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An Open Letter To UKIP 28.05.2014

This is an internet version of a letter already in the post.

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Gerard Batten MEP
Kim Potter UKIP Devon

Wednesday 28 May 2014

Dear Gerard and Kim,

I called UKIP Devon this morning and spoke with Kim. Kim, you were most helpful and suggested I write to Gerard. I said I would send you a card too. (NPP: I am an artist, handmade cards is a thing I do)

I offer some thoughts. I voted UKIP, though I am not a member of any political party; indeed, I would happily see an end to political parties and implement direct voting on issues as per Switzerland. I suggest if you can secure my pragmatic vote, there is a significant portion of the voting public you can also secure at the general elections, if you care to consider their concerns.

I am bored of the on-going immigration / racist tag and the assumption that leaving the EU will be paramount to ruining business in the UK. I voted UKIP because...

01 UKIP offer a clear and unambiguous vote on withdrawal from the EU centralised control super state; I seek trade, not political union.
02 I do not support being monitored, but since we are constantly monitored via passport chip technology, online identification, mobile phone technology, credit card transaction etc... why are there no clear figures on who comes in and out of the country? I understand we may lose track of perhaps thousands who use unconventional methods to access the country, but still, we should have reasonably accurate figures. It is not about skin colour or cultural origin; it is about numbers of people within an island land mass. Is there an intentional policy by some to blur the borders of conventional ‘national identity’ and if so why?
03 Nigel Farage promoted NO to military intervention in Syria. Farage appears to want to bring troops home and avoid foreign entanglements. Me too.
04 Co2 does not drive climate change. The EU pushes Agenda 21. UKIP seem to tentatively question the whole Al Gore / IPCC / Maurice Strong climate change scam. Do question it!
Dr. Don Easterbrook to the Washington State Senate Energy, Environment and Telecommunications Committee on the 26th of March 2013:
05 I do not become upset over thoughts or words such as bong bongo land. To ostracise an individual over words is akin to thought crime as described in the novel 1984. UKIP appear to be calling out political correctness for the nonsense it is. Good.

To secure a wider vote, I recommend you become aware of those accessing internet information rather than conventional mainstream outlets. The BBC are out of touch and that was clear watching and listening to the reaction of commentators last Sunday night as the EU elections results were being announced. I would encourage UKIP to reconsider...

01 Fracking. UKIP currently support this. It is among the most threatening activities already underway within our nation. For example, Chinese interests are behind companies such as Dart in Shropshire:
If you are unaware of the potential implications of fracking watch ex oil executive Ian R. Crane:
Fracking is apparently a threat to our national community and we must at least properly examine the issue. The public are becoming increasingly aware and will demand to know.
WARNING Fracking An Inconvenient Truth Watch Learn about Fracking Shale Gas what they dont say:
02 Nigel Farage is a Freeman of the City. Does this mean he is a mason and therefore, what are his priorities and allegiances? Members of the public will ask. Be open, be honest.
03 Farage supports the monarchy. Fine, but I do not want to pay for it. I do not concern myself with the Union Jack or monarchy or ‘Britain is best’. I do try to do my best. I espouse to a standard of quality thought, action and production. My passport is British; a technical and practical issue. I care about my family, my friends, my community, the wider community. I recognise my own sovereign identity. I suggest you acknowledge it and embrace it.
04 Fractional banking has to end. We must print our own money without paying interest to a 3rd party that merely invents the stuff. Members of the public are becoming increasingly aware of the illegitimacy of the US Federal Reserve, central banking generally and money as debt. We will eventually demand this matter be addressed. Farage is from a background of banking. This remains a question point for me. Be open, be honest.
05 False flag operations have been part and parcel of our history. It is clear to many that reinvestigation is required for 9/11, 7/7 and alike. Using the lazy label ‘conspiracy theory’ is akin to people calling immigration control a racist policy.
06 Please address the health industry. The pharmaceutical industry is out of control.
07 Please address atmospheric manipulation e.g. chemtrails discussed at the UN:

The ‘truth’ movement is exponentially growing. I am attracted to the philosophy of natural law and personal sovereignty; not collectivism. Whether you agree with me or not, I voted for you. You have the option now to embrace or alienate me. Vast numbers of potential UKIP votes can be gained by empathising with freedom of expression and personal sovereignty.

