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Anthropogenic global warming? Not according to Dr. Easterbrook.

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Climate change. Man made or natural causes.

Anthropogenic global warming?
Not according to Dr. Easterbrook.

This is inspired by an interviewed posted at the excellent:

Prince Charles and David Attenborough push for measures against what they perceive as man-made climate change. I've heard the BBC R4 Now Show's Marcus Brigstocke mock what he terms climate change deniers while referring to the Glastonbury Healing Field as the field of lies. I have a FaceBook friend who calls himself a 'scientist' and left a comment for me...
My previous posting: Sir David Attenborough: Carbon Cultist:

“Sometimes in life you have to be prepared to accept what the generally accepted view is and not feel you have to always believe the minority belief by default!”

What a ridiculous statement, but then human-made Co2 induced climate change seems to be a ridiculous proposition based on an ideal rather than scientific fact. Indeed, what is scientific fact?
Richard Dawkins comes to call, by Dr. Rupert Sheldrake:

I have another friend who suggests I should actually declare and include on FaceBook commenst and posts, that I do care about the planet to more clearly make my argument when addressing climate change. Is it really necessary for me to affirm I like planet earth?! I persistently hear the BBC push the message of how humans are responsible for climate change and how we must better manage our carbon footprint. The business of carbon footprint credit and companiessuch as 'Blood and Gore' keep coming to mind. It smells fishy to me.

My gut feeling is they are perpetuating false accusation and there may even be a larger warped agenda detrimental to the mass population. People all too easily follow the beliefs and ideas of others rather than think for themselves. I suggest if you advocate man made climate change and really want to get serious about energy, take a serious look at the alternatives starting with Nikola Tesla and realise companies like Lockheed Martin already have the necessary technologies under lock and key somewhere within their vast organisation.

“We already have the means to travel among the stars, but these technologies are locked up in black projects and it would take an act of God to ever get them out to benefit humanity.... Anything you can imagine, we already know how to do.”
Ben Rich, Head of the Lockheed Skunk Works, Lecture just before he died.

I'm sure wind, solar and geothermal technologies can generate some energy requirements, but I do not see them as the long term answer.

As Gerlad Celente said in 2006:
"Permanent Clusters. Charged magnets. Hydrino power. Zero point energy. And yes, even cold fusion. It's going to happen and the invention is going to be as great as the discovery of fire and the invention of the wheel. It hasn't happened because the resources have not gone into it.... bring in the minds that are not attached to special interests..."
Gerald Celente - Innotown - Part 2

Via Julian Charles, a Christian thinker, preacher and podcaster based in the UK, I came across this astonishing testimony to the Washington State Senate Energy, Environment and Telecommunications Committee on the 26th of March 2013 by scientist Dr. Don Easterbrook:

Dr. Easterbrook, Professor Emeritus of Geology at Western Washington University, presents the committee with data and observations contrary to the theory of anthropogenic global warming. He states he is a specialist in global climate change, an environmentalist, has no political agenda and is not associated with nor funded by any business group. Of course, critics will say he is a lone voice, not the consensus and why take his word over so many others. I suggest you listen and judge for yourself. I made the following notes on his 1 hour 34 minute presentation:


The last bout of global warming ended 1998.

Ice sheets are not melting at all, in fact the main ice sheet is growing so ice caps are not going to suddenly melt and cause problems.

Sea levels are rising about 7 inches per century globally and locally due to thawing of a mini ice age 500 years ago. Predictions of future sea level rises of 5-20ft are beyond reality.

Co2 cannot possibly cause global warming because there is so little of it; it is a trace gas; ‘if you double nothing, you still get nothing’.
Weather storms and floods are not due to global warming.
The oceans are not acidic; oceans have a measurement of 8.2pH which is alkaline not acid;  the pH scale >7=alkaline, <7 = acidic.
The current conventional rationale for moving from one kind of energy generation e.g. coal, to renewable energy is 'climate change'.

There is nothing new about global warming; it has been happening for thousands of years; climate is not constant.
There have been 20 periods of global warming in last 500 years similar to that during 1978-98 that could not have been caused by Co2. It is due to natural causes.

