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London Real: Graham Hancock: transcript

An approximate transcript of London Real: Graham Hancock interview

The Tap Blog: Egyptian civilisation 12,000 years old:

Brian Rose: host
Graham Hancock: author,
Patrick Vickers: former derivatives trader at Goldman Sachs, martial arts fighter/promoter

Hancock: (Background on latest novel War God) 1519 Spaniard Cortes sets upon Mexico with 490 men on 11 ships after gold. Human sacrifice was the central activity of the Aztec empire, knights with a code of honour trade for warfare from childhood. Aztecs could put 200,000 men into the field.
The Spaniards were cruel, callous, single minded men and balls of steel. The Spanish had been in Cuba since 1492, time of Columbus with a couple of tiny expeditions to the mainland. In 1518, 110 men, 16 cavalry in 3 ships took a savage beating from the Maya, another indigenous people of Mexico. Aztecs and Maya stone weapons, Spanish metal weapons. The Spanish had great self belief having come through 700 years of war with Islam and driven the Moors out of Spain. They were hungry for gold, having found little on Cuba or Hispaniola. 2 years of war before Cortes defeated Tenochtitlan, the capital city of the Aztecs.
18:15 mins. Turning point in human history. Spanish and Aztecs believed in super natural forces; Aztec Emperor Moctezuma was in ‘communication’ with the entity Huitzilopochtli (Hummingbird), War God of the Aztecs and Cortes with St. Peter; spiritual forces at work behind human history.
Fiction: complete liberty for the author. If you write alternative history, expect everything you say to be turned over forensically by hostile academics. For my non-fiction I had to lay out my facts and references, writing increasingly defensively, I had to up my game yet perhaps, for me, less adventurous books. I want to explore in an adventurous way and fiction gives me a license to do that.

Vickers: 24:15 mins. Did you think about writing peer reviewed work? Silence your critics?

Hancock: That’s not my role. If you enter the peer review process, then you become one of them... I try to play by their rules, but you try to get an article published in an archaeological magazine which suggests that the origins of Egyptian civilisation may be more than 12,000 years in the past and I guarantee you, it will never happen... the club by definition does not believe in alternative history. The only way is to appeal directly to the public. The mainstream magazines consider me the devil incarnate. The British Museum refused to allow a TV station to film with me inside the British Museum.
When writing about states of consciousness, it was necessary for me to experience altered states of consciousness, which is what drew me to ayahuasca and the Amazon. There are interesting things to do to challenge us and I would rank ayahuasca amongst the most challenging thing to do, not for everyone and it is an extremely seriously matter. It will profoundly challenge you about the nature of reality and yourself

Rose: 29:00 mins. What is the current state of the union when it comes to the world’s acceptance of psychedelics as important medicine or plant allies?

Hancock: Considerable progress in the last couple of years. Some psychedelics, such as psilocybin, are being tested in clinical trials as a possible cure for depression; dealing with anxiety about death for terminal cancer patients. The therapeutic benefits of psychedelics are being reluctantly recognised by a medical establishment scared off for decades, because of that evil and wicked enterprise called the war on drugs, which has denied us the benefits of these extraordinary agents of consciousness change. The objective is to find therapeutic benefit of LSD or psilocybin. I would like to see it go much further than that, but I recognise that important first step. These are powerful medicines with enormous benefit if used in the right setting with the right intention.
31:00 mins. ... psychedelics offer us the opportunity to explore the issue of consciousness itself and to investigate the nature of reality. We think we know what reality is, but all we know is what we've been told reality is from our childhood onward... right now in Western technological societies, the idea is reality is (this stuff... Hancock knocks the table.... matter) material things.... all aspects of reality may be reduced to matter or the spaces between matter, but that is not a fact. That is just an idea about the nature of reality. Psychedelics offer the opportunity to test and investigate that idea much more deeply and to explore paranormal experiences. It is difficult to set up a test for paranormal experiences, but with psychedelics you can do that. You can begin to compare between different volunteers.
Rick Strassman at the University of New Mexico repeatedly found evidence that challenged the materialist view of reality and encounters by the volunteers with what appeared to be intelligent non-physical entities; so many of the volunteers 'returned' with a haunting phrase from the entities: "We’re so glad you’ve discovered this technology. Now we can communicate with you more easily."
Suppose DMT is a technology for talking with intelligences from other dimensions. It’s great if we’re researching the therapeutic qualities of psychedelics, but my goodness, let’s also use them to explore the nature of reality. Quantum physicists are open to the idea there is more than one dimension, perhaps inhabited by intelligent beings. If we think we can learn from other cultures in this level of reality, how much more may we learn from the inhabitants of other dimensions. It is not belief; it is hypothesis worth testing with a substance like DMT if we can get rid of this paranoia, this fear of altering consciousness which irrationally drives our society to acts of incredible stupidity.

Rose: 34:42 mins. Part of the reason I have Patrick here is because I don’t think you have any history with psychedelics and represent those who perhaps find this matter ridiculous, scary, not provable...

Vickers: Mankind is obsessed with not just being here for a given period of time, looking for a deeper, more meaningful purpose; looking to religion, reincarnation... I wouldn't say clutching at straws, but, looking for answers other than a bleak alternative...

Hancock: I would say the person who believes there is nothing beyond this life is the one actually clutching at straws, because that is a hopeful and positive position to have. It is much more worrying to know every action, very thought, every second of your life counts in the much longer term; every error and mistake may have massive implications throughout eternity and infinity.

Vickers: Doesn’t that sound a bit like religion?

