gleason seeing ET bodies). But for two years I simply asked Bernard to provide any evidence that he did in fact worked for the Nixon White House. He never provided a thing. NOR did he EVER mention anything to do with Mars teleportation, nor anything at all to do with Barack Obama. Not a peep. So, yes, I am deeply skeptical of his account now, after becoming acquainted with yourself and Alfred Webre, and now making such claims.
I have legitimate reasons for skepticism on this scenario, especially as NO ONE has ever provided anything that can be considered evidence. Sorry, but your claims and the claims of others are not evidence. They are claims only. Someone needs to provide something that other people can check, otherwise the claims are unproductive. You as a lawyer are supposed to understand this. Even so, if I were to turn out to be wrong on this matter, what I say is still not disinformation. It would simply be wrong. Disinformation is a special act, something carried out with intention to deceive. If you truly believe I am disinforming, then you truly know nothing about me. Whereas we will clearly disagree professionally, I wish you well personally.
Andrew D. Basiago:
Hello, Richard! I accept your apologies regarding our falling out on Facebook. I now see what happened. You may recall that at the time the film producer Chantal Boccaccio had informed me that you were a fan of my work and was trying to bring us together for a filmed interview by you of me. In light of your erudition and professional standing as an historian of post-war defense matters, I was eager to complete such an interview. I have hundreds of facts to share about the emergence of time travel in the US defense community in the 1970’s and 1980’s because I was a participant in two time travel-related defense projects. I made strenuous efforts to make that happen, even securing verbal assurances from an investor to fund the production at $5,000. It was my impression at the time that you decided to prejudge my claims and break off communications with me. I now see what caused our communications to end in 2010. The result was that you have never interviewed me about my time travel or jump room experiences and so have no basis or expertise to discredit my facts or those of my supporting witnesses.

I stand by my position that Bernard Mendez is a truth teller. I do so because during 1980 to 1983, he was a colleague of mine in the CIA’s jump room program. During your July 7th broadcast on Truth Out, you asserted that Bernard Mendez is a fraud. He's not. He's a senior career US intelligence officer. He audited our training class under Major Ed Dames at College of the Siskiyous in 1980. I first met him in that context. Several years later, Mendez and I jumped together to Mars or whatever domain that Mendez’ investigation revealed the jump rooms were taking us to. Our fellow US chrononaut William B. Stillings has also provided detailed testimony about Mendez' involvement with us in the CIA’s jump room program. Mendez's corroboration of my involvement in the US secret space program is the result of a 12-year effort on my part to bring the truth forward. The fact that you would allege that Mendez is not authentic without interviewing me and would badger Mendez by sending him e-mails pressuring him to renounce his claims suggests, in my view, that you are not an independent scholar but a disinformant with an agenda to conceal the truth of my claims from the American people.

In regard to Bernard Mendez’ claim that he was a Special Assistant to President Nixon, when I recently met up with Benny after an absence of almost 30 years, he made the same claim. He stated that he began working for Nixon at age 18. He later stated that today he is 58 years of age. This would mean that he was born in 1953 and so would have been 18 in 1971, precisely the year he identified to me he began taking on investigations for Nixon. You may view such a young age as a threat to the validity of his account, but I was brought into the CIA’s jump room program at 18 years of age after first teleporting for DARPA in 1967-68 at the age of six years old.
Your allegation that my claims are not evidence is not true. In fact, direct testimony about firsthand experiences is direct evidence admissible in any court in the land. You should also know as an historian that since the 1980’s oral history has been in the ascendancy in the field of history because of its reliability. Documents can be fabricated, but, as in a court of law, a living participant can be cross-examined and evaluated as to his or her truthfulness. It is my position that by bringing forward two fellow participants – William B. Stillings and Bernard Mendez – I have done more to establish the historicity of my claims about the jump room program than a photocopy of a redacted FBI or Presidential briefing document would have. After all, Nixon’s signature can be forged, but my account of my facts and those of my witnesses have held up over dozens of interviews.
I remain available to be interviewed by you should you wish to explore how the presence of extraterrestrials in the skies above our planet sparked a postwar effort to achieve a time-space capability for the United States, a human presence on Mars, and other emergency measures. Having just brought forward two fellow participants in the jump room program, I am on the threshold of silencing my critics, which is why I regard your skepticism with such astonishment.

