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David Icke

I saw the Wogan interview with David Icke. I was dismayed at Wogan; how he purposefully attempted to belittle and humiliate Icke. It continues to be fascinating how the mainstream will not touch him.

David Icke Exposes The Archon Conspiracy And The Crumbling Matrix:

Richie Allen talks about his experience of David Icke, Awaken at Wembey Arena 25.10.2014:

David Icke - Two Hour Special Royal/Political Paedophilia How the Global Pieces Fit:

Former British Intel Operative Andrea Davison, on the run for exposing child sex abuse:

It’s time for lawful rebellion against the Crown under Article 61 of the Magna Carta:

By The 'Consent of the Governed':

Icke persistently called out Lord McAlpine as a violator of children and no action was ever brought against Icke. Here he accuses George 'Daddy' Bush.

Ian R. Crane remind me of Icke and visa versa, though they do not seem to reference one another:
Apathy Kills - Part 1 - Brisbane Nov 2014
Apathy Kills - Part 2 - Brisbane Nov 2014

The David Icke Videocast: Paris - Who Benefits?
As Icke says, it is encouraging how many people are not accepting the official versions of these terrorist events.

25.01.2015 - David Icke Interview - Political & Royal Paedophillia, Cover Ups & Leon Brittan:
David Icke Interview 2 - Political & Royal Paedophillia, Cover Ups & Leon Brittan:

28.01.2015 - David Icke on offense.
So many people can’t see that they are being played off against each other so each keeps the other in line and in silence for fear of ‘offending’ someone, anyone. ‘You can’t say that about me or you’re racist’ – ‘and you can’t say that about me or you’re ‘anti-Semitic’ – ‘and you can’t say that about me or you are sexist, ageist, homophobic’ … and all the other labels in the ever-increasing list of ‘ists’ and ‘bics’.

Maybe I should coin the term ‘Ickeist’ given the daily abuse I have taken for decades for simply having a different angle on reality to the great majority. But then I don’t need to because the power to be offended or not offended lies not with the abuser but with the receiver of abuse.

If I am offended by the comments of idiots and hate-filled trolls then that is more a statement about me than them. They may be idiots and they may be hate-filled, but I would be allowing myself to be affected by the idiots and hate-filled – how crazy is that?

But PC madness has gone far beyond mere abuse and into the fairyland of censoring the innocuous and friendly ribbing and banter.

We have become a population not only incredibly easily offended – but also one allowing itself to be told what to be offended about by the professional censors and Thought Police appointed by the less-than-one-per-cent to constantly erode our freedom of expression and turn us against each other.

We forget at our peril and our children’s peril that freedom of expression includes people saying what we don’t like or agree with.

Does anyone really think that the slave-trade and mass-killing families in the global cabal manipulating, encouraging and legislating ‘Political Correctness’ could give a damn about what they consider the ‘lower races’ being offended about ANYTHING?

It is all to divide and rule us. And so far it’s working for so many – but it doesn’t have to.

It’s just a choice.

27.04.2014 - Are You Sure?
A letter to David Icke...

Dear David,

I've long appreciated your work. I've bought your books. I've seen your excellent talk live at Brixton Academy.

You seem to be regularly posting allegations of genocide by Turks against Armenians. Today, 27.04.2015, you have posted these at:

Why did Obama not recognize mass killings of Armenians as genocide?

I do not have to inform you regard to genocides, holocausts and the on-going finger pointing of who killed more than who... you have been questioning 'official' stories long before me.

However, when the Pope starts pointing a finger at Turks for an alleged Armenian Genocide, do you not suspect propaganda is being spouted? Rome gives even the British a run for their money in terms of invasion and slaughter down the years.

Israel pushes pushes pushes holocaust, yet appears to orchestrate race divide and apparent Palestinian culling... what about North American Indian genocide, Australian aborigine genocide, English culling in Africa, the alleged 10-12 million German soldiers left to starve in Eisenhower's camps at the end of WWII? How about the wiping out of Gnostic telesti by the Abrahamic cults as per John Lamb Lash's 'Not In His Image'. It goes on and on... the victors writes the history as ever.

