Monday, 11 March 2013

I'm Tired Too

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In response to a posting on The Tap Blog:
'I'm 74 and I'm Tired':

I’m Tired Too

I’m tired of the generations before me who lived through WWII without questioning who really started it, who financed it, who benefited and really were the victors.

I’m tired of my parents’ generation which kept its head in the sand while JFK was presumed killed by a lone gunman, let alone 9/11 and so on...

I’m tired of those generations who tell me they served in the war for my benefit yet have voted in lying government after lying government after lying government, and then expect the younger generations to be honest and true.

I’m tired of those same generations that indoctrinated me to view the Germans as the enemy, then the Russians, then the CIA data base Al Qaeda movement... when it’s always the bastards at the top on both sides, not the general public and 'ordinary' people who want or make war.

I’m tired of those same generations barking on about full employment which is an unlikely concept in reality and assuming I want to work hard all my life at some unimportant job rather than my appreciate awareness and experience of infinite consciousness while having an earthly experience.

I’m tired of the Darwinian ethic I’m expected to adhere to, whereby if I don’t push myself as hard as possible I might not survive; an approach that has kept generations in a perpetual mind set of fear.

I’m tired of conventional wisdom serving up limited choice between Creationism and Darwinism as if there is no other serious possibility.

I’m tired of the older generations who roll their eyes when I ask who are we? Where do we come from? As if I’m asking silly questions to which there is no definitive answer, therefore, stop asking, accept and appreciate this democratic system of free speech and liberty that my parents’ generation sacrificed themselves for, in order I might be free. Yeah, right.

I’m tired of those elder statesmen who keep telling me my generation fails to take responsibility when they avoided responsibilities all their lives; whether wide spread child abuse, war mongers, the increasing size and power of corporations producing contaminated food, water, health care, energy systems etc...

I’m tired of those older generations telling me what a good egg the BBC is and how David Attenborough makes such wonderful, wholesome family entertainment and information. Why doesn't he talk about Michael Cremo et al?

I’m tired of the older generations that bequeathed me and still support a crap education system indoctrinating my peers with facts and figures to regurgitate in pretence of seeming clever while creativity, imagination and dreams are side lined as wishy-washy.

I’m tired of trying to explain to the older generation that gold might rise in value, for example when it was still only $600/700 per ounce in 2008 and they dismissed my information in favour of maintaining conventional stocks and shares and supporting the international banking crime syndicate: “... anyone can say anything about gold and stuff on the internet.”

I’m tired of the older generations telling me you can’t beat the system, complaining at the dinner table yet never complaining in writing to their MP.

I’m tired of those previous generations bequeathing me this ridiculous notion of left wing right wing politics and anything else is fringe unless enough people begin to support it, in which case it is given a label to fit nicely within the right-middle-left wing political model.

I too am tired of body piercing and tattoos, but each to their own and I’m more concerned with Willy Hague announcing more taxpayer funding for ‘Friends of Syria’ while the older generations are apparently oblivious to the imminence of the first Great War of the 21st century.

Despite my expressing my fatigue, I'm also waking up more and more everyday with a cheeky optimistic smile upon my boat race.

Best wishes,
East Anglia, UK