Hancock: Of course. Religions come fundamentally from visionary experiences; Moses in front of the burning bush, St. Paul on the Damascus road, prophet Mohammed shivering in his cave meeting the entity his construes as the angel Gabriel. Scratch the monotheistic mainstream religions and you’ll find shamanistic experiences and altered states of consciousness overlaid by bureaucracy, power hungry priests, rabbis and mullahs who’ve imposed social structures upon it. Until you’ve had experience of this (psychedelic) you are not in a strong position to suggest the experience is just wishful thinking

Vickers: But, it comes down to personal experience; it can’t really be quantified.

Hancock: That’s my point. I think it could be. Psychedelics, particularly like DMT, in a matter of seconds you are going that rocket ship to other side of realty. That allows for controlled investigation. Do volunteers on DMT return with novel information? I would like to see rigorous scientific study. It’s an ideological issue, deeply rooted in our society that prevents us from doing this. It has resulted in the mobilisation of a great deal of public money and large agencies against the war on drugs persuading us it is wrong to alter our consciousness in these ways.

Vickers: You’re of the view that it is a sovereign right to do whatever you want to your own body...

Hancock: .... to your own body and your own consciousness. Yes, your own sovereign right. It is important to make a distinction between behaviour that affects others negatively for which we have plenty of criminal laws and actions which relate totally to our own body and consciousness.

Vickers: There’s stuff that falls slightly in the grey there.

Hancock: Not really.

Vickers: What about health care? Why should my tax dollars help someone who’s wrecked their body through heroin addiction?

Hancock: So why are your tax dollars used to help somebody whose life has been wrecked by alcohol or cigarettes?

Vickers: 41:11 mins. I agree the way the chart has been drawn up is wrong; alcohol is fine and acceptable and marijuana is not. We had Dr. Nutt on who made perfect sense...
.... I accept the way we have quantified and categorised drugs is ridiculous.

Hancock: ... or paracetamol that kills about 3,000 people a year.

Vickers: Regardless, there are issues with big business and Big Pharma, grey areas the way these drugs cause issues in society...

Hancock: .... then you are getting into social engineering on a large scale. Lifestyle: are you going to deny medical care and discriminate against unhealthy lifestyles, those overweight? Since we don’t do that for all those other things, it seems to me very odd we discriminate against consciousness altering drugs.

Vickers: .... but, a line has to be drawn at some level...

Rose: .... and I agree with that, and this will have to be continued... I only have a few minutes here. The core ownership of your own body is very important...

Hancock: If we can’t make decisions, right or wrong, about our own bodies, our own consciousness, there is something fundamentally wrong with society and it poisons and taints every other aspect of what that society does, and if there some social costs from allowing that freedom, I would welcome those social costs because the freedom itself trumps that; a society that tolerates adult sovereignty. This is a very important principle. Look at the vast social costs of driving cars, but nobody questions that.

Vickers: That’s a fair point.

Rose: Do you think because you’ve had these (psychedelic) experiences, you are more open to personal sovereignty than in your younger years, before you had such experiences?

Hancock: Yes. There was a time in my 30’s when I felt drug laws made perfect sense. Now, to me, they are a gross abuse of human rights, they are so patently, obviously wrong. Like laws against witchcraft used to exist and are wrong or criminal sanctions for being gay... these were wicked and terrible laws. I hope the time will come when we will be relieved that we’ve got rid of laws that penalise adults from making lifestyle choices about their own bodies and consciousness.

Rose: As a society, when we demonise a certain group, we all die a little bit inside.

Hancock: I think war on drugs has terrible consequences for our society in so many ways, but fundamentally at the level of consciousness, it creates a dark cloud over the society we live in and to lift that cloud would be an act of great good.

Rose: Last time you were here you were so honest about your experience with cannabis. You now talk about the benefits of a certain plant while no longer requiring the benefits of this plant ally. It is a fantastic juxtaposition...

Hancock: It’s my right as a sovereign adult to make choices. As a result of experiences with ayahuasca in late 2011, I interrupted a 24 year non-stop cannabis habit. There was a time when I felt really good about it and I might not have written my books of historical mystery, but my relationship with cannabis became abusive and it ceased to serve me. I began to serve it. I do not blame cannabis for this. I think it is a wonderful plant ally; it can be used in a nurturing and beneficial way. Unfortunately, I wasn’t doing that and ayahuasca helped me to see that.... for me it has been a great benefit that I have stopped smoking cannabis. I still miss it. If I were confident I could have a joint every 4 or 5 days of an evening, I would do that, but I’m not confident I could do that. ı reached a point where I needed to stop and I did.

Rose: You’re no stranger to controversy throughout your whole career and we’ve had Rupert Sheldrake on. What’s the current state of affairs between you and the TED Talk people? They relegated you to the ‘naughty corner’ and called you pseudo archaeology or pseudo science... I think they did you a big favour (Rose smiles knowingly).

Hancock: There’s some really intelligent people involved with Ted, but the way they handled this situation was really stupid. They were not reacting to our talks, but to preconceptions they had about us. TED EX is organised at a local level, not by TED central. In our case the subject was challenging existing paradigms. TED gave them a license to put on a conference. TED do not vet the concept of the programme at the outset. All the talks are put up on the TED EX YouTube channel. Our talks were put up with the others, my talk attracted 132,000 views within 2-3 weeks. Rupert’s talk got huge numbers of views as well. Scientists connected to TED asked how can you give a stage to Science Delusion and War On Consciousness, ‘pseudo science’ challenging the existing model of history... TED apparently got frightened. Everything they said about our talks turned out to be false. Without watching the talks (Hancock’s talk is about 18 mins.) they bounced out with preconceptions, stated them as fact and then did a humiliating about turn unable to substantiate a single thing. End result, on the naughty corner their statements are still there, now all crossed out with our rebuttals as agreed with Rupert and myself. But, they would not reinstall out talks on the main TED channel.
The internet does not like censorship; the spirit of the internet is freedom of information. The idea that these talks could not be seen by adult rational people was very annoying to a lot of adult rational people. The talks were re-uploaded onto dozens of independent YouTube channels... it backfired massively on TED.