I dream of the elimination of secret intelligent agencies. I dream of copyright and patency becoming redundant concepts. I dream of a community of free market business making whereby capital is used to nurture and realise endeavour; not the current state-corporate merger which can be described as fascism. I dream of open source thoughts, ideas and solutions; including creating a national shield of protection should it be necessary. It is a matter of acknowledging and utilising our collective talents and abilities without a centralised control infrastructure. I seek an end to foreign entanglements. I seek clean food, clean water, local production above imported and processed foods; healthier bodies and minds for all.

My motivation for contacting you is because the existing established political parties lie and line the pockets of special interests; they are out of touch and I seek a vehicle to properly acknowledge times are changing. We must accept and embrace change; not the pseudo change of drone obsessed US President ‘Obomba’, but positive, authentic, beneficial change. It is in your hands to acknowledge those like me and our concerns; otherwise ignoring us will be akin to the established parties being dismissive of UKIP.
Exponential change is happening and an intelligent and aware political movement must acknowledge it. Should you have any inclination to seek my advice during brainstorming / think tank exercises to enable the success of UKIP over the established political club, you have my number and e-mail.

I have painted from Texas to Saudi Arabia to Kuala Lumpur to İstanbul. I have met all types from the billionaire company owner to the company toilet cleaner. I was born at Upney hospital Barking, grew up in Suffolk and have lived abroad, particularly in Muslim Turkey. I take information and inspiration from sources such as Gerald Celente’s Trends Journal, Red Ice Radio, Alex Jones’ Infowars, David Icke Headlines, The People’s Voice, G. Edward Griffin, The Tap Blog, Dr. Rupert Sheldrake, Dr. Bruce Lipton, US Republican Ron Paul, The Health Ranger Mike Adams, Economic Hit Man John Perkins, the list goes on and on... I follow the BBC to keep abreast of the banal level of conversation they perpetuate. I wish we had a proper and professional national broadcasting service to properly inform and update the people. Gerald Celente refers to the mainstream media as presstitutes. They are.

The global war on terror is organised and financed by ‘us’. Robin Cook knew it as does Zbigniew Brzezinski who helped orchestrate it. This is an increasingly understood perception whether you or the political establishment acknowledge it or not.

Is Nigel Farge and UKIP the same old same old? We will see. I do hope not.

I enclose a music CD promoting the concept of St. Edmund as Patron Saint of England. I care not for Patron Saints. I painted St. Edmund to create a story for my art exhibition in a Bury St. Edmund’s shopping centre and recorded it with children from a local Catholic school because they had employed me to paint their hallway and cloakroom. I was contributing to my local community regardless of spiritual or political inclination. It includes a BBC Radio Suffolk interview and gives an idea of who Ned is. This is the YouTube version:

Let me help you make the old model of Conservative-Lib Dem-Labour obsolete and introduce a new model. If UKIP disappoint me, I will simply go elsewhere.

I do not pretend to have all the answers, but I do have many questions. Please, let us begin to address these questions and issues openly and properly, for all our benefit.

"You never change things by fighting the existing reality.
To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete."

Richard Buckminster Fuller 1895-1983

Best wishes,

Unencumbered by political dogma and conventional wisdom
Yurtta Bariş, Dünyada Bariş - Peace at Home, Peace in the World

"Ned Pamphilon, the most obstinately provocative artist I know!"
Brian Sewell, art critic for The London Evening Standard, 12 January 2004
(NPP: ... you'd have to ask Brian. He stated it, not me)

"Come, come, however you are, whoever you are, just come!"
Rumi, Persian philosopher 1207-1273

"Bin Laden was a product of... western security agencies... armed by the CIA... funded by the Saudis to wage jihad.... Al-Qaida, literally "the database"... the computer file of... mujahideen... trained with help from CIA to defeat the Russians. ... once Russia was out of the way... would turn its attention to the west."
Former British Foreign Secretary Robin Cook The Guardian 08 July 2005

Footnote: Automated e-mail reply:
Thank you for emailing the UK Independence Party. We are receiving literally thousands of emails at this time, and are responding to each one individually. We are currently working with a 10-day backlog but will reply as soon as we are able.

Follow up....
04.06.2014: NPP e-maail to UKIP HQ:
I'll Vote UKIP, But Stop Fracking!!!

Fracking. UKIP currently support this. It is among the most threatening activities already underway within our nation. For example, Chinese interests are behind companies such as Dart in Shropshire:
If you are unaware of the potential implications of fracking watch ex oil executive Ian R. Crane:
Fracking is apparently a threat to our national community and we must at least properly examine the issue. The public are becoming increasingly aware and will demand to know.
WARNING Fracking An Inconvenient Truth Watch Learn about Fracking Shale Gas what they don't say:
If you truly are the people's army, address fracking and attract votes. I am not a 'Green'; I view the Co2 carbon cult taxation movement as a lie.
An Open Letter To UKIP 28.05.2014

06.06.2014 Reply from UKIP HQ

Hello Ned
It depends on what is meant by "bad for us". Cut and paste this into your browser.
Fracking itself may well be "bad" because of the process.
BUT the energy provided may well be very "good" As there is going to be a worryingly narrow gap soon, between consumption and supply of electrical power in the UK.
Shale gas would be cleaner than Coal and might provide a 'cheap' short term (20 years) gap fill between 'Now' and 'then'
about green energy...
It is not possible to run an industrial country, or compete in a world where production costs are much lower than here, due in part for instance to the 'cheap' energy that China has because they are building one Coal fired
power station EVERY WEEK. While the EU forces us to shut ours.
Green energy costs a lot, and does not produce power at the most beneficial times of day due to the uncertain nature of the wind. So a coal fired power station has to be running
even if it does not produce electricity ! so the switch can be thrown when the wind is not blowing. Again this is crazy,
unpalatable as it may be to some, UKIP advocates building Nuclear power stations.
The French continue to build these and currently have some 70 Nuclear power stations. In the meanwhile we in the UK continue to close ours, and will not have a 'new' one finished for the best part of 20 years.
However the UK imports Nuclear waste from all over the world to process and store. So we have in this country all the disadvantages of Nuclear Power without having any of the benefits
of having 21st century power stations ourselves !!!!
I hope this helps
Ian Walsh

06.06.2014: Attention: reply to Ian Walsh, UKIP HQ
Cc: North Shropshire Anti-Fracking Assocation (TAP Blog)

Dear Ian,

Thank you for your response. By 'bad for us' I specifically mean disease, chemical corruption of the water supply, the break down of human immune systems and ill health let alone any detrimental effect upon the soil in which we grow food.

Sending me to Wikipedia and The Torygraph does not make compelling argument.

What do you mean by 'Green Energy'? Viktor Schauberger perhaps? Then let's talk. But, I am not advocating wind propellers, solar panels or such like. You are not addressing a Co2 climate change cultist...
Anthropogenic global warming? Not according to Dr. Easterbrook:

There are energy sources above and beyond fossil, nuclear, atom splitting, wind and solar. There are many specialists who can advise you upon this. I am an artist who watches paint dry for a living and can at least reference names for you. The energy issue is corporate interest, profit and control. Ford made electric cars and hemp plastic bodies well before Standard Oil insisted upon the petrol engine car. The solutions require intent and direction of human energies and ideas. Fracking may leave huge long term damage and you have not proved to me otherwise. At the very least it would be courteous to have a full, open and public discussion on this 'technology', but as with so many issues, the powers that be simply push through the agreed agenda. Just the fact that house prices drop drastically in fracking areas should raise alarm bells. 20 years? Is that the scope of your long term energy plan? It is not good enough.

No, your information does not help. I vote for UKIP because Cameron, Silliband, Clegg, Lucas & co are useless. But, if you are going to frack as well as wave the flag of Israel in my face, I'm off. To where? God knows, but this response, though I remain thankful for your time to respond, is the same old same old thinking and I and many others have had enough with those of limited vision of what is possible.

I've just returned from Clarkes of Walsh builders merchants here in Suffolk. The salesman, apart from being very helpful, incredibly started up conversation about chemtrails and all sorts. This is increasingly happening where ever I go. Even my 83 year old father found the chap engaging. I guess you deem chemtrails as fiction and 'conspiracy theory'. Grow up, wake up and get real. You and the BBC are so out of touch. I am so bored with the same old thinking producing the same old ill informed offerings. Forgive my blunt retort, but your suggestions will not do and I am mad as hell.

You may get my vote because I want out of this EU neo-Nazi Agenda 21 super state. But, you start fracking near my land, I'll take action to protect my family, my friends and my community. I will not have your ideology imposed upon me and my community without first openly and convincingly giving good reason and justification. If you and UKIP wish to represent me, then please do so properly with intelligence and common sense.

I wonder if any of you have actually watched ex oil industry executive Ian R. Crane's presentation?
Invite him to talk to you. Discuss and communicate. Let's not be enemies, but find agreeable ways forward beneficial to all.

Whether it be Obomba or Cameron, I'll go eye to eye with any of you before you corrupt my countryside. Put me down and I'll get up for another go. That is how fracking pissed off I am. I hope you perceive the depth of my concern and determination.

I am Cc-ing this to another who I believe may have supported UKIP in the past, Henry Curteis as in North Shropshire Anti-Fracking Association where the MP is Owen Patterson:

And Ian, !!!! back to you. Please, EU trade not EU political club and sound argument, not !!!! along with Wikipedia and Torygraph links.

I really like Nigel Farage. My father and I saw him speak in Diss, Norfolk c.2008/2009. I really like Gerard Batten. I am so bored with mainstream quibbling about bongo bongo language. There is a cancer epidemic around me. I'm OK because I am informed and look after myself, but so many are clueless, in the dark and the presstitute media go on about bongo bongo land. It is mind numbingly banal. I was disappointed with the Newark result last night. I want so much to support an inspired political movement, so please heed my words and concerns. There are many out there like me.

Best wishes,

06.06.2014: E-mail from Henry Curteis, North Shropshire Anti-Fracking Association:
Modern day coal burning is actually cleaner than gas, according to industry experts. There is plenty of gas everywhere, no shortage. Britain does not need to produce gas. You can buy it cheap enough. We have masses of coal which doesn't need fracking. There is an oversupply of coal worldwide with prices low. Why destroy ourselves over a short term need (caused deliberately by the people who want us to destroy ourselves) which can be met from elsewhere. If UKIP don't want to win, back fracking.

Further fracking information:
Owen Paterson and David Cameron's dodgy dossier hiding the real health catastrophe of fracking:
Extreme Energy and Climate: A critical review of the UK Government's policy on unconventional fossil fuels
and climate change:
Petition UKIP to stop fracking:

09.06.2014: From UKIP HQ

Hello Ned
Yes I define Bad as you describe !!!
We have Thousands of e-mails to answer. I did so as fully as possible. I can debate well, but no time here.
I am not saying Fracking will happen UKIP cant stop or start it though. Only the government can.
Green Energy = Nuclear...the only realistic (green) way to go!. !!! That is the long term plan. Do you know of a short term plan to fill the gap ??? at least we suggest one !!
I personaly do not accept Anthropogenic global warming (and have studied it for years) global warming (natural) perhaps, but not the Anthropogenic part !!
I worked in a Physics LAB for 17 years!
Thorium reactors might be the future !
All The Best
Ian Walsh

