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TED Talks: Ideas Apparently Not Worth Spreading?

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TED Talks: Ideas Apparently Not Worth Spreading?
TED Censor Hancock & Sheldrake

Among the most interesting internet presentations I’ve seen recently are:
Graham Hancock: The War on Consciousness:
Dr. Rupert Sheldrake: The Science Delusion:

A few days later these talks were highlighted on the Waking Times website:
TED Talks The Establishment Would Prefer You To Miss:

A few more days later a contact in Istanbul informed me: “... that a 2 day TED Talks conference will be held in Istanbul 12-13 April 2013, themed 'Critical Crossroads.”

Next came my regular newsletter from Graham Hancock dated 26 March 2013 as below...
A week today discussions at TED about their decision to limit access to talks by Graham Hancock and Rupert Sheldrake will cease and at that point TED will have effectively got away with a bizarre act of censorship without ever really having to account for its behaviour. A month from now the whole matter will be forgotten and TED will be able to move on as though nothing ever happened to disturb the wholesome image that it has cultivated so successfully.

After deleting the talks from their TEDxYoutube channel on 14 March (where they had jointly notched up 170,000 views) TED’s tactic has been to create a series of ever-receding “blog” pages where people are invited to discuss the talks. Hancock and Sheldrake have both declined to be involved since they have already refuted all the original allegations of “pseudo-science” that TED levelled as justification for the removal of the talks from the TEDx Youtube channel. TED’s allegations (now crossed out), and Hancock and Sheldrake’s refutations, as well as the talks themselves, can be seen here:

To move things forward Hancock and Sheldrake have both issued challenges to TED to engage them face to face in free and fair public debate, Hancock here:
and Sheldrake here:

If you’re concerned about what this issue means for freedom of speech, and for whether we will live in a society in the future that respects our right to make sovereign decisions about our own consciousness, then please take two minutes to register as a poster on those pages and demand that TED stop hiding behind smokescreens and respond to Hancock’s and Sheldrake’s challenges.

This interview also came under my nose whereby Graham Hancock talks about his banned TED talk on the Lifeboat Hour with Mike Ruppert 17/03/2013:
In this interview Hancock refers to the TED 'brand' and how the mainstream media is 'finished'. I suggest currently he is being optimistic, but in the long term his observation seems inevitable. I note relevant parts you could skip to:
09.30mins TED brand
17.59mins Xerox, pharmaceutical & other corporate sponsors behind TED banned these talks for 'not being scientific'
47.00mins The USA leading the awakening? I was surprised at this comment, since I've developed a prejudice negative view of the USA, but Hancock knows the USA much better than I, so it is interesting to hear his comments
52.00mins Mainstream media finished

Before any of this was the recent CNN interview by Piers Morgan with US radio host Alex Jones of on gun control:
A best friend of mine working for a major global corporation heard about this because the explosive interview made mainstream news. My friend must have seen a mainstream news report and criticised Jones because of his loud and aggressive style. I suggest my friend is out of touch; he had never heard of Alex Jones, where as I have known about Jones for several years. Most regular 9-5 working family people are out of touch because they simply do not have the time to follow the alternative information scene.

Trends Journal publisher Gerald Celente refers to CNN as the Cartoon News Network and how accurate he is. Most mornings I catch up with BBC Radio 4 Today news while I view Celente’s daily Trends In The News. To my observation, the BBC are out of touch and anyone only following the BBC is equally out of touch.

In a later YouTube clip, Alex Jones confronts Piers Morgan backstage in Texas:
Morgan asks Jones "Are you enjoying global fame?"
Jones probably has greater (internet) circulation than Morgan. These mainstream folk are so arrogant, but it seems inevitable they will eventually realise the figures and some home truths.

Billy Corgan of popular music combo The Smashing Pumpkins was this last week with Alex Jones making observations on the Piers Morgan interview, suggesting the trend is toward a Total Paradigm Shift:
Indeed, there is a 'battle' going on for information and awareness and since truth can be a dangerous fate for those suppressing it, the truth deniers will try all kinds of tactics to maintain their stranglehold. Ultimately, it is a tussle of consciousness; between fear and love.

Watch this space...