Vickers: 0:55 mins. It makes them look very much part of the mainstream conspiracy.

Hancock: Their brand is about free thinking and challenging the paradigm... The fundamental issue, it rapidly became clear, the common point between my talk and Rupert's talk (Dr. Sheldrake), which were otherwise very different...
[NPP ref: ]
.... was that we are both open to the possibility that consciousness may not be localised to the brain, but the brain may be a vehicle, a transceiver of consciousness, rather than a generator of consciousness, and that idea of the non locality of consciousness, bumps up against a fundamental dogma of the small group of materialist scientists who advise TED. A materialist is someone who believes everything is reduced to matter including consciousness.

Vickers: At the moment it is a theory, not something that can be proved at the moment.

Hancock: The non locality of consciousness is, indeed, a theory as is the locality of consciousness. The notion that consciousness is an epiphenomenon of brain activity is not a fact. It is an idea worthy of exploration. He point is, we don’t really know what consciousness is and that conflicts with materialist dogma. Materialist dogma is the death of science. Science should remain open minded and inquisitive on unsolved questions and should not be in the business of persecuting and shutting down those who seek to enquire into those questions.
For a very long time we had the Ptolemaic model of the universe; the earth was at the centre. The sun, planets and all the stars evolved around the earth – you just had to look up at the sky and see the sun was going around the earth; it was such an obvious idea. Those who held an alternative idea that actually, the earth, the planets, were going around the sun, were at risk of their lives; they were burnt at the stake... Giordano Bruno:
Copernicus hid his research until after his death...
Gallileo: .... was shown the instruments he would be tortured with unless he accepted that the earth did not move and he recanted at the last moment and said OK, it doesn’t move!
It’s the same issue with consciousness right now. Efforts are made by materialist science to deal with anomalous evidence. For the Ptolemaic model they invented new epicycles that would explain away anomalies and now we have anomalous evidence on telepathy...

Vickers: What is the drive behind the status quo?

Hancock: There’s a feeling of safety in the status quo, ego and sense of self and place in the world become invested in particular ideas. They take on a monumental power and strength. Those ideas in leading religions led Christians to burn individuals at the stake; Muslims to stone women to death, leading Israelis to take back the Temple Mount. They are all ideas about our place in the scheme of things; ideas so powerful they lead people to kill. In War God two people believe they are doing the will of their God leading them to kill; no evidence, no proof, grounded in nothing, but ideas are extremely powerful. We must step back from what we were taught in childhood, always keep an open mind.

Rose: This book is a metaphor for what’s going on right now.

Hancock: Indeed, the world is full of religious conflict. People, in the name of ideas, are doing the most horrendous things to each other. The world is filled with hatred, fear and suspicion. These religious buttons are being pressed, when you get down to it, we are all members of the human family; there is no difference between us. we all have hopes, fears, ambitions, our dreams, we all want to see our children grow up to live secure and interesting lives, a roof over our head, experience love and joy. Those are fundamental uniting characteristics of the human creature and we artificially divide ourselves on the basis of religious dogma. That is why adult sovereignty over consciousness is such an important issue... get away from these structured that have enchained our minds for so long.

Rose: You write, travel a lot, speak at conventions... what’s the most difficult thing about what you do professionally? You are the defacto spokesperson for the psychedelic movement in the UK to a certain extent whether you wanted that or not...

Hancock: That would be an honourable title if that were true... I try to speak out for cognitive liberty, the right to think freely, to explore our own consciousness and that includes, if peripherally, psychedelics. My primary issue is freedom of consciousness.

Vickers: Well, you’ve convinced me if that helps. It seems like a fast turnaround, but that argument was compelling.

Hancock: I feel blessed to have had the opportunities I’ve had. I won’t pretend every moment is absolute bliss... there must be periods of public speaking and then there’s periods of retreat. I love what I’m doing. The young people today put in huge hours of their time working, as if the employers own your soul as well those hours of your day... I feel lucky for my chosen course. I don’t feel lonely, I get engaged in the story I’m writing.

Vickers: The one constant of the guests we’ve had who are passionate about their work do not view it as work and time flies by...

Rose: What is next for you?

Hancock: War God is the first of 3 novels. I like writing female characters. Then, completion of my first novel Entangled. Then a sequel to Fingerprints Of The Gods, provisionally called Magicians Of The Gods. There is new evidence now allowing us to reopen the case for a lost civilisation... between 12,000-13,000 years ago the earth was hit by a comet. Geologist know about 12,900 years ago, coming out of an ice age, it went dramatically back into a deep freeze. Animals went extinct and we lost a whole civilisation. There were survivors who settled in places like Egypt, Mexico and Peru passing down traditions and wisdom as they were able to preserve. Fingerprints sold about 5 million copies around the world. My job now is to deliver a huge dossier of evidence to them to they can argue about the truth of history.

Rose: You are 62 now. At what point to you start thinking about your legacy?

