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Natural Normal Quantum Physical Frequency Beings

I am not sure of the focal point or main theme of this essay-article, yet am publishing my thoughts so far...

I recently had correspondence with a genetic biology scientist who distances himself from the 'supernatural' and expressed an interest in 'stuff that works'. What is the 'supernatural' and is it merely a label for something as yet undetermined and undefined by conventional wisdom? Is there a lot of stuff that works, but the conventional scientific mind set, for whatever reason, merely does not want to explore it?
I suggested there may be transference of information between cells that is 'invisible' and generally misunderstood that we refer to as supernatural or paranormal. When we understand this energy transference, we will recognise it as natural and normal.

Newtonian particle physics seems to be 'old' thinking: the concept that everything can be reduced to a physical particle. A new approach in contemporary science was inspired by the conclusions of the two slit particle-wave experiment; the new path appears to suggest that the human being is a frequency being of vibration.
The Holographic Universe Workshops in five-parts:

This leads us to the concept of consciousness and defining or quantifying this apparently not easy:
“We're trying to apply calculations to something that cannot be encompassed by calculation.”
Dr. Prof. Chris Clarke
Hidden Science, The People’s Voice 17.02.2014

Mark Passio says, "Consciousness is the ability of a being to recognise patterns and meaning with respect to events taking place, both within oneself and in the realm in which the self exists and operates."
Natural Law: "Universal non-man-made binding and immutable conditions that govern the consequences of behaviour. Natural law is a body of Universal Spiritual Laws which act as the governing dynamics of consciousness."

"The lost word: NO / KNOW. Knowing the truth will set you free."

Biologist Bruce Lipton concludes environment and not genes determine our lives.
Biology of Belief:
Bruce Lipton Biology of Belief update:

Cancer can apparently be cured by frequency awareness rather than by radiation and particle dissection.
Wilhelm Reich - Man's Right to Know:
This is a subtitled version of the documentary "Wer hat Angst vor Wilhem Reich" by Antonin Svoboda in co-production with Austrian TV. The concept of Sexual Revolution and the concept of Orgone Energy:

Energy can be extracted from the fabric around us without need for a meter or monitor. Rather than smashing things together and controlling the explosion, there is a flow we can tap into.
"My brain is only a receiver, in the universe there is a core from which we obtain knowledge, strength and inspiration. I have not penetrated into the secrets of this core, but I know that it exists."
Nikola Tesla 10 July 1856 – 7 January 1943

Others to study within this field:
Nassim Haramein:

Dr Manjir Samanta-Laughton:
Thomas Campbell:
A Theory of Everything:
Thomas Campbell - The Monroe Institute Lecture:

A most interesting chap is Viktor Schauberger, whom I have only recently discovered, yet well worth exploration:Water generators:"
Lecture on Viktor Schauberger part 1:
Sacred Living Geometry -The Environmental Theories of Viktor Schauberger - part 1/2
Lecture on Viktor Schauberger part 2
Sacred Living Geometry -The Environmental Theories of Viktor Schauberger - part 2/2

Perhaps relevant here too, John Lam Lash: Not In His Image PDF version:
John Lamb Lash - Not in His Image
01 Introduction:
02 Salvationist Religion:
03 Telestai, Shamans & Seers
04 Goddess Sophia & Pagan Wisdom:
05 Archons:
06 Heresy:
07 Magdalen and Jesus:
08 Enigma of the Mesotes:
09 Gaia and Sophia:
10 Sophia Gnostic Teachings:

John Lash - Sophia's Correction:
John Lash The Archon Solution:
John Lash 'The Archons' Red Ice Radio 10/02/2011:
John Lamb Lash - Gnosticism and Mythology:
John Lash - Mythological Entities - Illuminati Knows About Them:

Just for fun:
mc² = e
mc²r = er
mc²r² = err
mc²r³ = errr
mc²r³0 = err0r
Just because it makes me smile.
... and if :
                x = 0.9999999r
            10x = 9.9r
         10x-x = 9.9r - 0.9r
              9x = 9
              9x = 9
               9     9
therefore, x = 1 !
Serious food for thought?

