Saturday, 29 June 2013

A New World Model

This essay / article contains among the rudest of English language words. If you are easily upset by such langauge, do not read.

“I welcome any channel that... allows us to feel as if we are living in a real world.
I am sick of a media narrative that doesn't match the reality.”

Dear Tap,

A friend said the other day, “I don’t like the company you’re keeping.... I saw your Eyes on that Tap website, they looked great, but I checked some of the other stuff and it was promoting right wing extreme gun ownership, food survivalists, Obama and gay bashing stuff.... I won’t be going there again.”

This friend is years more than I experienced in exploring ‘alternative’ ideas; the friend who, for example, lent me Bruce Lipton’s Biology of Belief. I began to explain gun ownership was a constitutional right in the US where there is widening concern that the government is removing firearms from the people; that Obama does appear to be a Nobel Peace Prize winning war monger and... so, if the BBC website were to publish my thoughts, would I be keeping better company?

Perplexed I enquired further and it seems my friend had accessed The Tap Blog via I explained such sites can be seen as portals that allow freedom of expression from different points of view.

It set me thinking how easily we make judgement over others. Having undertaken my online Quantum Universe workshop at least twice, my holding any belief system is now compromised by the requirement to avoid judgement. The theory of Quantum Universe suggests that what counts is reaction and response to any given moment and doing so from a source of unconditional love. Holding any belief and therefore, dismissing the apparent beliefs of others as incorrect, infers an act of judgement. Quantum Universal theory might be compared similar to the concept of God; love; infinite consciousness and suddenly science is meeting and complimenting the realms of spirituality; the new model of Bruce Lipton, Tom Campbell & co are showing signs of making Richard Dawkins, David Attenborough & co the old and soon to be obsolete model.

“You never change things by fighting the existing reality.
To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete.”
Richard Buckminster Fuller 1895-1983

Sites such as The Tap Blog, Alternative News, Before It’s News, appear to allow a variety of ideas, thoughts and observations to flow through, giving us, the audience, the opportunity to be our own Mary Whitehouse’s; make out own censorship decisions rather than someone do it for us. I find that an attractive idea.

It made me wonder how The People’s Voice (TPV), David Icke’s new media project, will work out. His intention is ‘no censorship’ and how exactly will that be managed since someone makes a decision as to what goes to air based upon judgement and, therefore, belief systems will presumably come into play.
Mainstream journalist Sonia Poulton of is due to jump ship and collaborate with TPV. Her profile states she deplores bad manners. Will TPV air commentary from the likes of Christopher Spivey and The Artist Taxi Driver flowing with expletives intact? My friend certainly gets prickly at the audio phonetic frequency of ‘cunt’. Art critic Brian Sewell wrote to me about the ‘... mentality of cunts... the word survives only in the Romany of gypsies.’
Another friend says a ‘cunt’ is a gypsy term for ‘pretty small fire’. There is ‘cant’ slang and apparently once a Gropecunte Lane in London. TPV could have Brian involved; he pulls no punches. I digress.

Sonia e-mailed me:
       “Hi Ned... I welcome any channel that not only does what you want but starts to allow us to feel as if we are living in a real world.
       I am sick of a media narrative that doesn't match the reality. Time is long over-due for a change. Exciting times.”

Yes, these are exciting times and I’m anticipating TPV with enthusiasm and intrigue as to how beliefs, judgement and censorship will be managed or not.

I further considered judgement of others and bringing people to justice, such as perceived tyrants like Kissinger, Blair and Obama; recently referred to as a war criminal in the Irish Parliament. What if the ‘system’ cracked, misdemeanours were unveiled and suddenly individuals held to account for crimes committed. Where will the accountability stop? There is allegedly an extensive web of individuals to be held to account. The thought of filling more jails with more criminals has a sense of merely repeating the same old model. BBC Radio 4 told me the other day it costs £300,000 per year to keep child killer Ian Brady locked up. What else to do? A locked cell and throw away the key? Cheaper still, a bullet?

I would welcome seeing the likes of the current mismanagement team, whether Jamie Dimon, Ben Bernanke, Jon ‘The Slime’ Corzine or any number of likely suspects, side-lined once and for all. We’ve had enough of their running this abysmal show: now go away, stay away, be in comfort provided by your ill gotten gains by all means, so long as you are no longer running our lives; a new model has replaced you! However, a new model approach might involve implementing the concept of unconditional love and a general amnesty for such crooks and bounders; and that will be a challenge for those seeking justice from the ‘Just Us’ gang; as trends forecaster Gerald Celente refers to the white shoe boyz.

The first time I really considered a policy of general amnesty was while listening to Dr. Steven Greer, the UFO Disclosure chap. He suggested the spider’s web of foul play runs so deep and wide, we have no choice but to announce a general amnesty. A general amnesty fits nicely with the Holographic Universe unconditional love model and conjures up that old ‘spiritual’ commandment: Judge not lest ye be judged. What a pity so many who say they are religiously inclined do not adhere to this commandment; not crusaders such as Blair or Bush; or hard-line Zionists; or hard-line Buddhists, a term used in Time Magazine recently; nor extreme Islamists. Just by referring to someone as an extremist, I am being judgemental. It’s a challenging concept to adhere to. Relationship breakdown with girlfriends, boyfriends, parents, anyone, is a challenge of unconditional love for everyone everyday.

Mind you, returning to art criticism, Sewell refers to L.S. Lowry as "inept, tedious, repetitive, lacklustre, stuck in a rut" and my first reaction was, that’s a bit harsh Brian. But, that’s Brian’s job: to give his opinion and make judgement on an artist’s work.

Yep, it might be as well we consider a general amnesty, perhaps a truth commission or investigative enquiry to explore all the lost technology and hidden secrets, so we can offer sanctuary to those we require to spill the beans, put them to one side out of our or their harm’s way and focus on creating a new model based on... here we go: unconditional love. Yeah, nice idea Ned, now get real! You can't beat the system! Or can you? It’s a thought.

As a footnote my friend, while working on a project together, once slammed a specific choice of music of mine: Miles Davis, Kind of Blue, which he described as boring twiddly-twiddly sounds made by blokes on heroin. Kind of Blue is sublime and among my desert island disc choices. My friend then put Hawkwind on the music box, one of the few albums I’ve bought in my time and, unimpressed, I returned it to the record shop. Awful stuff. I rest my case. Of course, by merely resting my case I have committed judgement again.

I have suggested my friend write and comment directly to Tap. He didn’t seem keen to.

Anyway Tap, seems I continue to keep your company:

Yurtta Barış Dünyada Barış - Peace At Home, Peace In The World

Ned Pamphilon
English Lebenskünstler