Hancock: I don’t know what’s to come. I’ve learnt important lessons in the last decade. Tried to change my life, to be positive and nurturing instead of negative, arrogant, harsh; often unkind. I want to look back and think on balance I did good rather than harm, everyday to be grateful.

Rose: To the children, maybe a 20 year old, what do you say now?

Hancock: We are physical creatures and it’s really tough if you don’t have a roof over your head, or can’t cloth and feed yourself adequately. So, it is important to pay attention to earning a living. Try to find a way of doing where you don’t have to sacrifice all your dreams. Make your dreams work for you. Don’t let the dreams go. Try to integrate your dreams into your career.

Vickers: Amen!

[Discussion on book shop distribution, Kindle books etc... ]

Rose: We’re talking about sovereignty over our own body. Is there anything collectively we can do?

Hancock: It’s a whole range of things. Be more vociferous to our members of parliament. Tell them we object to the drug laws. Encourage them that a change is necessary. We live in a society where people are afraid to talk openly on this issue. That tells us something about the kind of society we live in. Can we have the courage of our convictions?

Rose: Do you have a take on Snowden case and surveillance?

Hancock: I detest surveillance; the way our fears are being manipulated to allow the big dominant state to assert its controlling fingers into every aspect of our lives. Nothing good is going to come out of that. We are going down a very dark road when we tolerate that. Yes, there are costs when we reduce surveillance, but those costs are worth paying. We should not sacrifice our freedom and where is it going to lead? We empower these big bureaucracies more and more as we give them the right to investigate and enquire to every minute aspect of our lives. Where will it lead 10-15 years from now? Do we want George Orwell’s or 1984 or do we want to live on Aldous Huxley’s island which was a much more interesting place to be?
.... if we are to move forward as a species we need to let go of old ideas like nationalism, that our loyalty belongs to a particular nation or government which by chance we happen to be born into and move forward to communities of ideas, of free sovereign individuals who join together in groups around positive and worthwhile ideas... that’s what the internet does and allows, and it is going to reshape the world. Those structures that have been in place for pretty much the last 5,000 years are nearing the end. A new structure is struggling to be born and in the process there is this waking up of human consciousness manifesting in different ways all around the world. We live in a very interesting time. A time when we need to remember we are responsible for ourselves and our choices. Nobody else, just us and, therefore, we need to make the right choices.


I'm pleasantly surprised to see myself quoted at some length in this article in Newsweek, and even more pleasantly surprised that the article provides a fair and balanced coverage of this important subject:
Waking Times:

08.01.2015 - ‘Magicians of the Gods’, snapshots of a work in progress:
From Hancock's newsletter: THEY'RE MADE OUT OF MEAT:

28.02.2015 - Why I Left Millions in Banking to Inspire Millions Online | Brian Rose | TEDxClapham:
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Saturday, 10 August 2013

Will Gerald Celente Be Stopped From Speaking Out?

I post this transcript because Gerald Celente wondered aloud:
"I don't know how much longer I'm going to be able to talk out the way I am."

Postnote: The Tap Blog:
Protect Gerald Celente, says Ned:

I first came aware of Gerald Celente via a Project Camelot interview:
Project Camelot transcript:

Camelot's Kerry Cassidy talks about the best protection for whistle blowers from the 'powers that be' is to be open. I was particularly taken by Gerald's statement, bearing in mind the recent passing of Barnaby Jack:
... and Michael Hastings:

Can I contribute? It may be a tiny effort, but I decided to chronicle his words and openly share them, the idea being, the more who are aware, the more likely Gerald is protected.
I wish his subscriber-only daily Trends In The News slot could be free and open to all such is his clarity, honesty, humour and accuracy of observation. However, business is business and Gerald has to make a buck like the rest of us, though his media interviews blog is free to access:

Gerald Celente
Trends In The News
9 Aug 2013 Trends Research Institute
Apple iTunes “MP4″ | Open Format “OGG”
Subscribers access only.
Transcripted over view by Ned Pamphilon 10.08.2013

Marc Faber predicts a 1987’s like crash on the horizon, police kill 95 year old WWII veteran & the once great USA succumbs to a fascist takeover.

Gerald Celente (GC) stands behind a drinks type bar in his Trends Institute office, with newspapers and notes on the bar top, and talks to camera...

GC: Why's the market not doing well? US wholesale inventories unexpectedly fell for a second straight month in June which could prompt economists to mark down their second quarter growth estimates, after they recently raised them.
Look, this thing's not going anywhere. It's flat. The only thing that's keeping it up is quantitative easing and cheap money.
Marc Faber just said, "... look out, a 1987 style crash is coming, the market became very over-bought. It's remarkable, we're close to all time highs, yet Tuesday and Wednesday there were 170 new 52 week lows..."
It's just a couple of stocks that are pumping up the stock market.

GC: The SEC (Securities and Exchange Commission) is to press JP Morgan for 'wrong doing'.
Robbing, stealing; high crimes and misdemeanour for the white shoe boys is 'wrong doing'. For the rest of us, cops are blowing people away everyday. A 95 year old guy a couple of days ago, sitting with a water hose (NPP edit: I can't find reference to a water hose, but still...), mistaken for a gun and a bunch of SWAT team assholes unloaded on the guy. The cops are out of control, this is becoming a militaristic country. Protect and serve? They're blowing our brains out!
They (JP Morgan) get a free ride. We get our brains blown out by a bunch of psychopathic cops.
Newspaper article: "Federal regulators are seeking to level civil charges against JP Morgan Chase and extract a rare admission of wrong doing."
Isn't it nice we have a fascist state in place where the big guys get a free ride.