Further material which seems to fit with this theme:
Masaru Emoto: water crystals: Water, Consciousness & Intent: Dr. Masaru Emoto (3mins 15secs)
Lilou Mace interviews Dr Emoto: water messager of God, DNA and new era:
Emoto on the new water era:

Windows On The World: Jay Weidner on the Moon landings and Kubrick:
G. Edward Griffin: How Socialism, Communism, Fascism are All the Same
HAARP and Mind Control Dr. Nick Begich - Technology is Humanity s Double Edged Sword:
I might recommedn you watch all of David Icke's Dot Connector episodes, but here's
David Icke Dot Connector Episode 8:
David Icke Dot Connector Episode 9:

04.04.2014 - Nature Was My Teacher The Vision Of Viktor Schauberger:

The Tapping Solutions pt. 2, Louise Hay... this is a new technique. Just a cock of doo-doo? It apparently works for some, so why does it work for them? Curiosity makes me post it:
An introduction to tapping - Nick Ortner and Jessica Ortner in the Tapping World Summit 2013:
Science & Theory behind the Tapping World Summit - Bruce Lipton:
The tapping recipe and points:

16.05.2014 - The Mystery of Magnetic Water:
David Lim, doctoral researcher at University of Reading: Pilots Must Learn About Geoengineering & Chemtrails, presentation UK March 2013:

25.05.2014 - John Lamb Lash: The Virus of Salvationism...
Zecharia Sitchin has long been heralded by alternative media voices - I would welcome another way of describing the non mainstream - as a master of his speciality: the earth's 'real' history according to sources such as the Sumerian tablets. One of my favourites has long been Jordan Maxwell who hails Zecharia Sitchin as a mentor. Both Sitchin and Maxwell have been sources of information for David Icke.

Is John Lamb Lash taking the conversation to another level? His work seems to influence and inspire David Icke with regard to archonic energy.

This is an interview with John Lamb Lash, author of Not In His Image: Illuminati Past and Present - John Lash on American Freedom Radio:
23.45 mins
"... the Syrian initiates of the pagan mysteries in the 4th century, who realised that their tradition was coming under threat and the mysteries would be obliterated by Christianity and the virus of salvationism, made a vow... that one of them would disclose what was protected by the vow of silence. The vow of silence doesn't apply anymore. A kid who has fallen into milk... fallen into milk means to stand in the presence of organic light, and that experience has unmistakeably consistent qualities; it feels like cool melon on your skin, it has a substantial texture, it looks like nougat, it has fractal orchestral forms swelling up inside it.

Initiates in the genuine mysteries, which were not populated by people who wanted to mind control the human species. Genuine mysteries were founded and directed by the telestai who were pagan intellectuals and shamans who wanted to guide the human species to become self directing, not to guide them hierarchically; if each human being realises their own potential they can spontaneously create society and they don't need to be socially engineered. Pagan mysteries were not incubation tanks for the new world order and control freaks and pagan initiates did not practise social engineering. So the question arises, who did?"

That is a question!

"... Icke and others have to be looked at with critical scrutiny, because they make claims about the Mystery schools which are completely unfounded.... what happened in the Mystery schools, at the core of the experience, was protected by a vow of silence, so how could David Icke know? He's using conjecture and inference and it is very damaging. The tenancy of that inference is to invest enormous magical and manipulative powers on the predators and this is a big mistake."

27.40 mins
Dr. Michael S. Heiser claims Sitchin embellished the facts about the story of the Annunaki and Nibiru; 'facts' not located in any of the Sumerian texts.
"I believe Sitchin was a double agent.... conscripted to give legitimacy to the new world order people, to eugenics and their crypto-facist domination programme are actually heirs to ancient Gods who are our masters and we are slaves. This whole slave species scenario from Sitchin alleged to be in the Sumerian tablets is an absolute crock! You want to talk about mind control scams, this is probably one of the biggest ones that's ever come down on the planet."

Arizona Wilder, often accused of being discredited now-a-days, was interviewed and referenced by David Icke.
Zecharia Sitchin - Illuminati Disinformation Agent?
"... I've seen him at rituals and he (Sitchin) is a shape shifter... he is very much a disinformer and that is his job."

13.06.2014 - Oh dear, more in fighting: Why did David Lim back out of AV5?
David Lim: Messiah or Cointel?

Tom Campbell in Calgary: Theory of MBT (Sat) 1/3:

Quantum Mechanics Reveals How We Are All Truly Connected:

19.10.2014 - Paul LaViolette discusses Subquantum Kinetics, Advanced Aerospace Propulsion, Galactic Superwaves and the G2 Cloud encounter with the Galactic core:
Len Horowitz - DNA: Pirates of the Sacred Spiral:
John Lash The Sophianic Vision Story Of The Mysteries:

03.12.2014 - Moulton Howe & Sanchez : Secret History of the Progenitors & Anunnaki:

26.12.2014 - John Lash - Kalika War Party: Reemergence of the Warrior Class:

02.01.2015 - Further thoughts.
I suspect we all come from one source. I do not know nor hold any set belief. I tend to suspect word of mouth and verbal history may be just as reliable as the written word and books; the James I bible being a classic case in propaganda.