I do not know - I wasn't there. I do have a relationship with Turkey and Turks and therefore, declare a bias. I do question whether the Armenian allegations are inaccurate. Were there perhaps 'false flag' killings to give the impression the Turks were doing it?

I am currently on p. 385 of Ataturk's Nutuk 'Great Speech'.


From Ataturk’s Nutuk 36 hour speech given 15-20 October 1927, there are passages relevant to the alleged Armenian ‘genocide’.

I write out as per the book and as the English translation is written. Of course, being these are the words of Atatürk, they risk the accusation of bias. My ‘feeling’ is Atatürk’s account is worthy of consideration.

Atatürk represented a National Assembly based out of Ankara. The established ‘Government’ represented the remnants of the Caliphate and Sultanate powers based in Istanbul. The ‘Government’ were considering compromise and appeasement with foreign forces while the National Assembly sought complete national independence.

“Gentleman! A communication from Istanbul on 19 February 1920 brought us the news that:
“The English diplomatic representative has verbally given definite information to the Government from the Foreign Office that the capital will be left to the Ottoman Empire, but at the same time, he has demanded that the Armenian massacres shall cease forthwith and that our operations against the Allied troops – including those of Greece – shall also cease immediately. He added if this were not done, our peace conditions would be altered…

Finally, did the Allied Powers entertain some doubt about the Government not succeeding in disbanding troops at the front which the national forces had sent into the occupied districts to oppose the forces of the enemy and put an end to the fight they carried on and the movement they made against them, and did they consequently plan to occupy Istanbul on the pretext that the Government could neither prevent the attacks against the Allied Powers (including the Greeks) nor put an end to the Armenian massacres – which, by the way, did not exist?

I believe that later events have shown that the last of these suggestions was the nearest of all to the truth. It was, however, noticeable that the Government, far from interpreting the proposal made by the English diplomatic representative in this light, had, on the contrary, founded their hopes on it.

Gentleman! In order to understand how ill-advised this proposal was, we shall recall certain phases of the situation as they presented themselves at the time. The assertions regarding the Armenians massacres were undoubtedly not in accordance with fact. For the Armenians in the south, armed by foreign troops and encouraged by the protection they enjoyed, attacked the Muslims of their district.

Animated by the spirit of revenge, they pursued a relentless policy of murder and extermination everywhere. This was responsible for the tragic incident at Maras (note: sounds like Marash). Making common cause with the foreign troops, the Armenians had completely destroyed an old Muslim town like Maras by their artillery and machine-gun fire.

They killed thousands of innocent and defenceless women and children. The Armenians were the instigators of the atrocities, which were unique in history. The Muslims had merely offered resistance and had defended themselves with the object of saving their lives and their honour. The telegram which the Americans, who had remained in the town with the Muslims during the five days that the massacres continued, had sent to their representatives in Isanbul, clearly indicates in an indisputable manner who were the originators of this tragedy.

Threatened by the bayonets of the Armenians, who were armed to the teeth, the Muslims in the Vilayet of Adana were at that time in danger of being annihilated. While this policy of oppression and annihilation carried on against the Muslims, who were only trying to save their lives and their independence, was liable to attract the attention of the civilised world and excite their commiseration, how could the denials or the proposal made to us to abandon the attitude attributed to us be taken seriously?”

The truth? It’s apparently both allusive and right in front of our faces, if we wish to see it. It seems the old status quo based upon war, foreign entanglement, a corrupt fractional financial system and unfathomable child violation, is crumbling just as the Ottoman Empire did. I am a little surprised you seem to be taking sides when the evidence is not clear to me. Just a thought. I love your work, yet on this occasion raise a question or two. No doubt I risk the wrath of the Armenian lobby by doing so.