GC: You want to talk about fascism? Right here in New York, Governor Cuomo got $100K from developers, then signed law giving the NYC luxury apartment building developers a $35million tax break over 10 years.
Fascism: tax breaks for billionaires that feed the politician's coffers so they can run clean elections... two top corporations tied to Extel Development contributed $50K each to Cuomo's campaign which recorded the cheques on 28 January, the same day the assembly passed a housing bill that contained tax breaks for 5 developers. Less than 3 weeks after the bill became law, Extel President Gary Barnett...
... donated $100K to the state democratic party.
All you suck up liberals, I've had it with your hypocrisy; Bush, Cuomo, Clinton, Weiner, Spitzer... F-U!
Go to work. Pay your taxes. Don't speed. Don't have an extra glass of wine. They'll throw you in the brig. (slang for military prison)

GC: Chicago Tribune: Close friend of President Obama, Dr. Eric Whitaker acknowledged he's cooperating with Feds in grand $430K kick-back scheme at the state public health agency.
Doctor?! They throw all these bullshit titles on these people - doctor your ass!

GC: Dutch protest against the EU as mood shifts against plans for cut; they've had it with austerity measures, they are in deep recession and they are talking secession. (withdrawal from the Union)
My dear friend Thomas Naylor (RIP) died last December 2012 and the secessionist movement died with him.
Federal income tax is a goddamned joke. We're giving our money to these military assholes to ruin our lives and others.

GC: Talking about military assholes, another drone strike. I wonder why they hate us over there in Yemen?
Close those embassies!
We're killing people everyday.. 14 suspected Al Qaeda militants have been killed in Yemen in 3 drone strikes carried out by the US. Your tax payer dollar is going to mass murder. Isn't it wonderful!? Yemen. Look how brave America is! Look at the countries they attack: Libya, Afghanistan and Yemen. Yeah, they got a huge military. They rank 90th in world GDP. Bullies. But, Obama can go on Leno at the hight of this terror alert... some of the crap Obama spewed out on Leno:
Obama: "The US has put Al Qaeda between Afghanistan and Pakistan on its heels..."
GC: The comedy hour! This place (US) is going down fast man! I don't know how much longer I'm going to be able to talk out the way I am... because I was silenced when the Afghan war broke out and who knows, it may happen again. You're either with us or against us.
Obama: "The war in Afghanistan is ending. Al Qaeda is on the run. Osama Bin Laden is dead."
GC: Oh yeah, I remember that one back in November 2012.
Obama 2010: "The US would keep Al Qaeda on the run."
Obama 2011: "We've got Al Qaeda on the run."
Obama at Camp Pendleton: "Here at Pendleton, you're feeling it (cut backs in the military). Hard working folks (GC: Folk You! I'm tire of being called folks - everything is effing folks) are getting furloughed (leave of absence), families getting by on less (GC: not if you're running for governor of New York, not if you're the doctor over there in Chicago, not if you're one of the military contractors). Fewer ships available for your training exercises (GC: ah fewer ships - the size of our fleet, the crap they keep building, the money they keep stealing from us... fewer ships? More shit!) the commissary your families rely on closed today (GC laughs: you can't make this crap up).
Obama: "What makes me frustrated is sometimes the very folks who say they stand with our military proudly are the same ones who stand in the way of fixing the sequester."
GC: I don't want this big military. I want the military the founding fathers wanted, almost nothing. He goes on with this...
Obama: "Because of you (the Marines), Osma Bin Laden is no more (GC: this is language coming from an adult?). Because of you Al Qaeda's top ranks have been hammered, the core of Al Qaeda in Afghanistan and Pakistan is on the way to defeat (GC: you know what that is? Pure Bullshit from the Bullshitter in Chief).
GC: Hey, if Al Qaeda is on the run, why d'you close all them embassies? Why is there a high terror alert and why are you yucking it up with Leno if things are so tight?
Obama: "As I said before, even as we decimated the Al Qaeda leadership that attacked us on 9/11..."
GC: Why did they attack us other than they hate our freedom and liberty boys and girls? They hate us because... (GC picks up today's Wall Street Journal) .... anti-US hostility rammed up in Egypt... America's killing people all over the world, putting their nose in other people's business, waging wars and... we never do anything wrong, all we do is spread freedom and democracy world wide. Yeah, via drones and bombs and depleted uranium; killing over a million people in Iraq, spending over $trillion destroying Afghanistan."
OBama: "... the Al Qaeda leadership that attacked us on 9/11, Al Queda affiliates and like minded extremists still threaten our homeland."
GC: America is the extremist.
OBama: "They still threaten our businesses abroad and we've got to take these threats seriously."
GC: No we don't! Only you assholes who believe this bullshit should take these threats seriously. If you're taking these threats seriously, what are you doing on Jay Leno yucking it up?
Obama: "... and do all we can to confront them."
GC: You want to go confront them, lead the charge.

GC: More pressitute propaganda in the New York Times, a huge front page picture. How do hey get these photos? Free Syrian army? Free your ass! Al Qaeda group of armies. Aleppo airbase they captured after weeks of trying. How come they never show pictures of he Syrian army? They only get photos of these Free Syrian murderers.

GC: And we end this week on a high note - Dolphins dying off the East coast worry wildlife officials. What are you worried about? Everybody dies. So do dolphins. Just keep feeding them enough poison and we'll eliminate them, just like we're eliminating the human race, because I believe the human race has already been eliminated, because if we were a human race, we would not be behaving in such an inhuman fashion
... so it's the weekend. Time to let loose and boogie. This is Gerald Celente and that's some of today's trends in the news.