10,000 years ago temperatures were higher than present temperatures, except for a period about 1300 years ago. Warming is nothing new. (00:17:40mins)

Claims that we are ‘warmer than ever’, come from the manipulation of data.

1936 was the hottest year in the last century until NASA manipulated the data.
The 1930's was the hottest decade of the century.

The committee ask if The National Science Foundation, NOAA (National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration and NASA have manipulated the data?
Dr. Easterbrook responds: yes! (00:22:00mins)
He continues...
The drought last summer was bad, but not unusual.
The hot spell of the 1930's began before Co2 began to rise.
Climate is taken to be over a period of 15 years, weather is day to day.
Recent drought was not as severe as during the 1930's.

The press will not print anything adverse about Co2 induced climate change.
Satellite data shows there has been global cooling over the last decade or two; a cooling trend since 2001.

(00:30.00mins) The committee comment on the contradictory data again... “Is this a conspiracy?”
Dr. Easterbrook replies, “I'm not into conspiracy. I deal with data and you can draw your own conclusions.”

Europe is having the coldest winter in 100 years... so much for global warming. You'll never see this on TV. You kill more people in cold winter than you do in a hot summer.

(00:35:00mins) Dr. Easterbrook quotes the IPCC as saying, "Polar ice caps are melting quicker than ever.”
He responds that there's no ice cap at the North Pole; the ice there is only about 3m thick; there are no glaciers at the North Pole.
Polar bear populations have increased from 5,000 to 25,000 and they survived 10,000 years ago when the climate was warmer than today; so they are fine.
Dr. Easterbrook continues to mention media headlines that stated the Antarctic is melting at an unprecedented rate. He suggests this is untrue; that actually the ice is growing; increasing; the South Pole has a 15,000ft thick ice sheet cap.
You would have to raise the temperatures by 100 degrees to melt the ice cap. The Antarctic ice cap has not disappeared in 15,000 million years.

(00:39.99mins) Glaciers grow, recede, grow, recede... global warming causes glaciers to melt. That doesn't tell us what is causing the warming. There is not Co2 cause and effect.
There is 39/1000 of 1% of Co2 in the air.
Since the 1950's, Co2 in air composition has increased by 8/1000 of 1%.
Co2 accounts for only 3% of greenhouse effect. 95% is water vapour.
Co2 by itself is incapable of causing significant global warming.
The global warming lobby model says Co2 effects water vapour effects climate change.

(00:44:50mins) Water vapour has decreased since 1947.
If Co2 causes global warming why did we have 30 years of global cooling when Co2 was rising?
The Co2 is saturated with respect to capturing of the frequencies of heat.
1915-2008 The maximum amount of Co2 induced heat change is less than 1/10 degree. This is basic physics.
Co2 rise always follows temperature rises, not the other way around.
Their computer models have been totally inaccurate.
Co2 is the result of global warming, not the cause. It is not capable of increasing global warming by itself, that's clear from the physics. Increase the temperature you increase Co2 because there's more given up by the oceans.

Greenhouse effect is caused by certain gases that will absorb certain frequencies in the electromagnetic spectrum, namely heat.
Heat coming from the earth upward, radiates back into space. Certain gases will tend to capture it if you like and make the air warmer. That's why we have such a pleasant climate; we have lots of water vapour that keeps us nice and warm, otherwise we'd be cold. Gases that capture heat, is the easiest way to think of it.

(00:50:23mins) Sea level. The predicted sea level rise by the UN for New York by 2100 is an island! The Florida coastline is compared to the predicted 5-20Ft sea level rise; there's a TV programme coming up showing the sinking of the Maldives. The irony is the Maldives are emerging not sinking; not being drowned, they are coming up out of the ocean proof positive. Sea levels are actually lower since 1979.

Total sea level rise in the last century is about 6 inches.
For Seattle 1900-2003/4, a sea level rise of about 7 inches per century. Vancouver shows the same rate of rise. In some places it's going the other way.
If you take the sea level rise around Washington 1993-2013 and use it to predict the future, it suggests 7 inches rise by 2100; not a problem.