09.06.2014: NPP to UKIP HQ:
Dear Ian,

Nuclear = green? Excuse my French, but I suspect that is bollocks and I will never support it. You are breaking up particles rather than joining the natural flow.
Tesla, Schauberger and so many more... There are numerous voices for energy alternatives just as there are solutions to the cancer 'industry'. I can point you in their directions yes. Ask Gerald Celente of The Trends Journal for a start.
Plenty of people worked in physics labs and still perpetuate Newtonian Reductionist Physics. I suspect we are frequency vehicles. Nuclear is old hat and scientific 'conventional wisdom' perpetuates the same old same old. I have a degree in architecture just like so many others. So what? You think it determines good buildings? Stephen Hawking's theories are just that: theory. The Cyclotron makes me laugh; they are still crashing particles together... and getting huge mounts of funding for it. The mind boggles.
If you and UKIP listen and properly engage the people, I'm listening. I appreciate you must have thousands of mails and appreciate your response.
I have just posted pro UKIP stuff on TPV FaceBook. I get criticised for voting for UKIP and compared to Oswald Mosley.
Debate with me? Debate with Ian R Crane, Nassim Haramein, Tom Campbell, Bruce Lipton, David Icke, Gerald Celente, Brian Gerish... so many who rarely if ever get on to BBC R4. The times are changing and I suggest Nigel Farage, great speaker, engages these people and ideas. Fracking is a visionless and possibly harmful idea.
Anyway, cheers.

Tap Blog: New campaign - let's talk about fracking:

Received a letter, hand written address on envelope (NPP: these details say much in today's automated world) from Gerard Batten:

... main text enlarged:

Where's our MP? Paterson's sold his soul to the devil:

A letter sent to Suzanne Evans, the Shrewsbury & Atcham UKIP PPC, the UKIP Communities spokesperson, offering cooperation if she would move against fracking. No reply to date....

Hi Suzanne,

As a former Shrewsbury & Atcham UKIP Parliamentary candidate (2001), I would like to congratulate you on your selection as the UKIP PPC for the Constituency. I live in town and am still capable of campaigning.

I would like to throw my weight behind UKIP again in 2015, but feel I am unable to do so, due to the Party's support for fracking, which I strongly oppose. I emailed Roger Helmer, who I've been in touch with for ten years and more on and off, since he assisted the campaign to save the British Hallmark in 2003. And unusually he failed to reply. Maybe my email went astray or he's just too busy fighting to become the first UKIP MP.

We are already leafleting around the town and will be upping our efforts in the weeks ahead, as we hone our message to fit the Constituency. We have been active in North Shropshire for about a month, as that's where fracking is threatened first, although the 2014 round of licences will be threatening Shrewsbury. I have no doubt that fracking is UKIP's Achilles heel and will stop you winning your seat if it isn't handled correctly.

What's the point in getting out of the EU, if all we get is exactly the same programme of fracking, GMOs, chemtrails and all the other weaponry of Agenda 21. You do know about Agenda 21? If not I'd be happy to give you a brief run through so you know more exactly what we're all up against, and who will be paying the price for the depopulation agenda. With the incinerator tower is about to start depositing toxins across the Constituency, it seems Shrewsbury is a prime target.

The ability of alternative media to reach people and inform them should not be understimated. Farage is winning in the mainstream and has done his deal with Rupert Murdoch. But is he riding the horse that won races in the last three decades just as it is about to fall over?

You are a media communicator of great skill, and you could do much to help people to survive and fight back against the onslaught they are facing. As I said, I would like to support you, but the reservations I mention are not yet dealt with.

Best wishes,
Henry Curteis

12.06.2014 - Fashion icon visits fracking protest camp:

24.06.2014 - Nigel Farage promises referendums 'to restore trust in Parliament':

26.06.2014 - Fracking objection to Dart Energy's planning permission application on Brooklands Farm:

09.08.2014 - Founders of the EU always planned for a superstate:

02.01.2015 - Notes made some time ago while tistening to...