Ataturk stated: Yurtta Baris, Dunyada Baris - Peace At Home, Peace In The World.
I aspire to that message. I painted at Ataturk's mausoleum 20-22 April culminating in a paint-in with kids on 23 April, a day that Ataturk bequeathed as Children's Day:

I wasn't there, so I don't know, but you of all people David have been a standard bearer to checking the truth above the official nonsense. I felt it worth an e-mail. I shall send this to TAP blog too.

Best wishes,
As a wag once said,
‘The artist must go very far, so that the ordinary man will go far enough. Arsenal!’

10.09.2015 - Patrick Henningson with David Icke:


16.09.2015 - David Icke On Jeremy Corbyn, Syria And The Reality Behind The Refugees Crisis And More?

17.10.2015 - The Empire Strikes Back On VIP Paedophilia - The David Icke Videocast:

05.12.2015 - Icke just makes me laugh. The Climate Change Scam, What's it really all about? The David Icke Videocast:

01.02.2016 - Is this bollocks or does it touch upon some poignant points? The Coleman Experience on Terry Wogan:
"In 2013 he made the following claims:
” Veteran TV and radio legend Sir Terry Wogan has spoken of his hatred of Jimmy Savile and how his crimes were an open secret at the BBC.
The 75-year-old broadcaster has told of how he despised Savile and how his horrific legacy of child abuse has “poisoned” the BBC.
He said: “He always struck me as creepy. I’ve talked to people and not one of them has said: ‘I really liked him.’”
The Children in Need host recalled a celebrity lunch with journalists revealing that it was common knowledge in the industry what Savile was up to.
“I was sitting at a table having lunch and Savile was sitting one up from me, and also up from me was Jean Rook (the legendary columnist)
“And Jimmy Savile got up to go to the loo, and she looked across at me and said: ‘When are they going to expose him?’
And I said ‘that’s your job.’ And nobody ever did, even though everyone had heard the rumours.
“This whole Savile thing has poisoned everything.”
There have been many suspicious deaths at the BBC, most notably that of Jill Dando

Terry Wogan: “Looks Like David Icke Was Right All Along”:
A repentant Terry Wogan has spoken of his distress at ridiculing researcher and writer David Icke all those years ago.
“I ridiculed someone who was in the process of waking up. You see I was asleep myself just as so many others were. Well, I apologise to Mr Icke unreservedly for being a snivelling arse that night on the Wogan show. David Icke was correct on Jimmy Savile and all the others, especially those in the halls of power,” Mr Wogan told the BBC news service.

02.02.2016 - David Icke Reflects On That 1991 Interview With The Late Sir Terry Wogan:

27.02.2016 - OUT! -The David Icke Videocast Trailer:
The following quote is attributed to Jean Monnet:
"Europe’s nations should be guided towards the super-state without their people understanding what is happening. This can be accomplished by successive steps each disguised as having an economic purpose, but which will eventually and irreversibly lead to federation."

03.03.2016 - David Camoron Incredibly Cites Ex BBC David Icke.
Camoron says: "Of course you can say this is all some giant conspiracy, some sort of David Icke's style sort of you know ... It is just nonsense".
Can you believe Camoron is actually citing Icke?!
Hey Dave, what about Icke pointing a huge finger at McAlpine, Leon & co?! No legal action? Wonder why?!
Icke responds.
Here it is, about 7.40 mins in, David 'oink oink' Camoron actually refres to David Icke conspiracy:
It is quite bizarre. It's lovely.
David Icke - 9/11 Was An Inside Job:

07.08.2016 - David Icke on Edge Radio, Auckland, New Zealand:
David Icke 2016 - David Icke Live in Melbourne:
David Icke, Dealing With Anger and Frustration:

06.12.2016 - The Cruellest Hoax, Israel's Fake History:
09.12.2016 - Pizzagate, The Context - The David Icke Videocast Trailer

04.04.2017 - Politician On Censorship, Evictions, Puppet Parliaments & How David Icke's Books Inspired His Party:

Ned Pamphilon

Thursday, 9 October 2014

The Violation Of Children

I would not describe this YouTube video as 'proof', but I guess it does provide an indication of the extent of the issue:
PaedoGate - proof of a paedophile ring within royalty & government:

I wrote to my MP, Matthew Hancock, the UK Energy Minister, about the on-going child abuse issue. this is part of a lengthy letter:

Thursday 11 September 2014

The child abuse inquiry is a mockery of decency and proper conduct. The latest appointment of Lord Mayor Fiona Woolf is laughable. I suspect it has been made with purposeful intent to prolong the delay and deferment of any proper inquiry. You parliamentarians are contributing to covering up of child procurement, violation and murder that goes to the heart of establishment. The abuse of children is glue that binds together so much of the tyranny that plagues our world today and has done so for a long, long time. I do not know how you are going to handle this, only that you will have to; the genie is out of the bottle. Right now, you have the clear choice to stand firmly on the side of good or evil.

Robert Green remains under house arrest while Melanie Shaw remains in Peterborough prison, both for attempting to uncover child abuse. The police continue to allow criminal activity go unchecked while innocents are incarcerated. The police continue to fail to implement at least Maritime law and at best Natural law.

As Simon Danczuk stated:
"I was warned not to challenge Leon Brittan over paedophile dossier."

Any enquiry must include ordinary members of the public; laypersons; civilians. Records on child abuse in named children’s homes around the country have been closed to public access for up to 80 years by the Chancellor as reported by the UK Column this week; Stone Bridge, Rose Cottage, Brooklands, Candle House, Broughton House, a long list... one wonders who are the gatekeepers of children’s homes records? I will take notice of the committee upon which Bill Maloney is included. To my knowledge, at least The Daily Express has interviewed Bill Maloney who has,
"... a list that will bring this country to its knees."

You may not be familiar with details, but I could give you a general briefing and certainly Bill Maloney could give you a full briefing. He is already doing so with some MP’s, mainstream media journalists, the police, victims and witnesses. At least one of his victims has been told not to mention connections to royalty, the Prime Minister nor Chancellor. What?!

Louise Collins interviewed Bill Maloney. He explained that he and Chris Fay attended a meeting and directed us to a Sunday Mirror article 13 July 2014:

Bill went onto say; I have transcribed the nuts and bolts of his words:

"That is what this cabinet reshuffle is all about... there will be a few red herrings as well. We are aiming to conduct our own inquiry... that victims and survivors will trust... at least one barrister... Chris Fay had 3 bullets come through his back window... 2 weeks ago a barrister called me to inform my name is on a hit list... I'm concerned for the welfare of the team that I work with.... with the reshuffle they are putting women in to try take the paedophilia out... the story in the Mirror is corroborated by the witness we're talking to from (Operation) Fernbridge... this corruption has to bring this country to its knees if we are to protect our children... there will be an independent inquiry... at the meeting last night: police, national media, witnesses, some eminent people willing to sit on a panel... what is so disheartening is the government are protecting themselves, not our children, our children are still at risk, this is still going on...

I've seen a lot of stories in a lot of newspapers, but this is the one (Sunday Mirror re: Anthony Gilberthorpe)... I believe everything that Ben Fellows has said... 4 years ago I was ejected from (BBC) Question Time for asking Michael Gove about child abuse... we have the national press trying to get that film footage. Gove, Farage, Milliband, (Shami) Chakrabarti on that panel... I did the same to Ed Balls, Harriet Harman... the killer blow if you like was from us to Nick Clegg and BBC news on budget day: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rJC-vvx7ItY

... we are under threat, this is becoming a street fight. Chris Fay and myself are both parents and Grandparents. This subject is one of the most powerful black mailing tools. Come forward, e-mail me at mail@pienmashfilms.com ... Robert Green is more than welcome on our enquiry panel, this man is a true hero. For God’s sake people wake up and go to your MP’s... if the police won't listen to you, come to me... this cover up is not just politicians. The tools they control us with is the police, MI5, MI6, this subject has affected the national security of this country for years... Gadhafi knew about paedophiles in our government, so did Saddam Hussein... Gadhafi's son Saif is still alive and knows Prince Andrew... God bless all victims and survivors."