The UN predictions vary greatly from reality. In order to meet the UN's prediction, you'd have to melt the Antarctic ice cap. That's not happening now, not happened in 15,000,000 years and unlikely in our future.
‘Frequency of severe storms’. You see this in headlines everyday: big storm, must be global warming.
Glacial melt is not driving sea level rise. It is probably thermal expansion.

(00:57:00mins) Committee member: “I've just seen a glacier I haven't seen for 15 years and it was dramatically smaller - how do you account for that?”
Dr. Easterbrook: “Because it was melting from 1978-98. It takes a glacier a while to feel the effect of warming or cooling because there’s a lag effect. The response from a glacier can be 2-3 years to 15-20 years. It takes a while to put the brakes on and make a change.”

Committee member: “How do you account for the IPCC concluding climate change is real and it is human caused?”
Dr. Easterbrook: “Can I show you with a slide (image)? The point I want to make here is the frequency of severe storms is not increasing because of global warming. The number of tornadoes is not increasing as a result of global warming. The number of US hurricanes has decreased since 1851. Global hurricanes frequency has declined 1978. The number of hurricanes has decreased since 1970. Global precipitation has increased since 1950. There is no basis for predicting an increase in extreme weather because of global warming. A, it is not warming. B, it is not happening.

IPCC predictions: the next generations won’t know what snow is because of global warming. The East Anglian group of climatologists forecast snow fall in England will become a rare and exciting event.

(01:01:40mins) Newspaper headline: “Snowfalls are a thing of the past”.

The truth is snowfall is increasing, not declining. There is not less precipitation, there is more precipitation.

Acidification refers to turning the ocean into an acid. The oceans are not acid. They are alkaline 8.2pH; neutral would be 7pH. The allegation is, because there is more Co2 in the atmosphere that is going to put more Co2 into the oceans and at the same time Co2 is causing it to be warmer. There are not enough Co2 atoms in the atmosphere to turn the 300 million cubic miles of ocean acidic.

Add Co2 to water you get carbonic acid. That releases hydrogen which changes the acidity.
Cold water holds more Co2 than warmer water. If there is warming, it drives Co2 out of the oceans, not into it.

(01:07:30mins) Shellfish may be affected by local pollution making the local water less alkaline. The local seas might be more acidic, but not because of global warming. It is because of some local pollution of the water or the earth.

The range of acidity in the ocean ranges from about 8.2-7.9pH. The oceans are not becoming more acidic because acidic means it is acid. Where locally the sea is less alkaline it may be up-swelling of colder water - it is a regional cause and effect, not global warming.

(01:11:40mins) The so called consensus of ‘97% of all scientists say man made Co2 causes global warming’ is a fraudulent statement. A graduate student of Indiana, Illinois, sent out 10,257 questionnaires to climate scientists. He received 3,146 responses. Of those he selected either 77 or 79 to ask if they thought Co2 was causing climate change. From those handpicked scientists all but 2 said yes. The consensus you are hearing is 2% not 97%.

(01:13:30mins) The Petition Project: The Statement: “There is no convincing scientific evidence that human release of carbon dioxide, methane or other greenhouse gases is causing or will in the foreseeable future, cause catastrophic heating of the earth's atmosphere and disruption of the earth's climate.”

How many scientists with degrees in one of the sciences signed that? 31,487 as opposed to the survey so oft quoted. 9,029 have PHDs.
I would say the consensus is scientists do not believe Co2 is causing global warming.
About 4,000 people were involved in the IPCC project for the UN and by admission of the IPCC Chairman, 80% were non-scientists. Of the 27 people who wrote the executive summary, none have experience in meteorology.

The editorial boards of virtually every scientific journal in the US, perhaps the world, will not even read a paper that has anything negative about Co2 as a cause. The peer review process has been taken over by Co2 dogmatists. So, there may well be more peer reviewed papers published supporting Co2 as a cause because they will not publish anything else.

(01:17:.20mins) What does Washington need to do in the future?
01 Computer models: garbage in, garbage out.
02 Real physical evidence to establish cyclical patterns; on the ground research.