The concept of judgement and a judgemental God is not a comfortable one. Love does not seem to sit well with judgement. Judgement infers a redemption complex as mentioned in Not In His Image by John Lamb Lash. He talks of the Goddess Sophia; which resonates with me because of Ha─čia Sofya. I see male domination and am attracted to rediscovering female energy. I suspect it would be a mistake to think of these energies as sexual; rather they are like magnetic positive and negatives forces. People are energy. There are plenty of dreadful women as well as men e.g. Hitlery Clinton; Janet Yellen; Victoria Neulland who has been part of the Ukrainian unrest. I guide myself by my own innate sense of right and wrong; that which vibrates comfortably and correctly in conjunction with that which feels incorrect. Losing my cool does not feel correct, though I have allowed it to happen so many times as I have succumbed to lower vibrational behaviour.

To explain, describe and define the rules of life, feelings and soul in words, by a book, by any book, let alone in different languages, is perhaps always going to leave ambiguity and fall short of absolute accuracy. Telepathy seems long lost on us though we still have a sense of intuition. The Tower of Babel story seems to symbolise the divide and rule strategy. The King James I bible is such a work of propaganda and how can I be sure any book is accurate and true. Just by questioning this, some fundamentalists will judge and condemn me. So much for love.

Take the recent gay issue. We now have gay marriage rights. We recently had a campaign condemning Putin's Russia for legislating against gay teaching among school children. At the same time in Saudi Arabia, our 'friends', good Koran believing Muslims, execute people for being gay. I do not recall much criticism of the Saudis from our UK government. I long ago threw off the shackles of patriotism and national pride. There is only people and love. Anger and frustration, which are manifestations of fear, blind love too often.

When told about the Templeton prize being awarded to the Dalai Lama, I flippantly responded - sounds like a load of bollocks to me - how can you give a prize for spirituality? I was accused of being judgemental, but to hold a belief of any kind surely infers judgement.

Tony Bliar speaks on tackling Islamic extremism. This guy is a war monger and nothing to do with spiritual faith. The world is so mixed up.

Food for thought: The Baghdad Battery:
Film on Tesla:
The Secret Of Nikola Tesla-movie:

Then research the work of Viktor Schauberger...

03.01.2014 - Quantum Mechanics, Consciousness, Reality and Time:
10 Scientific Studies That Prove Consciousness Can Alter Our Physical Material World:

12.01.2015 - The Health Revolution Episode 14 Clive de Carle and John White. Spooky 2:

25.01.2015 - The Tipping-point / 100th Monkey Syndrome:
Interview with Walter Veith - part 1
34 mins refererecne to Richard Dawkings:
"... what he write is total garbage, but he doesn' know it..."

28.02.2015 - Is DNA the Language of the Book of Life?
Lisa M Harrison with John Lamb Lash Part 1:
Lisa M Harrison with John Lamb Lash Part 2:
Proof Of Heaven: A Neurosurgeon's Journey Into The Afterlife with Dr. Eben Alexander III:

08.04.2015 - No Big Bang? New Equation Suggests Eternal Universe:
Researchers find a 250 million year old microchip in Russia:
TAP on Ellis and Lash:

Boyd Bushman On Antigravity:

03.05.2015 - Is the universe a hologram?
Note: ".... This however, does not yet prove that we are indeed living in a hologram, but apparently there is growing evidence for the validity of the correspondence principle in our own universe."
13.07.2015 - The Solar Storm with Kyle Hunt - Guest: John Lash:

17.07.2015 - The Solar Storm with Kyle Hunt - Guest: John Lash:
The Kalika Lethal Strike:
Record Pegida rally in Dresden sparks mass rival protests:

08.08.2015 - Using 100% of Your Brain - Dr. Bruce H. Lipton:
Bruce Lipton The Biology of Belief Full Lecture:
27.40 mins: "Drug companies sell chemicals, they don't sell energy..."

John B. Wells: Caravan To Midnight - Episode 309 Jade Helm Decoded with 'DJ':
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