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Sir David Attenborough: Carbon Cultist

Sir David Attenborough: Carbon Cultist

As a teenager it was recommended I watch David Attenborough's Life On Earth TV series. God it was dull; I was so bored enduring what I recall to be at least a full hour. Still, I watched because my school teacher asked me to and I was relatively studious and would do most of my homework and eventually secured a dozen 'o' levels.

This last Saturday 14 July The Independent published this article by Sir David Attenborough: This Awful Summer - Weve Only Ourselves To Blame:

Sir David believes the washout summer may be down to climate change and is convinced humans are the main cause of this. I suggest Sir David is a climate change cultist fear monger and maker of lavish, expensive and for me often tedious films which propagate the conventional mind set caught between the parameters of Darwinian Evolution and theological Creationism; along with the Archbishop of Canterbury and Richard Dawkins, all members of the theoretical dogma society.

Sir David goes on to say: "Periodic famines are due to too many people living on land that can't sustain them."

I suspect Sir David supports the programme to vaccinate babies with Bill & Melinda Gates. That sounds like a good thing doesn't it? I suggest it is in effect part of a population control agenda whereby carbon cultists believe: less humans = less carbon = healthier environment.

Maybe unsustainable land management is a result of foreign land invasion by Christian conquerors such as Cecil Rhodes and the legacy of an Anglo-Saxon plan to impregnate, exploit and control areas such as the African continent. Maybe Sir David could engage Michael Tellinger and his Adam's Calendar work to consider a different take: http://www.michaeltellinger.com/

Rather than laugh-off and dismiss 'fringe' ideas and thinking, let's explore and investigate. David Attenborough is not necessarily the font of all knowledge regarding life on earth. I, with my democratic right to vote, my conventional academic qualifications to degree level, my non-criminal record and my up-to-date tax payer status, do not buy the fear mongering of Sir David or Bill Gates or my UK government's inclination to police the world and implement environment and population programmes designed to control and depopulate. I witnessed the WTC buildings on 9/11 appearing to be near perfect controlled explosions live on TV and watched reporting such as this: http://vimeo.com/45643645#at=0

If the powers that be cannot even come clean about 9/11, why should I trust their views on climate change and population control? If MI5, MI6 and my UK government disagree with me, so be it. They must have an agenda and reason to justify their actions. However, the emperors new clothes do not suddenly appear to me because my truth experience is denied.

Just listening to this morning's BBC news, the UK and US continue to aggravate the situation wherever they feel inclined from Syria to Sudan while another Sir, musician Elton John, continues to to bang on about AIDS. There is information publicly available questioning the origins of AIDS and the link between HIV and AIDS and proposed solutions to maintaining a healthy immune system. The powerful interests of central control, pharmaceutical companies, fossil fuel energy companies, the banking corporations and military-corporate-industrial complex are apparently all subsidised by the tax payer and accurate information about health and 'consciousness' is persistently side lined. As I type, this article comes under my nose: http://www.naturalnews.com/036479_antibiotics_immune_system_destruction.html

I frequently follow the BBC's morning Radio 4 Today programme and frequently switch it off because of the lack of proper investigative journalism and bias reporting; or repeating as is a much more appropriate word. Gerald Celente refers to the mainstream media as 'pressitutes' and he is sadly accurate in his description.

I have old and close friends working within some of the biggest corporations in the world and they do not seem to question issues such as GMO crop manipulation which must have an effect upon our food chain and immune systems. Here's a recent press announcement:

Perhaps scientists should should ask NASA about alternatives to fossil fuel energy: Aliens? We'll probably have a close encounter this century says leading physicist who warns governments to be ready:
“One Mile Diameter” UFO Filmed by Space Station Now Confirmed as "Real":

Why doesn't Stephen Hawkings communicate with the likes of Stephen Greer, Richard Dolan, Edgar Mitchell, Paul Hellyer? Are all the UFO/ET commentators misguided and daft? Most recently UFO historian Richard Dolan has had an online disagreement wth Andrew Basiago who declares he's been part of a CIA Mars jump room programme:

Is the ET/UFO issue nonsense or is there something worth investigation by the BBC and scientific community? It is not just the ET matter, but archaeology, history, health, physics and an endless list of subjects whereby conventional thinking seems to stick to a perceived theory with determination to prove that theory the correct one regardless of other possibilities. The victor writes the history. Currently Brian Cox is the BBC's poster child for quantum physics. The same Brian Cox I heard dismiss ghosts as non existent follies of the imagination. How can you determine such a black and white conclusion?

It is frustrating and anger making and I was encourage to watch both Max Keiser and Gerald Celente demonstrate it is OK to get angry sometimes:
Max Keiser discussing the Inside Story - Rigged bank rates: Is there more to come?
Gerald Celente - Greg Hunter, USA Watchdog - 04 July 2012:

The older I get the more I come to suspect the Nazi mind set did win WWII and climate change is part and parcel of a long term depopulation programme involving a one world government, one world banking system and a control system whereby an elite have long decided they know better than the rest of us. C'mon folks, ask some questions of your MP's and stop being so bloody passive and submissive! The issues are too important for politically correct politeness.

Ned Pamphilon

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