Rupert Sheldrake - Richard Dawkins comes to call:
The Big TED Controversy of 2013, Part 1:
The 10 false assumptions of modern science (and how to set science free with new paths to discovery):
TED aligns with Monsanto, halting any talks about GMOs, 'food as medicine' or natural healing:
Jill Bolte Taylor's stroke of insight:
Neurosurgeon Dr. Eben Alexander Discusses His Near Death Experience and His Book 'Proof of Heaven':
Huge contradictions in 'scientific' thinking revealed: Theory of evolution in no way explains origins of life:
TED Against Pseudu Science:
Graham Hancock:
(1) talk on consciousness at the National Arts Club in New York:
(2) half hour talk at the National Arts Club, New York, about novel War God and the Spanish conquest of Mexico:

Documentary Graham Hancock made with Robert Bauval and John Anthony West in 1995 still out there on Youtube:
Graham Hancock:

29.01.2014 - "Human Sacrifice" with Graham Hancock (from Joe Rogan Experience #417):

19.04.2014 - Luck, Risk and Freedom by Graham Hancock:

24.06.2014 - Tom Campbell Supports Dr Rupert Sheldrake's 10 Dogmas of Science:

09.02.2015 - Dr Joe Dispenza- TED Talks with Dr Joe Dispenza:
Dr. Rupert Sheldrake - The Science Delusion (May 2012):

03.09.2016 - Microdosed: An Everyperson’s Guide to Hallucinogenic Therapy:

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Monday, 11 March 2013

I'm Tired Too

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In response to a posting on The Tap Blog:
'I'm 74 and I'm Tired':

I’m Tired Too

I’m tired of the generations before me who lived through WWII without questioning who really started it, who financed it, who benefited and really were the victors.

I’m tired of my parents’ generation which kept its head in the sand while JFK was presumed killed by a lone gunman, let alone 9/11 and so on...

I’m tired of those generations who tell me they served in the war for my benefit yet have voted in lying government after lying government after lying government, and then expect the younger generations to be honest and true.

I’m tired of those same generations that indoctrinated me to view the Germans as the enemy, then the Russians, then the CIA data base Al Qaeda movement... when it’s always the bastards at the top on both sides, not the general public and 'ordinary' people who want or make war.

I’m tired of those same generations barking on about full employment which is an unlikely concept in reality and assuming I want to work hard all my life at some unimportant job rather than my appreciate awareness and experience of infinite consciousness while having an earthly experience.

I’m tired of the Darwinian ethic I’m expected to adhere to, whereby if I don’t push myself as hard as possible I might not survive; an approach that has kept generations in a perpetual mind set of fear.

I’m tired of conventional wisdom serving up limited choice between Creationism and Darwinism as if there is no other serious possibility.

I’m tired of the older generations who roll their eyes when I ask who are we? Where do we come from? As if I’m asking silly questions to which there is no definitive answer, therefore, stop asking, accept and appreciate this democratic system of free speech and liberty that my parents’ generation sacrificed themselves for, in order I might be free. Yeah, right.

I’m tired of those elder statesmen who keep telling me my generation fails to take responsibility when they avoided responsibilities all their lives; whether wide spread child abuse, war mongers, the increasing size and power of corporations producing contaminated food, water, health care, energy systems etc...

I’m tired of those older generations telling me what a good egg the BBC is and how David Attenborough makes such wonderful, wholesome family entertainment and information. Why doesn't he talk about Michael Cremo et al?

I’m tired of the older generations that bequeathed me and still support a crap education system indoctrinating my peers with facts and figures to regurgitate in pretence of seeming clever while creativity, imagination and dreams are side lined as wishy-washy.

I’m tired of trying to explain to the older generation that gold might rise in value, for example when it was still only $600/700 per ounce in 2008 and they dismissed my information in favour of maintaining conventional stocks and shares and supporting the international banking crime syndicate: “... anyone can say anything about gold and stuff on the internet.”

I’m tired of the older generations telling me you can’t beat the system, complaining at the dinner table yet never complaining in writing to their MP.

I’m tired of those previous generations bequeathing me this ridiculous notion of left wing right wing politics and anything else is fringe unless enough people begin to support it, in which case it is given a label to fit nicely within the right-middle-left wing political model.

I too am tired of body piercing and tattoos, but each to their own and I’m more concerned with Willy Hague announcing more taxpayer funding for ‘Friends of Syria’ while the older generations are apparently oblivious to the imminence of the first Great War of the 21st century.

Despite my expressing my fatigue, I'm also waking up more and more everyday with a cheeky optimistic smile upon my boat race.