Response to Facebook member Peter from Andrew D. Basiago:
Peter, I am being transparent. I am stating that I believe that Richard is intentionally playing the role of "disinformant" in order to suppress the story of my experiences. As a professional historian, Richard should know that (1) live testimony is direct evidence and as such is admissible as evidence and that (2) the greater the number of informants claiming the same or similar facts pertaining to an event, the greater the likelihood that the event being described happened. Right affter I proffered my third corroborating participant-witness from the jump room program. Bernard Mendez, Richard took the position that my claims were not just LESS likely to be true, but that he could say that he now knew that they were veritably UNTRUE. This runs contrary to valid historiographical method. In the field of history, when a historian finds MORE corroborating witnesses (1) describing an event happened in a particular way or happened at all and (2) that they agree with the major elements of each others' accounts and that each other is telling the truth, the GREATER the likelihood that the event actually happened. Brett, Bernard and I (1) agree that the jump room existed and have described in great detail our individual and mutual experiences in the jump room program and (2) believe that we are all telling the truth and doing so accurately. So, when Mendez shared his story corroborating that of Basiago and Stillings, Richard Dolan, or any historian of post-war US defense history, had more evidence to conclude that I was originally telling the truth and that the jump room program existed. Instead, Richard stated that Mendez was a fraud because Bernie had not previously mentioned the program to him and made other arguments that were marginal at best. This was not history on Richard's part. It was politics done in furtherance of the US government's efforts to keep its secret programs secret. Generally, I would pose this question to Richard: Why tell the story of post-war UFO history and omit any mention of the secret programs that were launched to cope with the ET presence? Even my father's career is the story of that, for example, his involvement in the RAMJET program in the 1950s after the UFO overflight of DC; his work on Project Pegasus, beginning in the 1960's, which involved developing a time-space capability to match that of the ET's; the launch of ET-human liaison programs in the 1970's; on through to the jump room program of the 1980's. Why does the operational side of the US government's response to the ET presence never get told by supposedly independent historians? Because it remains classified, that's why. Andy

Richard Dolan:
Andy, I just wrote to you on the thread I was using, and now I see you continue to accuse me of being a disinformant. Honestly, how can anyone have a rational discussion with you when you are like this? I wish you well in your life, but do not expect me to support your claims. If, as I stated in the other thread, you, Bernard, or anyone else can ever provide something substantive -- I am all ears. But I see that with you, there is really no chance for a true discussion. You engage in accusations that I never dream of when discoursing with other people. Good day. I have work to do.

Andrew D. Basiago:

Oh, fuck off, Dolan! You defamed me on somebody else's profile page in an obvious strategic dodge and now criticize me for discussing the matter on one of my own groups! Your Cointelpro tactics are in obvious display. Very well. Now play the self-righteous card. Accuse me of "being like this" when I defend honor. Do you have any idea how harrowing our jump room experiences were? It was you who began this argument by accusing my supporting witness-participants of being frauds. They are not frauds. We served our country. If you were a legitimate historian of postwar US defense history, you would have an interest in interviewing us at length as Alfred Webre did and learn the truth of our experiences so that you could show your readers some of the things that were done to deal with the ET situation. Instead, you decline to interview us, say that you have an open mind, and then then write in the promotional text for your radio show that Bernard Mendez is "the latest fraudulent addition" to the jump room story. You, sir, are a liar! Andy

NPP: Oh dear. I have e-mailed and received a reply from Richard Dolan. I conclude Dolan is not overly enamoured with Basiago.

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