The Vision of (Thomas) Paine
1m x 3m acrylic on canvas
Local Thetford boy turned international author

Common Sense and The Rights of (wo)Man

14.11.2013 - Gerald Celente's mentor John Perkins:

04.02.2015 - American Sniper: A Model American
By Gerald Celente

The votes are in and the decision is overwhelmingly clear. Chris Kyle—the Navy SEAL portrayed in the blockbuster movie purported killer of some 200 Iraqis during four tours of duty—is the people’s choice.

From record ticket sales to major media accolades, from the halls of Congress to the White House, the nation has spoken: “American Sniper” is all-American. Chris Kyle—the most lethal killer in U.S. military history, a true hero, a brave warrior—has been anointed as a role model for all that America has come to stand for.

“American Sniper has the look of a bona fide cultural phenomenon!" said Brandon Griggs of CNN. And as Michelle Obama contends, “… for all those folks in America who don’t have these kinds of opportunities [to meet veterans and military families personally] films and TV are often the best way to share those stories.”

Speaking at a film industry event, Ms. Obama said the movie stressed, “The complicated moral decisions they [troops] are tasked with … the balancing of love of family with love of country.”

For Navy SEAL Chris Kyle, the essence of his “love of country” lay in obeying his commander in chief and living up to Washington’s “moral decisions.” As the movie has it, when the Twin Towers were brought down on 9/11, off to war Kyle marched. This take-no-prisoners Texan dutifully followed the orders of the tough-talking faux-Texan George W. Bush to get those “evil doers.”

Bush’s simplistic and transparently shallow bravado about bringing ‘em in “dead or alive,” a comforting scenario made plausible by nearly a century of Hollywood Westerns, once again played out perfectly in Hollywood’s “American Sniper.” In a nation where politics has become show business for ugly people, the mindset of America’s first lady made perfect sense; film and TV’s dumbed-down, glossed over, whitewashed versions of hard facts served as the perfect substitutes for harsh reality and the solid truth.

Perhaps Ms. Obama had found a soft spot in her heart for Mr. Kyle because he closely reflects the words and deeds of her husband. In his book, American Sniper, Kyle wrote that killing is “fun,” something he “loved.” In the book “DoubleDown,” authors Mark Halperin and John Heilemann wrote that President Obama bragged that he’s “really good at killing people” while discussing drone strikes with his staff.

If not exactly presidential material, Kyle certainly has what it takes to be second in command. In his memoir, he wrote “We wanted people to know, we’re here and we want to f$#@ with you … we will kill you...”

Former Vice President Dick Cheney, in his response to the recently released report on CIA torture, said he was proud of his role in creating the gruesome interrogation program that included water boarding and rectal feeding. Did he have any regrets for what he ordered? “No … absolutely not … and I’d do it again in a minute,” Cheney said.

Indeed, if Kyle were alive he would certainly be a force to be reckoned with in the 2016 race for the White House. While it would be difficult to trump Hillary Clinton’s giggling glee over the murder of Libyan leader Muammar Qaddafi, (“We came, we saw … he died,”) in a war that she personally pushed for, Kyle’s statement that he “… couldn’t give a flying f%@# about the Iraqis. I loved killing bad guys. … I loved what I did. I still do … it was fun,” comes very close.

The American Sniper is a model American. And the American model is immorality. George W. Bush, Colin Powell, Donald Rumsfeld, Paul Wolfowitz, Condaleeza Rice, Susan Rice, Samantha Powers … the list of perpetrators goes on. And so does the list of their crimes: slaughtering millions by waging wars based of false information, overthrowing sovereign governments based on lies, killing innocents and “suspects in drone strikes” without regard to international law and with no personal regret for their roles in fostering the mass murders. Like Chris Kyle, each of them speak proudly of their actions and express not a hint of sorrow.

Most Americans have forgotten about former Secretary of State Madeleine Albright who defended Bill Clinton’s sanctions against Iraq on a 60 Minutes segment. When the show’s host, Lesley Stahl, asked her "We have heard that half a million children have died. I mean that's more children than died in Hiroshima … is the price worth it?" Albright replied, "we think the price is worth it."

“We,” she says, as if it truly included “us.” So speak the moralizing madmen and madwomen—sociopaths and psychopaths—who pontificate from their positions of high office, telling the rest of us what we must believe and who should be killed next.

Chris Kyle did his patriotic duty. He obeyed orders, followed the words and carried out the tasks issued from the White House. The fish rots from the head down. The American Government is the American Sniper.

“American Sniper”: Humanizing and Glorifying a Mass Murderer for the Empire:

Ned Pamphilon

Sunday, 4 August 2013

Today's Children, Tomorrow's Future

It's OK human race, the kids are coming!

The Trends Journal Spring 2013 p.04 writes about the "I don't want to hear it" trend.
Is there a trend whereby children do want to hear it and address it? ... thank goodness!

The hugely valuable Natural News Health Ranger reports on:
14-year-old teen GMO activist schools ignorant TV host on human rights, food labelling:
14 year old Rachael says:
"If they are going to do something to our food, we should definitely know about it. We're the ones who might have to live with these consequences, so why not be informed about it?
... It's (GMO, food modification) only tested by the very companies that gain by their approval..
.... this sounds radical, but yes, I am against genetically modifying food..."
Canadian TV co-host Kevin O'Leary says:
"Rachael, I have a problem with that. That may be giving a death sentence to millions of people around the world who may not be as fortunate as you..."
Rachael says of course she approves of science:
"Science that's proven safe by not the same companies that gain by their approval."