Best wishes,
East Anglia, UK

Friday, 8 March 2013

BBC Radio 4's Material World Of The Mighty Potato Gene

Attention: Quentin Cooper, BBC Radio 4 Material World via
(Comment 1000 maximum characters)

Cc: Dr. Christian Bachem, Graham Hancock, Bruce Lipton, Michael Cremo, Gerald Celente, John Anthony West, Nassim Haramein, Max Keiser, plus selected friends and interested parties.

Dear Quentin,

Please read my letter at
on my NPP blog, since I exceed 1000 characters.

Yesterday I was pleasantly surprised to hear dear childhood friend Dr. Christian Bachem on your show discussing potato genes at 22.17-28.55mins:
I am sharing awareness of Christian’s work in my own small way.

You said the first potato came to Northern Europe via the Conquistadors. At the Rosslyn Chapel near to Edinburgh, there are carvings of 'New World' vegetation including corn and cactus, completed 1446 before Columbus was to 'discover' the U.S. in 1492; there are earlier maps of Turkish Ottoman Admiral Piri Reis depicting the Americas... may I suggest victory writes history; ‘official history’ suggests rather than definitely knows when our potato arrived.

I would be interested to hear the likes of Dr. Christian Bachem discussing genealogy with the likes of Dr. Bruce Lipton. Biologist Lipton says he was cloning stem cells in 1967; that environment is more influential in controlling life than genes; refers to epigenetic control; that we are in effect a skin covered petri dish:
"Darwinian belief is limiting, troublesome... based upon struggle for survival... fear."
If survival of the fittest is in effect perpetual living in fear, I’ll give it a miss thank you and choose the higher and healthier frequency of love!

I've long thought our conventional thinking is caught between the limited parameters of creationism and Darwinism; we do seem to like isms. As a schoolboy, my science homework included watching David Attenborough's Life On Earth. This may be perceived as almost blasphemous to most BBC fans, but I found Attenborough dull then and still do: a BBC conventional wisdom gatekeeper. Equally, I find Richard Dawkins’ religion is science while Stephen Hawking’s theory is just that, a theory. Hence, I am attracted to such entertainment as The Science Delusion: Rupert Sheldrake at TEDxWhitechapel:

I wish you would invite to your show Material World, the likes of Dr. Robert Sheldrake, Graham Hancock, John Anthony West, Michael Cremo, Bruce Lipton, Nassim Haramein... and many more.

As an artist I deem patency and copyright debilitating to the sharing and progress of ideas; stalling progress within the energy, food and health ‘industries’; within civil society generally. Appropriately, yesterday evening on Russia Today, the Max Keiser Report: Mon-Satan (E415), was discussing 'Mon-satan', evil genius or 'frankenfood' Monsanto, seed patency and the devastation of copyright monopolies:

I was pleasantly surprised last 31 December 2012 when your live audience voted Nikola Tesla (AC versus Edison's DC, 8 languages, predicted women will take control of the world!), as proposed by Mark Miodownik 12.42mins, as the greatest unsung hero of science 27.17mins:
Just for fun, the rare 1980 Movie: The Secret Of Nikola Tesla:
1903: banker JP Morgan responded to scientist Nikola Tesla:
"Great technology, but where do I put the meter?”
Is it true some of Tesla's patents are not accounted for, laying hidden in certain national patent archives?

I ask you to invite as a guest to your programme, nuclear engineer Mehran Tavakoli Keshe of the Keshe Foundation, lecture at London Imperial College 30 January 2013:
Keshe says Iran has peaceful ‘free’ energy system which recently plucked 2 U.S. drones out of their skies. I doubt our Foreign Minister Willy Hague will like that should it be true. Rather than ignore or make sneering remarks, let’s ask and put Keshe on the spot on your programme.

By the way, the Keshe Foundation, like Dr. Bachem, is also Netherlands based:
Jubileumplein 3
6161SR Geleen
The Netherlands !!
kvk 14089728

I have a song lyric:
Why does Einstein’s theory not allow for any torque?
If atoms are just mostly space, what’s below me when I walk?

I wonder if mainstream science had better start seriously exploring and embracing the concept of human consciousness.

Hi Christian! Long time no see. You sounded great!

Best wishes,
Suffolk-Norfolk border, UK


23.05.2014 - Heirlooms, hybrids and GMOs: A hackers guide to knowing the difference:

25.05.2014 - Monsanto's seedy legacy: