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Will Gerald Celente Be Stopped From Speaking Out?

I post this transcript because Gerald Celente wondered aloud:
"I don't know how much longer I'm going to be able to talk out the way I am."

Postnote: The Tap Blog:
Protect Gerald Celente, says Ned:

I first came aware of Gerald Celente via a Project Camelot interview:
Project Camelot transcript:

Camelot's Kerry Cassidy talks about the best protection for whistle blowers from the 'powers that be' is to be open. I was particularly taken by Gerald's statement, bearing in mind the recent passing of Barnaby Jack:
... and Michael Hastings:

Can I contribute? It may be a tiny effort, but I decided to chronicle his words and openly share them, the idea being, the more who are aware, the more likely Gerald is protected.
I wish his subscriber-only daily Trends In The News slot could be free and open to all such is his clarity, honesty, humour and accuracy of observation. However, business is business and Gerald has to make a buck like the rest of us, though his media interviews blog is free to access:

Gerald Celente
Trends In The News
9 Aug 2013 Trends Research Institute
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Subscribers access only.
Transcripted over view by Ned Pamphilon 10.08.2013

Marc Faber predicts a 1987’s like crash on the horizon, police kill 95 year old WWII veteran & the once great USA succumbs to a fascist takeover.

Gerald Celente (GC) stands behind a drinks type bar in his Trends Institute office, with newspapers and notes on the bar top, and talks to camera...

GC: Why's the market not doing well? US wholesale inventories unexpectedly fell for a second straight month in June which could prompt economists to mark down their second quarter growth estimates, after they recently raised them.
Look, this thing's not going anywhere. It's flat. The only thing that's keeping it up is quantitative easing and cheap money.
Marc Faber just said, "... look out, a 1987 style crash is coming, the market became very over-bought. It's remarkable, we're close to all time highs, yet Tuesday and Wednesday there were 170 new 52 week lows..."
It's just a couple of stocks that are pumping up the stock market.

GC: The SEC (Securities and Exchange Commission) is to press JP Morgan for 'wrong doing'.
Robbing, stealing; high crimes and misdemeanour for the white shoe boys is 'wrong doing'. For the rest of us, cops are blowing people away everyday. A 95 year old guy a couple of days ago, sitting with a water hose (NPP edit: I can't find reference to a water hose, but still...), mistaken for a gun and a bunch of SWAT team assholes unloaded on the guy. The cops are out of control, this is becoming a militaristic country. Protect and serve? They're blowing our brains out!
They (JP Morgan) get a free ride. We get our brains blown out by a bunch of psychopathic cops.
Newspaper article: "Federal regulators are seeking to level civil charges against JP Morgan Chase and extract a rare admission of wrong doing."
Isn't it nice we have a fascist state in place where the big guys get a free ride.

GC: You want to talk about fascism? Right here in New York, Governor Cuomo got $100K from developers, then signed law giving the NYC luxury apartment building developers a $35million tax break over 10 years.
Fascism: tax breaks for billionaires that feed the politician's coffers so they can run clean elections... two top corporations tied to Extel Development contributed $50K each to Cuomo's campaign which recorded the cheques on 28 January, the same day the assembly passed a housing bill that contained tax breaks for 5 developers. Less than 3 weeks after the bill became law, Extel President Gary Barnett...
... donated $100K to the state democratic party.
All you suck up liberals, I've had it with your hypocrisy; Bush, Cuomo, Clinton, Weiner, Spitzer... F-U!
Go to work. Pay your taxes. Don't speed. Don't have an extra glass of wine. They'll throw you in the brig. (slang for military prison)

GC: Chicago Tribune: Close friend of President Obama, Dr. Eric Whitaker acknowledged he's cooperating with Feds in grand $430K kick-back scheme at the state public health agency.
Doctor?! They throw all these bullshit titles on these people - doctor your ass!

GC: Dutch protest against the EU as mood shifts against plans for cut; they've had it with austerity measures, they are in deep recession and they are talking secession. (withdrawal from the Union)
My dear friend Thomas Naylor (RIP) died last December 2012 and the secessionist movement died with him.
Federal income tax is a goddamned joke. We're giving our money to these military assholes to ruin our lives and others.