P.J. O'Rourke, John Piennar on Richard Bacon BBC R5. The persistently inferred the UKIP vote deem immigration as bad.

UKIP ask for control of, not a stop to immigration. They seek withdrawal from the EU superstate. The BBC and its cohorts are the ones focusing on xenophobia, racism, cutting all ties with Europe. As far as I understand, UKIP do not suggest nor seek this. Gerald Celente calls for immigration control in the US, but it does not mean he a raving racist.

P.J. O'Rourke:
He thinks we are xenophobic if we seek controls on immigration. He is referred to as a Libertarian. What a farce; a libertarian who likes to tell you how to be.
John Pienaar
It says he is "A well-connected and respected figure at the heart of the Westminster scene for two decades, both on Radio 5 live and BBC television, John combines sublime explanation of the key themes of politics with the authority of a seasoned insider."
He is a presstitute. Hey John, I'm a regular BBC listener and you do not represent the standard of quality political information presentation I seek. Gerald Celente uses the term presstitute and you qualify.
Richard Bacon:
He deems Brian Cox the standard bearer of physics and anyone who suggests 9/11 was something other than the official story is a nutty conspiracy theorist. Ricahrd Bacon you too qualify as a presstitute.

These characters talked about war in Europe being avoided by having the EU. Hey, who initiated WWII? It wouldn't be the same ideologues still initiating war today would it by any chance?! Were Victoria Nuland and Chevron merely offering a helping hand for poor protesters?
Nuland: Fuck the EU!

Anyone who does a little research knows the official story of war and conflict is rarely if ever accurately represented by the official story invented by the victors after ward e.g. McCain confronted on USS Liberty cover-up & media accomplices:

So, how can sweeping statements about avoiding war in Europe be made based upon false analysis? This is basic 'o' level grade stuff; primary and secondary sources; accuracy of information; reliable source material... today's BBC commentators do not even meet 'o' level grade standards.

I recommend we increasingly write and blog about sub-standard current affairs reporting on tax payer funded public broadcasting outlets.

The latest 'lone' gunman US story stinks of gun control propaganda. Hey BBC, is this just an unreliable YouTube clip not worth consideration:
What is the latest on Wolfgang Halbıg and Sandy Hook? Sandy Hook School Board Meeting with Wolfgang Halbig, Jim Fetzer, and Others (05/06/2014):
They even had Piers Morgan the other day on BBC R4 PM programme promoting US gun control. Piers Morgan has been sacked by CNN. Alex Jones maintains an audience of millions. The mainstream don't get it.

Back to BBC R5 Live. Labour leader Ed Silliband says UKIP reduce all our problems to 2 simple problems: foreigners and the EU. Shit Silliband, you are so out of touch. You sound so inauthentic.

They go on to talk about Boko Haram and missing school girls with an 'expert' on the phone. Hey BBC, try asking Patrick Henningsen who on a YouTube clip from AV5 simply pointed out: try asking the CIA since they have a relationship with Boko Haram!

BBC technology correspondent Rory Cellan-Jones comes on and Richard asks to try out Rory's Google glasses. He describes, "In my top right corner is a screen. It says 3.15pm OK Glass.... now it gives a Google option....this is so exciting Rory... now it says 6 pieces of advise for hotel guests."

Oh my God, these dumfux are employed by the UK taxpayer. It is mind bogglingly awful.

The government Tories / Lib Dems / Labour / Greens have no intention of EU withdrawal. They will attack UKIP and any party threatening the bigger global union programme. They seek regime change in Syria. They support conventional pharmaceutical health and cancer management, they seek GMO food... the list is long, but most of all they will seek to management the internet. UKIP are at least worth communicating with. It is a chance, unlikely, but a chance.

08.04.2015 - Nigel Farage Blasts the Idea of a “European Army” in One of His Most Powerful Diatribes Ever:

11.05.2015 - I voted for UKIP. It seems it was a waste of time. I am tempted to propose political parties should be rested and people vote directly on issues. Anyway...