Sunday, 23 June 2013

We’re the best! But, we’re the best! Neither of you are, we are the best!

I heard Merve from Istanbul this morning talking to the bloke who hosts the Sunday morning BBC Radio 4 programme at 9am...
(BBC Broadcasting House 23.06.2013

In response to being asked if she felt patriotic, proud to be Turkish, she replied something along the lines of,
“... not necessarily proud to be Turkish, but to be a human being.”

Wow. That was a brave thing to say. In Turkey being proud to be a Turk is part of growing up and especially as a modern, post-Atatürk Turkish woman, I expected her to say,
“... of course, I’m proud to be Turkish.”

Whether in the UK, USA or Turkey, so often I’ve heard the same old rhetoric from the same old political mind-set: we’re proud to be British/American/Turkish; we are the best! I often thought, how can the British, the Americans, the Turkish and each country along the way all be the best? It’s like a weird version of Spartacus...
We’re the best!
But, we’re the best!
Neither of you are, we are the best!

Why do we have to be the best? I’ve come to equate it as a Darwinian survival of the fittest and strongest mind-set; though Turkish PM Tayyip Erdoğan may raise an eyebrow at any suggestion linking him to Darwinian theory.

There is a paradigm apparently shifting toward the theory of love and oneness rather than being above, beyond and better than the competition. This ‘new’ paradigm of course is not a new philosophy, indeed, according to Turkish/Persian icon Rumi Mevlana:
“Love is the positive energy that is responsible for interaction between particles, thus connecting everything with everything else in the universe. So everything in the universe is interdependent.”

Proud and patriotic? Merve, I heard you, I get it and I’m with you! I’ve long felt a disassociation to being patriotic. I feel a sense of care and responsibility to my family, friends, local community, the wider community and generally an increasing awareness of being a part of the human community; wanting to get on and be peaceful, cordial and constructive with everyone else rather than the perpetual fighting and squabbling that has haunted our planet for aeons. I sensed in Merve’s answer the evolving consciousness awareness that seems to be growing and developing around the world perhaps inspired by the alternative media voices such as Graham Hancock, Bruce Lipton, Tom Campbell, Gerald Celente, Dr. Rupert Sheldrake, Jeff Rense, Alex Jones and numerous others and last, but by no means least, ex BBC Sports anchor David Icke.

The likes of Tayyip Erdoğan, David Cameron and Obama (I keep wanting to type Obomba) seem so out of touch. The guests invited onto the same morning BBC radio programme to make comment on the Sunday papers also seemed out of touch. To my mind, though intended to be aware commentators with fingers on the pulse of current affairs and thinking, the guests were predictable, conventional and bloody dull.

The protests in both Turkey and Brazil seem to be a level up from the ‘conventional’ Arab Spring uprising. With the advent of media outlets such as Icke's The People’s Voice, the shift may well come to be even more exponential. Inshallah!

By Ned Pamphilon
English Lebenskünstler (... and despite all, I am the best!)
Ned Pamphilon Productions 23.06.2013