Should anything happen to Bill Maloney, whether natural or otherwise, not only will the genie be out, but the cork will be thrown away. The likes of Maloney can at least advise parliament how to deal with this matter with a view to avoiding a potential public revolt and civil unrest. I wish to avoid a Bastille blood-shed type scenario. I do not seek to incarcerate even more people. I seek to end the prevailing evil and create a new model

"You never change things by fighting the existing reality. To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete."
R. Buckminster Fuller

Scotland Yard delays 200 charges over claims of child sex abuse - Met is worried about ‘media frenzy’ over paedophile network at Westminister, claims MP:

The UK public will tolerate death and destruction abroad, so long as it is not in their backyards. It is a sad, sorry, yet true observation. However, there is a terror they will at least react to; that will bring them out of their GMO, fluoride, TV, pharmaceutical induced apathy: the terror of abuse among children. When they understand the full extent to which it is organised the shit will hit the fan. Even I, who have been aware of and followed such news for some years, still find it difficult to digest the apparent enormity of this evil.

As Energy Minister, it might be worth considering multi parallel universes and the purpose of sacrificial offerings related to them. It is suggested the top Nazis knew all about this. It may be that the energy of the child is the most sought after by those who have interest in such macabre activity. Yes, these are mind boggling notions, but light is at last shining upon the violation of the sovereignty of children. Plausible deniability has long been used to distance politicians and establishment figures from wrong doing. This issue, however, will be addressed one way or another."

Matthew Hancock replied 17 September 2014:

"I appreciate your concern about this child abuse. It is an abhorrent crime, no matter when, or where, it occurs, and it is important the government is committed to tackling it, in whatever form it takes. The failings exposed by this inquiry are appalling and the Government is absolutely clear that the lessons of past failures must be learned.

It is vital that we do all we can to protect all children from harm and enable them to grow up in a safe environment. There are three key principles to underline the work being done by the Government in this area. Firstly, that everything possible that can be done will be done to fully investigate child abuse and prosecute those responsible for these disgusting crimes will be done. Secondly, that there will be full transparency over these issues. Thirdly, that wherever it is shown that individuals and institutions have failed to protect children, these failures will be exposed and lessons will be learnt to ensure that we have proper safeguards and protection for children in the future.

As well as the enquiry that has been set up, which I mentioned in my previous letter, the Government has also set up a Home Office led panel of experts and policymakers, the Sexual Violence against Children and Vulnerable People National Group. Though this agencies and departments across Government are working together to better identify those at risk and create a more victim-focused culture within the police, health and children's services. The Government is also clarifying The Children's and Young Persons Act 1933 to make it absolutely clear that children who are subjected to cruelty which is likely to cause psychological suffering or injury, are protected by the law.

Every child should be able to grow up in a safe environment and I can assure you that I will follow this issue carefully over forthcoming months."

Oh yeah, I really feel assured! It all sounds like a macabre sketch from Monty Python called 'Cover-Up'. It is down to Common Law courts, Bill Maloney etc to address this issue. Listen to Thomas Sheridan talk about Savile and The Yorshire Ripper... the mind just boggles:
Jimmy Savile the 666 Serial Killer - Investigative Report by Thomas Sheridan:
The Jimmy Savile Hellgate - Thomas Sheridan:

I shall list future relevant articles, videos and links here...
Sun, Sea & Satan (2014 Remake):
Savile and the 9th Circle:
Richard D. Hall: Madeleine Documentary:
Secret Society - Part 1: Secret Constitution - Secret Cabinet Committees:

01.12.2014 - Kevin Annett: Pope meets secretly with Russian, Dutch diplomats on BRICS bank & Dutch Queen coverup:

07.12.2014 - Willie Whitelaw ordered police to scrap inquiry into VIP child sex abuse ring:
The Saturnalia Cult: Threat To Vulnerable Children Over Christmas:
Kevin Annett talks about Saturnalia and the Ninth Circle cult:
Kevin Annett - Pope Francis Part of Criminal Syndicate and Will Be Arrested:

Icke persistently called out Lord McAlpine as a violator of children and no action was ever brought against Icke. here he accuses george 'Daddy' Bush:
Michael Shrimpton - Ted Heath sexually abused boys, who were then murdered to ensure their silence:
TAP: Richie Allen interviews The Shrimp:

15.12.2014 - New blow for May's sex abuse probe as Diana inquest QC agrees to lead rival investigation:
Now police investigate two undercover officers over claims they abused former child actor at guest house 'used by VIP paedophile ring'
VIP paedophile networks 'shut down police investigations which got too close', retired officers claim:
Police vent fury over cancelled inquiries into VIP child abuse: Officers claim covert investigations were shut down as they closed in on Establishment figures:
Paedophilia: The Real Terminator - Bill Maloney:

27.12.2014 - Oh dear. It seems Kevin Annett and the ITCCS are a sham:
Alfred Lambremont Webre: Why I exposed Kevin Annett & ITCCS:
For example Richie Allen has interviewed Annett:
Kevin Annett - Pope Francis Part of Criminal Syndicate and Will Be Arrested:
This means while children have been and continue to be violated, Annett has directed a diversion and discredited possible witnesses.
Annett is now threatening Webre and co:
Consciousness Caffeine: Clarifying the Controversy with Kevin Annett:

28.12.2014 - Bill Maloney’s Christmas message to Theresa May, and to all victims of child abuse:

31.12.2014 - Butler-Sloss cautions over victims' role in abuse inquiry:
I have listened to the phone call between Brian Gerish and BBC Today Nicola Stanbridge regarding the lack of investigating by Today into child abuse. Nicola, shame on your not supporting Brian in his endeavours and shame on you for attempting to twist the conversation and inferring Brian is 'controling' child abuse victims.
BBC Radio 4's Nicola Stanbridge puts child abuse investigation on back-burner:

To write and comment:
Today Programme
W1 NBH 03C
BBC Broadcasting House
Portland Place
London W1A 1AA

While attempting to cover-upthe violation of children, David Cameron steers attention toward:
Non-Violent Conspiracy Theorists Are Just As Dangerous As ISIS:
9/11: Russia Presents Evidence Against US, UK And Israel Co-Conspirators

06.01.2015 - Sexual abuse rampant in British overseas territory, report covered-up:
10.01.2015 - Windows on the World with Kevin Annett: 2015 Exposing gossip, lies and state crimes:

19.01.2015 - Andrew hires top lawyer to fight under-age sex claims: Prince employs 'grandfather of the bar' to help fight allegations as he prepares to make first public appearance:
St Helena child abuse: Foreign Office 'was warned British island couldn't cope 12 years ago':
Number 10's secret sex file: Uncovered after 34 years, document that told Thatcher of the 'unnatural' sexual behaviour of Westminster figures:

And then Leon Britten dies. Convenient.
25.01.2015 -  Note: be wary of Exaro News, but Leon Brittan Was Under MET Probe Over Claims Of Child Sex Abuse:
Leon Brittan: Ex-Labour MP Barbara Castle said former Home Secretary was man 'she could not trust':
Top Tory Leon Brittan 'photographed entering underage sex den during police investigation':
Leon Brittan abused me and other children at Westminster VIP paedophile parties: What child-sex victim told police:
Leon Brittan's catalogue of depravity: Former Home Secretary 'abused ten-year-old boy':

26.01.2015 - Elite child sex slaves "1981" forgotten documentary:
Labour MP sensationally accuses Leon Brittan of 'multiple child rape' - and compares tributes to former Home Secretary to those heaped on Jimmy Savile:
Leon Brittan 'attended paedophile parties in notorious brothel', it was claimed last night:
Leon was best of our generation.... says Michael Howard:
Margaret Thatcher warned of paedophile scandal, secret documents reveal?
Westminster 'paedophile ring': Sir Peter Hayman named in secret file?
Lord Janner: Decision whether to charge Labour peer with child sex offences 'to be made soon':

01.02.2015 - Yet another blow for child abuse inquiry after it's revealed that the Home Office coached 'independent' experts about how to answer 'difficult questions':
Westminster child abuse scandal: KGB and CIA kept secret dossiers on Britain's VIP paedophiles:
Brittan’s neoliberal legacy:

04.02.2015 - Bid To Bar Reporting Ken Clarke's Name In Sex Accuser's Trial Fails?:

UK Child Sex Abuse People's Tribunal:

Return 'Whistleblower Kids' and Abuse Survivors of London School to their Russian Family!