The IPCC were predicting 1 degree warming for 2000-2010 which would have been more than the warming for the entire century.
The actual satellite record shows the computer model was useless.
The temperature in the Eastern Pacific governs the climate of North America. Not Co2.
In 1999, after the second hottest temperature of the century after 1936, I predicted about 30 years of global cooling due to the ocean temperature change. People thought I was crazy. It happened. I was right.

(01:23:40mins) The committee: "I have peer reviewed data in front of me suggesting otherwise - has it been manipulated?”
Easterbrook: “That would be my guess, but send it to me and I'd be happy to respond.”
The ocean is controlling the composition of the atmosphere, not the other way around.
Why would NASA manipulate the data?
I don't know, I can just tell you I see different changes to data, I'm not a mind reader, all I can tell you is what I observe.
None of this has been reported because the media won't cover it?
The New York Times did a presentation on some of my material, I was called by every major national TV network and I experienced a media black out of my material. You never see headlines about global cooling.

The IPCC, NOAA, NASA, East Anglian climate-gate group make adjustments, homogenise data; the data that is no longer pure, so they make a correction.

Everything I've shown you today has been peer reviewed and I can give you references

UN IPCC Reviewer Dr. Don Easterbrook on IPCC report:
‘It isn’t science at all - it’s dogmatic, political, propaganda’ – ‘The IPCC report must be considered the grossest misrepresentation of data ever published.’


Global warming hoax EXPOSED in US senate by Dr Don Easterbrook:

Data, Dogma, and Discovery:

I would like to ask Dr. Easterbrook and the IPCC about chemtrails, weather wars and Dutchinse

I recommend Evita Ochel. She has addressed the awareness of what appears to be a global spraying programme regardless of public consent. Her response is 'Love > Fear', which some critics will perceive as wishy-washy pseudo-science. I suspect time will show her advise is grounded, constructive and good:
How to Handle Chemtrails from a Mind-Body Perspective:

Each of us writing to our MPs etc to create further awareness and demand a cessation of the spraying of our skies would be welcome. Among the reasons apparently given for chemtrails is to combat 'global warming' by reducing sunshine to our planet. This is a crazy idea to my mind, but seemingly being implemented by 'qualified' scientists and 'experts'. For those who have never considered chemtrails:
... particularly this link:
IPCC warns not to stop chemtrails, aka ‘solar radiation management’:

Further thoughts on the Mind-Body Perspective:
Graham Hancock at the National Arts Club: Exploring Consciousness:

Ned Pamphilon

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It is interesting to consider an initiator of the Green movement was National Socialist Adolf Hitler!

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It is a bit desperate when we have Nigel Lawson speaking up against the carbon cultists, but I don't choose the talking heads, I merely monitor the presstitute mainstream media.

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Anti-Geoengineering Researcher to EPA: Do Your Job!
Solar Panels:
"The company behind the project, First Solar, uses 9 million solar panels to generate electricity. Crucially, it also eliminates over 350,000 tons of CO2 every year, Techspot reports."
Eliminates Co2? Is that good? Don't trees, plants and agriculture depend upon Co2?
An example of proposed 'free' energy models: true?
Bloom Box:
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Public rejection of the global-warming myth has arrived:

It is a relief for those of us who have been shouting from the rooftops for years, that the theory of global-warming is a political weapon, to see that, at last, we are at the tipping point where public opinion has caught up with reality.

Thousands of researchers, scientists, and scholars have weighed in on the side of truth and, as reported in this issue, even professional mathematicians have joined the growing chorus. We have reached the point where any grade-school child can see through the lie that most scientists agree that anthropomorphic global warming is real.

In fact, it is just the other way around. The scientists who still support that hoax are, almost entirely, those who are employed by governments or by institutions that depend on government funding. That, by itself, is a dead give-away that there is something very political about this whole thing.

Did I say “something” political? The fact is that it’s totally political. The entire scheme is designed to frighten us into thinking that our planet, our way of life, our very survival is being threatened by a force so powerful and unrelenting that our only hope is a unified action of all mankind, coordinated by our gallant and unselfish political leaders. That means we must not object when they slap us with higher taxes, take away our property, and regulate every detail of our personal lives – all in the name of stopping global warming.