GC: Talking about military assholes, another drone strike. I wonder why they hate us over there in Yemen?
Close those embassies!
We're killing people everyday.. 14 suspected Al Qaeda militants have been killed in Yemen in 3 drone strikes carried out by the US. Your tax payer dollar is going to mass murder. Isn't it wonderful!? Yemen. Look how brave America is! Look at the countries they attack: Libya, Afghanistan and Yemen. Yeah, they got a huge military. They rank 90th in world GDP. Bullies. But, Obama can go on Leno at the hight of this terror alert... some of the crap Obama spewed out on Leno:
Obama: "The US has put Al Qaeda between Afghanistan and Pakistan on its heels..."
GC: The comedy hour! This place (US) is going down fast man! I don't know how much longer I'm going to be able to talk out the way I am... because I was silenced when the Afghan war broke out and who knows, it may happen again. You're either with us or against us.
Obama: "The war in Afghanistan is ending. Al Qaeda is on the run. Osama Bin Laden is dead."
GC: Oh yeah, I remember that one back in November 2012.
Obama 2010: "The US would keep Al Qaeda on the run."
Obama 2011: "We've got Al Qaeda on the run."
Obama at Camp Pendleton: "Here at Pendleton, you're feeling it (cut backs in the military). Hard working folks (GC: Folk You! I'm tire of being called folks - everything is effing folks) are getting furloughed (leave of absence), families getting by on less (GC: not if you're running for governor of New York, not if you're the doctor over there in Chicago, not if you're one of the military contractors). Fewer ships available for your training exercises (GC: ah fewer ships - the size of our fleet, the crap they keep building, the money they keep stealing from us... fewer ships? More shit!) the commissary your families rely on closed today (GC laughs: you can't make this crap up).
Obama: "What makes me frustrated is sometimes the very folks who say they stand with our military proudly are the same ones who stand in the way of fixing the sequester."
GC: I don't want this big military. I want the military the founding fathers wanted, almost nothing. He goes on with this...
Obama: "Because of you (the Marines), Osma Bin Laden is no more (GC: this is language coming from an adult?). Because of you Al Qaeda's top ranks have been hammered, the core of Al Qaeda in Afghanistan and Pakistan is on the way to defeat (GC: you know what that is? Pure Bullshit from the Bullshitter in Chief).
GC: Hey, if Al Qaeda is on the run, why d'you close all them embassies? Why is there a high terror alert and why are you yucking it up with Leno if things are so tight?
Obama: "As I said before, even as we decimated the Al Qaeda leadership that attacked us on 9/11..."
GC: Why did they attack us other than they hate our freedom and liberty boys and girls? They hate us because... (GC picks up today's Wall Street Journal) .... anti-US hostility rammed up in Egypt... America's killing people all over the world, putting their nose in other people's business, waging wars and... we never do anything wrong, all we do is spread freedom and democracy world wide. Yeah, via drones and bombs and depleted uranium; killing over a million people in Iraq, spending over $trillion destroying Afghanistan."
OBama: "... the Al Qaeda leadership that attacked us on 9/11, Al Queda affiliates and like minded extremists still threaten our homeland."
GC: America is the extremist.
OBama: "They still threaten our businesses abroad and we've got to take these threats seriously."
GC: No we don't! Only you assholes who believe this bullshit should take these threats seriously. If you're taking these threats seriously, what are you doing on Jay Leno yucking it up?
Obama: "... and do all we can to confront them."
GC: You want to go confront them, lead the charge.

GC: More pressitute propaganda in the New York Times, a huge front page picture. How do hey get these photos? Free Syrian army? Free your ass! Al Qaeda group of armies. Aleppo airbase they captured after weeks of trying. How come they never show pictures of he Syrian army? They only get photos of these Free Syrian murderers.

GC: And we end this week on a high note - Dolphins dying off the East coast worry wildlife officials. What are you worried about? Everybody dies. So do dolphins. Just keep feeding them enough poison and we'll eliminate them, just like we're eliminating the human race, because I believe the human race has already been eliminated, because if we were a human race, we would not be behaving in such an inhuman fashion
... so it's the weekend. Time to let loose and boogie. This is Gerald Celente and that's some of today's trends in the news.

The Vision of (Thomas) Paine
1m x 3m acrylic on canvas
Local Thetford boy turned international author

Common Sense and The Rights of (wo)Man

14.11.2013 - Gerald Celente's mentor John Perkins:

04.02.2015 - American Sniper: A Model American
By Gerald Celente

The votes are in and the decision is overwhelmingly clear. Chris Kyle—the Navy SEAL portrayed in the blockbuster movie purported killer of some 200 Iraqis during four tours of duty—is the people’s choice.