17.02.2015 - The context to The Whistleblower Kids videos. Alfred Lambremont Weber interviews Sabine McNeill:
Hoax? Bizarre Satanic Rituals Described by Children:
Thomas Sheridan deems Hampstead video a hoax 2mins 30secs: The Velocity of Now Feb 11, 2015 with Thomas Sheridan HOUR 1:
Advocate calls for global Jewish child-abuse commission:
Rabbi Meir Kluwgant, Australia's most senior rabbi, resigns after damning testimony at royal commission:

07.03.2015 - Murder at Thornham Magna, Suffolk:
How Thatcher’s Government Covered Up a VIP Pedophile Ring?
Leon Brittan and the Westminster child abuse scandal: 'his fingerprints were over everything'

08.03.2015 - ... and it just goes on:
Cabinet office in child abuse cover-up: MoS beats attempt by No10 to gag VIP file that shows Thatcher knew about paedophile MP Cyril Smith:
Leon Brittan homes raided in VIP paedophile child abuse probe six weeks after Tory Lord’s death:
75 years: Abuse files to be secret:

24.03.2015 - David Icke - Two Hour Special Royal/Political Paedophilia How the Global Pieces Fit:
Sabine McNeill & Tony Gosling: Pauffley's Hampstead Verdict:

The Mirror: quality investigative journalism or presstitution at its best?
'Evil' ex-wife who forced children to claim father was leader of satanic paedophile cult is hunted by police:
Brian Gerrish of UK Column, who has met the mother, says otherwise. Ex child abuse victim Mickey Summers is standing for UKIP in Nottingham:
During an interview with UK Column 26 March 2015 Mickey Summers suggested there will be revelations about a certain MP for Rushcliffe. If UK Column were not so 'television like' and permitted to 'broadcast' via YouTube, I could share it.
Cathy O'Brien: CIA Mkultra Survivor Talks To The Richie Allen Show About Mind Control:
Elite child sex slaves "1981" forgotten documentary:

31.03.2015 - Ex Police Sergeant in Hampstead – 10% of Britain’s children are being abused:


International Business Times:
Who Were the Paedophiles at the Heart of the British Political Establishment?
Was Jimmy Savile A Wizard?
Male sexual quirks among the Ottomans:

26.04.2015 - Crime And Punishment - Holocaust vs. Paedophilia:

10.05.2015 - Margaret Thatcher knew paedophile Tory's sick secret but STILL secured him a knighthood:

31.05.2015 - Hague faces cover-up row over Thatcher ally's link to care home abuse scandal: Former foreign secretary said to have been made aware of Sir Peter Morrison's connections while working as Welsh secretary:
Lord Brittan REFUSED to ban evil paedo ring:
Greville Janner update:
'Not enough cells' for child abusers:

27.06.2015 - Janner WILL face justice: Top barrister to recommend DPP's decision is over-ruled so case against Labour peer IS heard in court:

09.07.2015 - Melanie Shaw Taken By Devon And Cornwall Police:
Another point of view, though unconvincing to my ears: Hampstead & Hollie Greig Hoaxes On Corbett Report:
Sandra Uttley - Dunblane Unburied - Part 1a of 2
Sandra Uttley - Dunblane Unburied - Part 2 of 2
Gordon Bowden on Bombs, ‘Boiler Rooms’ & Paedophiles:

20.07.2015 - Would the Police Commissioner, Nottingham City & County Council & Police Lie to the PUBLIC?
Senior MP accused of child sex abuse: Two MPs report same serving Labour politician to police over sex attacks and corruption claims:
60 Minutes Australia: Special Investigation Spies Lords and Predators:

22.07.2015 - Richard Kerr names powerful men who covered-up Kincora:

07.08.2015 - Terry Wogan: "Looks Like David Icke Was Right All Along"
Mother claims she had told police a child vanished after going on Sir Edward Heath's yacht but officers were warned not to investigate by 'someone above':
Jimmy Savile's nephew claims his friend was abused at 14 by Ted Heath as picture emerges of the ex prime minister with known paedophile dubbed 'King Cornet':
Heath should not have been named as suspect, says Met police chief:
Lord Janner told to attend court over child abuse charges:
Kids Company founder Camila Batmanghelidjh claims scale of child sex abuse by senior Establish figures is worse than we think:

08.08.2015 - TED HEATH Just the Tip of the Iceberg: Elite Satanism, VIP Child-Abuse Networks and the Potential Collapse of the State…

19.08.2015 - American Journalist Kicked Out Of UK For Investigating Child Abuse:

30.09.2015 - UK Column Live - Satanic Ritual Abuse:

17.10.2015 - Abuse survivor Fiona Barnett: The ‘Candy Girl’:
Circumcision – ‘trauma alters brain permanently’. Researchers threatened:
HOME BIRTH OR HOSPITAL? Part 1 The Health Revolution. Jeanice Barcelo speaks with Clive de Carle:
HOME BIRTH OR HOSPITAL? Part 2 The Health Revolution. Jeanice Barcelo speaks with Clive de Carle:
Andrea Davison: "Panorama Abuse Survivor David Says BBC Misrepresented Him In Cover-Up Show!":
Victim testimonies permanently deleted by child sex abuse inquiry:
VIP Paedophile Ring: Crime But No Punishment:

05.11.2015 - Ex-deputy director of MI6 is named by MP as 'key' figure who 'manipulated' Westminster VIP paedophile ring:

01.12.2015 - My Story Fiona Bartlett – ‘Hang on for the ride’:
Fiona Barnett: "After I Named 3 Former Aussie PM's, Dozens More ABuse Victims Came Forward!"
05.02.2016 - Fiona Barnett Candy Girl Documentary Part 1 of 2 / Satanic Ritual Abuse:
Fiona Barnett Candy Girl Documentary Part 2 of 2 / Satanic Ritual Abuse:
Fiona Barnett tells Her Story [Survivor Trigger Warning - Graphic]:
David Shurter's YouTube channel:
This is unbelievable stuff... can it possibly be true? God knows...
Satanic Pedophilia Network Exposed in Australia (Just like in the USA):

24.02.2016 - Satanic Pedophilia Network Exposed in Australia (Just like in the USA):
12.03.2016 - This has received next to no mainstream media coverage:
Janner sexually abused children for 33 years, public inquiry hears:

12.05.2016 - Child Abuse Survivor Calls For Inquiry Into Police Handling Of His Dolphin Square Allegations:
28.05.2016 - Investigative journalist tears down pedophile elite in powerful new book:
Hollywood’s evil secret: pedophilia:
TED HEATH Just the Tip of the Iceberg: Elite Satanism, VIP Child-Abuse Networks & the Potential Collapse of the State…

19.02.2017 - Sir Edward Heath WAS a paedophile, says police chief: Astonishing claim is made that the former PM is guilty of vile crimes 'covered up by the Establishment'

14.03.2017 - Violating the body? Violating the mind!
This Elementary School Abolished Homework, and the Results Were Astonishing

18.03.2017 - Wikileaks Bush Covers Up D.C Pedophile Ring #PIZZAGATE:

Mind Control Whistle Blowers:
CTM #591 MK Ultra - Government Issued Nightmare! Watch NOW
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Bryce Taylor
Carol Ruts - A Nation Betrayed
Kathleen Sullivan - Unshackled
Fritz Springmeir

Ned Pamphilon