Globally minded politicians are aware that they are in a race against time.

They know they must finish the job of creating global government based on the model of collectivism very soon before the rising tide of public awareness makes that task impossible.

It is true that they have other schemes that can be used to frighten the public into passive acceptance of servitude – such as terrorism and civil disorder – but environmentalism has the advantage of producing results even without visible chaos. The imagination is a powerful force, and would-be tyrants are well versed in how to use that force against freedom.

G. Edward Griffin
2015 October 30

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21.03.2016 - The almost laughable BBC 'climate change' bias - a grotesque example:

The BBC is so biased on a whole range of subjects from ‘climate change’ to Palestine, Syria and so on that it beggars belief. But here is a most blatant example played out over only a few minutes. The programme is hosted by the legendary arrogance of a man called Nicky Campbell who takes it as read that what the authorities say about alleged ‘human-caused climate change’ is true and that anyone who challenges this nonsense must be basically lunatics on the fringe.

This built-in bias leads to him allowing Liz Hutchins, a spokeswoman from Friends of the Earth, and Green Party spokesman Jonathan Bartley (who rivals Campbell for arrogance and ignorance) to drone on unchallenged repeating the absolute drivel parroted by ‘The System’.

But when Campbell comes eventually to Piers Corbyn, the brother of Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn and a weather expert with a long record of accuracy, everything changes because Corbyn is challenging the official orthodoxy.

Notice that right from the start Campbell equates Corbyn with Donald Trump and it is taken as fact once again that Corbyn must be talking nonsense even though he is actually telling the truth.

The Green Party’s System-repeater Jonathan Bartley then claims that the BBC should not give a platform to ‘someone with such ridiculous views’ – thus confiming the Green Party’s total contempt for freedom of speech and free debate as highlighted by its leader Natalie Bennett who demanded that all government ministers and advisors who don’t accept the climate religion’s orthodoxy should be sacked.

Campbell defends the appearance of Corbyn on the basis that it allows Bartley and his System-repeating colleague from Friends of the Earth to ‘slam dunk him’.

It is extraordinary even for the BBC in its blatant bias and abuse of all principles of fair debate.

This is the exchange which starts at 22.45 …

24.03.2016 - Top Scientist Confirms Aluminum Poisoning Via Chemtrails Is Real:

31.03.2016 - "These are clouds which are seeded by jets dumping aerosols into the upper atmosphere"
Jasper Kirkby PhD... oh thank goodness for formal education and 'experts'!?
AV6 - Olga Raffa - Clouds of Deception:
"...Aerosols dumped into the atmosphere by jet aircraft are deliberately warming the climate."
... this echos the words found on the IPCC Special Report - Aviation and the global atmosphere p.17
"Contrails tend to warm the earth's surface similar to thin high clouds."

The IPCC are a sham and a scam, in effect liars and probably criminals.

10.04.2016 - Climate forecasts may be flawed, says study:
WH Warns of Deaths from 'Extreme Heat' as Weather Service Issues April Snow Advisories:

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16.8.2016 - 'Professor' Brian Cox clashes with Australian climate sceptic:
'Professor' Brian Cox clashes with Australian climate sceptic:
The BBC science poster boy Brian Cox. This twerp influences our science; influences our children, schools and even government policy; is at least partly funded by the UK taxpayer. The first time I ever heard this 'scientist' on BBC R5 he stated ghosts are not real. Now, I have never knowingly seen a ghost, but what a statement for Cox to make... I understand the world is not solid; we live in a wave form information world; it infers all possibility.
Look at his face - he looks uncertain.
Climate Scientists Launch Impressive Resistance Group, “Clexit”, against UN´s Climate Ideology:
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15.01.2017 - Recently a 13-year-old boy may have just cracked the next step in the evolution of solar energy. His idea is based on the Fibonacci sequence:

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01.02.2017 - Trump set to pull U.S. out of the Paris Agreement within days:
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U.N. Official Admits Global Warming Agenda Is Really About Destroying Capitalism:
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27.07.2017 - NASA confirms: Sea levels have been FALLING across the planet for two years … media SILENT:

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