Remember the school girl Erica Goldson and her Coxsackie-Athens High School Valedictory Speech 2010 aginst schooling:
The text:

12 year old Canadian girl Victoria Grant makes a statement on banking:!

15 year old boy named Garrett Kroschel investigating cancer truths:
The Beautiful Truth - Full Version

"You never change things by fighting the existing reality. To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete."
Richard Buckminster Fuller 1895-1983

Defne 01: Face On 2006

28.02.2015 - New MacDonald:

Ned Pamphlon

Saturday, 3 August 2013

BBC Persia & Gilad Atzmon interview

BBC Persia and Gilad Atzmon interview: abbreviations: BBC and GA.
I have transcribed most of the interview, to save others half an hour video watching and chronicle an interesting conversation on the... BBC! I am mostly disenchanted with my UK BBC service, yet this BBC Persia programme is worthwhile. However you deem jazz musician Gilad Atzmon, he is courageous and a recognised profile figure on the Israeli-Palestinian issue.

02.08.2013 transcript
به عبارت دیگر: گفتگو با گلعاد اتزمون Gilad Atzmon (انگلیسی با زیرنویس فارسی)

BBC: Are you anti-Semitic?

GA: Not at all. I am interested in Jewish identity politics. How do you define anti-Semitism?!

BBC: I am asking because you are frequently accused of being anti-Semitic.

GA: This is a common tactic used by Zionist and Jewish anti-Zionists to silence opposition to Israel, to Zionism, to Jewish politics, to Jewish power.

BBC: In the conclusion to your book The Wandering Who... it seems you are criticising not only the government; the state, but people because of their religion.

GA: No. I make a clear distinction:
(1) those who identify themselves as Jews because they follow the Torah,
(2) those because they have Jewish ancestry,
(3) and thirdly, those who identify themselves as Jews primarily, a problematic political identity.
Chaim Weizmann, first Israeli President, announced there are no British Jews, American Jews, French Jews. There are only Jews who live in America; live in Britain; live in France. Being a Jew was a primary category. This is the heart of Zionism. On the other hand we have Jewish anti-Zionists who, rather than call themselves anti-Zionists who happen to be Jews, call themselves Jewish anti-Zionists. For them also, being Jewish is a primary category. In my book I try to concentrate on this third category. I try to ask, what does it mean? Most of them are not religious at all. Zionism is not a religious movement; it is a secular movement. According to American historian, Yuri Slezkine, the (Jewish) Bund operating in Eastern Europe as a Marxist apparatus, wasn’t religious, it was a secular, atheist movement and the catalyst in the destruction of the Ukraine people; Stalin’s willing executioners; referred to as Bolsheviks, nothing to do with Judaism.

BBC: If you criticise the Jewish culture, tradition, identity, you are basically for the whole annihilation of the whole of Judaism altogether.

GA: You already contradict yourself. I don’t criticise Jewish tradition. If Jews want to eat chicken soup, I like chicken soup myself, but it is not a political concept. When it comes to culture, what is it that I criticise? Chosenness; supremacy, the idea that we are the chosen people. In my book I make it clear, that from a religious Jewish perspective, chosenness is a bargain; the Jews are demanded to stand as a moral exemplary case.

BBC: According to Muslims, the only people who go to Heaven are the Muslims.

GA: You are missing the point. In Judaism, chosenness is a beautiful thing; Jews are demanded to stand as a moral exemplary case. The problem starts with secularism. It is the second time, third time you try to make me talk about Judaism. My book hardly refers to Judaism and even when I talk about the bible, I show how the bible was interpreted by the secularist Zionist movement and I show from a Judaic point of view you can interpret it differently. We are talking about Jewish secularism; enlightenment can be seen as a rise of a secular movement. In the Christian world, the West and European universe, there was an attempt to replace the religion with an anthropocentric philosophy that would locate the human subject as the core of an ethical thinking; we can look into our self and find our ethnicity within our notion of subjectivity. In Judaism it didn’t happen. We had orthodox Jews and at a certain stage, Jews decided they do not need God, there was an opportunity for assimilation and this ethical intensity that we see in the Christian world never happened in Judaism, except one case; early Zionism was the only attempt to erect a Jewish secular civilised world. They said ‘we are not happy when we look in the mirror’; we are bourgeoisie, capitalist, usurers. They were anti-Semitic! They were unhappy with the image of the Jew in European society; they wrote about it, you can look into Herzl, Nordau... they said it is not our fault, it is because we detached from our land; we can change it. Once we move to our land we will become beautiful people; civilised people. Early Zionism was a promise to make the Jew into a wonderful civilised human being. It failed because there were people already living on the land. It became a plunderous movement. If Zionism was the plan to turn the Jew into people like all other people, it was a paradox because all other people do not want to be like all other people.

BBC: Ultimately, what is your mission?

GA: I do not have a political mission; I am not a politician, I am a curious human being.

BBC: You are opposing the existence of Israel basically?

GA: I’m not against the existence of Israel. I’m against the existence of a racially driven expansionist nationalist state as the expense of indigenous Palestinians and threatens the entire region including Iran. Once a day we hear an Israeli threat to Iran; we hear the Jewish lobby in Britain and America is pushing for a war against Iran.

BBC: You are frequently accused, that you deny the Holocaust. Do you?

AG: Have you seen any denial of the Holocaust by me?

BBC: Not by you. But your accusers, this is how they see it.

