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BBC Radio 4's Material World Of The Mighty Potato Gene

Attention: Quentin Cooper, BBC Radio 4 Material World via
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Cc: Dr. Christian Bachem, Graham Hancock, Bruce Lipton, Michael Cremo, Gerald Celente, John Anthony West, Nassim Haramein, Max Keiser, plus selected friends and interested parties.

Dear Quentin,

Please read my letter at
on my NPP blog, since I exceed 1000 characters.

Yesterday I was pleasantly surprised to hear dear childhood friend Dr. Christian Bachem on your show discussing potato genes at 22.17-28.55mins:
I am sharing awareness of Christian’s work in my own small way.

You said the first potato came to Northern Europe via the Conquistadors. At the Rosslyn Chapel near to Edinburgh, there are carvings of 'New World' vegetation including corn and cactus, completed 1446 before Columbus was to 'discover' the U.S. in 1492; there are earlier maps of Turkish Ottoman Admiral Piri Reis depicting the Americas... may I suggest victory writes history; ‘official history’ suggests rather than definitely knows when our potato arrived.

I would be interested to hear the likes of Dr. Christian Bachem discussing genealogy with the likes of Dr. Bruce Lipton. Biologist Lipton says he was cloning stem cells in 1967; that environment is more influential in controlling life than genes; refers to epigenetic control; that we are in effect a skin covered petri dish:
"Darwinian belief is limiting, troublesome... based upon struggle for survival... fear."
If survival of the fittest is in effect perpetual living in fear, I’ll give it a miss thank you and choose the higher and healthier frequency of love!

I've long thought our conventional thinking is caught between the limited parameters of creationism and Darwinism; we do seem to like isms. As a schoolboy, my science homework included watching David Attenborough's Life On Earth. This may be perceived as almost blasphemous to most BBC fans, but I found Attenborough dull then and still do: a BBC conventional wisdom gatekeeper. Equally, I find Richard Dawkins’ religion is science while Stephen Hawking’s theory is just that, a theory. Hence, I am attracted to such entertainment as The Science Delusion: Rupert Sheldrake at TEDxWhitechapel:

I wish you would invite to your show Material World, the likes of Dr. Robert Sheldrake, Graham Hancock, John Anthony West, Michael Cremo, Bruce Lipton, Nassim Haramein... and many more.

As an artist I deem patency and copyright debilitating to the sharing and progress of ideas; stalling progress within the energy, food and health ‘industries’; within civil society generally. Appropriately, yesterday evening on Russia Today, the Max Keiser Report: Mon-Satan (E415), was discussing 'Mon-satan', evil genius or 'frankenfood' Monsanto, seed patency and the devastation of copyright monopolies:

I was pleasantly surprised last 31 December 2012 when your live audience voted Nikola Tesla (AC versus Edison's DC, 8 languages, predicted women will take control of the world!), as proposed by Mark Miodownik 12.42mins, as the greatest unsung hero of science 27.17mins:
Just for fun, the rare 1980 Movie: The Secret Of Nikola Tesla:
1903: banker JP Morgan responded to scientist Nikola Tesla:
"Great technology, but where do I put the meter?”
Is it true some of Tesla's patents are not accounted for, laying hidden in certain national patent archives?

I ask you to invite as a guest to your programme, nuclear engineer Mehran Tavakoli Keshe of the Keshe Foundation, lecture at London Imperial College 30 January 2013:
Keshe says Iran has peaceful ‘free’ energy system which recently plucked 2 U.S. drones out of their skies. I doubt our Foreign Minister Willy Hague will like that should it be true. Rather than ignore or make sneering remarks, let’s ask and put Keshe on the spot on your programme.

By the way, the Keshe Foundation, like Dr. Bachem, is also Netherlands based:
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I have a song lyric:
Why does Einstein’s theory not allow for any torque?
If atoms are just mostly space, what’s below me when I walk?

I wonder if mainstream science had better start seriously exploring and embracing the concept of human consciousness.

Hi Christian! Long time no see. You sounded great!

Best wishes,
Suffolk-Norfolk border, UK


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