Wednesday, 4 June 2014

A Call To Arms: The Quenelle?

The BBC Radio 4 news informed me Nicholas Anelka had been banned for 5 matches for enacting the quenelle:

Did you know what the quenelle was? I didn't, till the mainstream media informed me:
West Brom sack Nicolas Anelka for gross misconduct:
Nicolas Anelka 'quenelle' gesture had 'anti-Semitic' link - FA panel:
Nicolas Anelka: Fifa considers FA request for global 'quenelle' ban

I am a non-member of any group or club, but have been a life long fan of Arsenal FC as my father and his father before him. I do not attend the live matches because it is expensive, crowded, uncomfortable, too much traffic and I prefer the TV and a bottle of wine in comfort. I last attended a live match at Beşiktaş in İstanbul because I was invited to join a corporate box with a TV within the room as well as a prime view of the real match; plus the players were donning shirts before the game featuring my image of Atatürk's Eyes to commemorate a Turkish national day. Despite being a mostly radio and sometimes TV football follower, anyone who knows me will tell I follow Arsenal relentlessly and dare I describe it as almost religiously. My mood can alter depending upon a win, draw or defeat. It is ridiculous, but true.

Nicholas Anelka is a mercenary as far as I am concerned having left Arsenal for Real Madrid.

However, this quenelle business is ridiculous, puerile and perhaps profoundly disturbing at a deeper level. Israel has taken over the minds of too many. Mention of Israel brings me to ask what is a Semite and what is an Ashkenazi Jew? Already, I sense the ADL stirring at the the mere mention of such questions. For those unaware, the ADL is the Anti-Defamation League: is an international Jewish non-governmental organisation based in the United States, describing itself as "the nation's premier civil rights/human relations agency"; it "fights anti-Semitism and all forms of bigotry, defends democratic ideals and protects civil rights for all," doing so through "information, education, legislation, and advocacy."
Yeah, right. From my observation, it seems to be a thought crime agency.

My Great Grandma was an East London money lender and my Dad's family have a nose that could be as cliched 'Semitic'. Indeed, may be I have a tiny bit of Jewish DNA, what ever Jewish is. I just don't care. Indeed, what is British? I've long assumed I'm a mongrel mix-mash of various genetical inheritance and who knows, perhaps even extra-terrestrial as well as terrestrial. Please, prove to me otherwise. In recent years I've come to realise I may be a frequency human being. A victim because of anothers thoughts and actions I am not.

The decision to ban Anelka for 5 matches for putting his hand on his arm is so ridiculous it is tempting to call out to one and all, go into your local shops, into the street, where ever, and enact the 'quenelle, just because you can and to convey the message and right to freedom of thought and action.

Gilad Atzmon On Dieudonné, The Quenelle and Christ Killing:

I wonder how the likes of Gerald Kaufman, Norman Finklestein, Alan Hart. David Halfin and Roger Waters react to this quenelle story.

Trends Forecaster Gerlad Celente says to stop calling him anti-Semitic. He says such characters as Benjamin Netanyahu are Ashkenazi Jews, they are not Semites. Arabs and Palestinians are Semites. Wikipedia supports this claim:
Chaim Weizmann, first President of Israel (1949–52)
Yitzhak Ben-Zvi – first elected/second president President of Israel (1952–63)
David Ben-Gurion – first Prime Minister of Israel (1948–54, 1955–63)
Moshe Sharett – prime minister (1954–55)
Levi Eshkol – prime minister (1963–69)
Golda Meir – prime minister (1969–74)
Yitzhak Rabin – prime minister (1974–77, 1992–95); Nobel Peace Prize (1994) (assassinated November 1995)
Menachem Begin – prime minister (1977–83); Nobel Peace Prize (1978)
Yitzhak Shamir – prime minister (1983–84, 1986–92)
Shimon Peres – President of Israel (2007–); prime minister (1984–86, 1995–96); Nobel Peace Prize (1994)
Benjamin Netanyahu – prime minister (1996–99), (2009–); was minister of finance; Likud party chairman
Ehud Barak – prime minister (1999–01)
Ariel Sharon – prime minister (2001–06)
Ehud Olmert – prime minister (2006–09); former mayor of Jerusalem
Rehavam Zeevi – founder of the Moledet party (assassinated October 2001)
Yossi Beilin – leader of the Meretz-Yachad party and peace negotiator
Yosef Lapid – former leader of the Shinui party
Teddy Kollek – former mayor of Jerusalem

Grow up people. Anelka is an over paid mercenary who chases a bag of air along with 21 other over paid men and I love football, despite being aware of the mass mind programming aspects of TV sport. Media outlets such as the presstitute BBC 5 Live sports team who so eagerly jump upon the politically correct band wagon, create far more division than Anelka ever would have if none of them had made a mountain out of a molehill.

Hey BBC, why don't you examine chemtrails? How about reformation of the criminal LIBOR fractional lending banking scam? How about a fresh enquiry into the fairy tale story that is 9/11? Hey Margaret Oppenheimer Hodge, so much praised for her parliamentary enquiry chairwoman ship, how about investigating the child abuse apparently rampant among established ruling elite? Nah, let's attack a bloke for placing his hand upon his arm. Mind boggling.

Why do we so easily fall victim to others words or actions. I grew up being told we fought a second world war in order to secure freedom of thought and expression which was threatened by a Nazi centralised control fascist system. I thought tolerating the unpleasant views of others might be a sign of a society where there exists freedom of thought and expression. The you start to understand what fascism really is:
G. Edward Griffin: How Socialism, Communism, Fascism are All the Same
G. Edward Griffin - The Collectivist Conspiracy

It is not just footballers or a Semitic issue. Gestures apparently upset people far and wide. Two women were detained over 'ugly' an alleged gesture to Turkish PM Tayyip Erdogan:
Let us remember Erdogan was once imprisoned for reciting a poem. You'd think he might be a bastion for freedom of thought and expression. But no:
Women detained unlawfully by bodyguards over gestures at Turkish PM:
This is the same Prime Minister who alleges dead boy Berkin Elvan had terror links:

It is interesting, this concept of being offended, especially by words. this phone conversation contains harsh language: Muslim Commentator (Mo Ansar) Phones Islamophobic Twitter Troll After Online Abuse (Graphic):

So, back to football, the world cup and TV sport. As Brazil prepare to host the World Cup 2014, there is butchery on the streets:
There is next to nothing on my BBC about this murder and killing hell, yet Anelka's quenelle arm gesture made anti-Semitic news all over the place:
Football has further unpleasant news items that still did not command the same level of high profile media outrage as Anelka's arm gesture:
Pele's son jailed for 33 years:
Qatar World Cup: '£3m payments to officials' corruption claim:
Perhaps the corruption story has been pushed a bit more, but it is Qatar, the source of Al Jazeera and financial links to the US-UK-NATO-EU and 'rebel' incursions into Syria.

TV sport has become quite a phenomenon. The Olympics were once competiton for individuals of simply the best trying to be the best. Today it is a national identity flag waving exercise of national identity teams propping up corporate interests, promoting the most unhealthy food and drink and perhaps contributing to the mass global numbing of minds in one foul swoop. Whatever you do, don't put a hand on the opposite arm.