AG: It is the same as anti-Semitism. The most significant and crucial event of the 20th century, WWII, and the genocide that took place within this historical event, must be treated as an historical event. I don’t accept there are historical events that should be excluded from free discourse. I do not accept the genocide of the Jews in WWII is a sacred event. I do not accept the notion of primacy of Jewish suffering. I do not accept the Israeli government does not allow us to talk about the Nakba History becomes a meaningful event once it can be revisited; when we look at the past and manage to produce an ethical judgement that allows us to think of a better future. Locking millions of Palestinians into open air prisons is wrong. How is it possible that 3 years after the liberation of Auschwitz, Israel ethnically cleansed the Palestinian people? It repeated the Nazi crime.

BBC: You are suggesting what happened to the Jews is the fault of their own.

GA: This is not what I am suggesting, but it is what the early Zionists were saying: we have a problem, the gentiles are correct. The Brits and the Americans demolished Dresden and never looked into it properly and continued with the same kind of crimes in Iraq, Afghanistan and now the threat in Iran, Syria and Libya. It’s not just Jews. Every person, you and me, we have to look in the mirror. If you are chosen, you are less likely to look in the mirror, because you are better than anyone else. It is not a secret that the English speaking empire is also exceptionalist. This is why there is Neo-conservatism; the bond between Jewish identity politics and American exceptionalism. I am the one talking about it.

BBC: You argue in favour of the Palestinian state.

GA: I also support the cause of the Israeli people to live as equal people with equal civil rights.

BBC: You support one state as against the two state solution. So, in a sense you are harming the Palestinians because even the hardliners in Palestine have become pragmatic and accept the two state solution. The one state solution is an impossible dream.

GA: Israel and Palestine are at the moment one state: natural borders; the sea, the Jordan River, the Galilee, one sewage system, one electric grid, 972 is the pre-code... all it needs is the notion to accept equal rights. Maybe you are anti-Semitic because you believe Jews cannot accept the notion of equal rights. You may be right. I believe it can happen. I support one state from an ethical point of view. I’m not an activist, not a politician; don’t believe it will happen by resolution. It will happen by the facts on the ground.

BBC: Basically, what you are saying, the Palestinians from their expulsion should come back to Israel and as one nation alongside Jews, Christians and whatever, elect their government. Is this what you are saying?

GA: This is the exact Zionist dream: to be people like other people. We in Britain, it’s a multi-cultural, multi-ethnic society... I came to this country, within 7 years I became a citizen, you are a citizen I guess and you know your rights similar to people born in this country. So why is it difficult for you to accept Israel or Palestine can be transformed into such a sovereign entity; accept liberal democracy for real? You are right because you understand it won’t be easy for the Jews to accept it so this is why I wrote my book, to be brave enough or stupid enough to take such a risk to explain to you and other people why it is so difficult for the Jews who identify a third category. Some of the people who support my book are leading Jewish intellectuals.

BBC: Do you think the Israeli people will ever accept your argument?

GA: I’m not trying to lead a political movement. I’m a philosopher. My job is to ask questions.

BBC: When you talk about Israel, AIPAC, the Jewish lobby... you face difficulties and self censorship, but your book, your work, says the opposite. Have you ever self censored yourself?

GA: I prevail despite the pressure is a miracle or something... I survive because I’m not teaching in a university on a regular basis. I’m a musician. The pressure to stop me was enormous. If I wouldn’t face opposition it would mean I’m talking rubbish. I’m already reaching for new enemies.

BBC You’re writing a new book.

GA: Yes. I’M extending the battle.

BBC: In 1982 when you were visiting the Palestinian camps, you came across the music of Charlie Parker which inspired you to take up the saxophone...

GA: Just before I joined the Israeli army I became aware of jazz music.

BBC: It is remarkable music that you have... do you try to convey a message?

GA: I’m swinging on this topic. I could take Jewish music, all about suffering and coming back to our homeland, transform it into Arabic music, Palestinian music, I would be able to convey a message to the Israelis to say there is no such thing as primacy of Jewish suffering. Other people also suffer, especially Palestinians because of the Jewish nationalist project. It made me a very successful musician. I’m working with Palestinian, Iranian musicians... there are no borders. I also work with Israelis. Every possible measure to stop Israeli barbarism is legitimate, however, when it comes to boycott freedom of speech, academic freedom, art... I’m very troubled with it. Freedom of expression is our most precious right. I want Israeli propaganda agents to come here and say what they have to say; this is how we can debate. I didn’t visit Israel for almost 20 years now.

BBC: Do you consider yourself a Jew?

GA: Definitely not. It has nothing to do with religion.

BBC: Your Grandfather was a charismatic, poetic, veteran, Zionist terrorist.. yet you are not a Jew anymore.

GA: I realised that to be a Jew, you either believe in the Torah or an ordinary human being. I decided to be an ordinary human being; I degraded myself and now I’m like yourself.

Post notes...
Last night on BBC radio 4, The Moral Maze
... 'debated’: Is Wagner’s music morally tainted by his anti-semitism?
They were being very ‘intellectually’ serious. I perceived silly nonsense, but entertaining… the BBC espousing morality. Funny and alarming: verbal and word libel? People being offended by name calling? In Orwell's 1984 it’s referred to as thoughtcrime.
At one point ex Tory MP Michael Portillo said: “It’s important to be offended by the right things.”
I laughed.

Stuart Wilde died 10 May 2013. I think I interviewed him on hospital radio 20+ years ago at The Royal Free, Hampstead, London. In an article he said,
"Tom said its best we don’t mention the Jews, I reckon he’s right, so here goes…ding ding…"
... access this link for the punchline:

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Ned Pamphilon