From record ticket sales to major media accolades, from the halls of Congress to the White House, the nation has spoken: “American Sniper” is all-American. Chris Kyle—the most lethal killer in U.S. military history, a true hero, a brave warrior—has been anointed as a role model for all that America has come to stand for.

“American Sniper has the look of a bona fide cultural phenomenon!" said Brandon Griggs of CNN. And as Michelle Obama contends, “… for all those folks in America who don’t have these kinds of opportunities [to meet veterans and military families personally] films and TV are often the best way to share those stories.”

Speaking at a film industry event, Ms. Obama said the movie stressed, “The complicated moral decisions they [troops] are tasked with … the balancing of love of family with love of country.”

For Navy SEAL Chris Kyle, the essence of his “love of country” lay in obeying his commander in chief and living up to Washington’s “moral decisions.” As the movie has it, when the Twin Towers were brought down on 9/11, off to war Kyle marched. This take-no-prisoners Texan dutifully followed the orders of the tough-talking faux-Texan George W. Bush to get those “evil doers.”

Bush’s simplistic and transparently shallow bravado about bringing ‘em in “dead or alive,” a comforting scenario made plausible by nearly a century of Hollywood Westerns, once again played out perfectly in Hollywood’s “American Sniper.” In a nation where politics has become show business for ugly people, the mindset of America’s first lady made perfect sense; film and TV’s dumbed-down, glossed over, whitewashed versions of hard facts served as the perfect substitutes for harsh reality and the solid truth.

Perhaps Ms. Obama had found a soft spot in her heart for Mr. Kyle because he closely reflects the words and deeds of her husband. In his book, American Sniper, Kyle wrote that killing is “fun,” something he “loved.” In the book “DoubleDown,” authors Mark Halperin and John Heilemann wrote that President Obama bragged that he’s “really good at killing people” while discussing drone strikes with his staff.

If not exactly presidential material, Kyle certainly has what it takes to be second in command. In his memoir, he wrote “We wanted people to know, we’re here and we want to f$#@ with you … we will kill you...”

Former Vice President Dick Cheney, in his response to the recently released report on CIA torture, said he was proud of his role in creating the gruesome interrogation program that included water boarding and rectal feeding. Did he have any regrets for what he ordered? “No … absolutely not … and I’d do it again in a minute,” Cheney said.

Indeed, if Kyle were alive he would certainly be a force to be reckoned with in the 2016 race for the White House. While it would be difficult to trump Hillary Clinton’s giggling glee over the murder of Libyan leader Muammar Qaddafi, (“We came, we saw … he died,”) in a war that she personally pushed for, Kyle’s statement that he “… couldn’t give a flying f%@# about the Iraqis. I loved killing bad guys. … I loved what I did. I still do … it was fun,” comes very close.

The American Sniper is a model American. And the American model is immorality. George W. Bush, Colin Powell, Donald Rumsfeld, Paul Wolfowitz, Condaleeza Rice, Susan Rice, Samantha Powers … the list of perpetrators goes on. And so does the list of their crimes: slaughtering millions by waging wars based of false information, overthrowing sovereign governments based on lies, killing innocents and “suspects in drone strikes” without regard to international law and with no personal regret for their roles in fostering the mass murders. Like Chris Kyle, each of them speak proudly of their actions and express not a hint of sorrow.

Most Americans have forgotten about former Secretary of State Madeleine Albright who defended Bill Clinton’s sanctions against Iraq on a 60 Minutes segment. When the show’s host, Lesley Stahl, asked her "We have heard that half a million children have died. I mean that's more children than died in Hiroshima … is the price worth it?" Albright replied, "we think the price is worth it."

“We,” she says, as if it truly included “us.” So speak the moralizing madmen and madwomen—sociopaths and psychopaths—who pontificate from their positions of high office, telling the rest of us what we must believe and who should be killed next.

Chris Kyle did his patriotic duty. He obeyed orders, followed the words and carried out the tasks issued from the White House. The fish rots from the head down. The American Government is the American Sniper.

“American Sniper”: Humanizing and Glorifying a Mass Murderer for the Empire:

Ned Pamphilon