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Greece & the EU et al 31.01.2015

Greece has just elected a new 'left' wing government. Jean Monnet, father of Europe, stated in a letter of 30 April 1952:
"Europe’s nations should be guided towards the super-state without their people understanding what is happening. This can be accomplished by successive steps each disguised as having an economic purpose, but which will eventually and irreversibly lead to federation."

Other quotes to consider...
"... delete all currencis on the road to a single electronic currency...."
"... centralise power...."

Do the likes of Tony Blair, William Hague and David Cameron all know the plan?

Might the US still be a UK colony?

Let's consider why we must leave the EU:
URGENT MESSAGE To All British People:

25.01.2015 - John Kartsounis; John is a member of the Leadership Council of Freedom Force International:
The Greek election results are in and unfortunately the collectivists have won. The Syriza Party and Alexis Tsipras have played the impoverished Greeks like a cheap violin. The Global Puppet masters' and the world banking elite's proven strategy of initially overextending credit, thereby artificially over stimulating an economy, and eventually ushering in the inevitable bust, causing massive unemployment and economic distress among the general population has once again duped the citizenry to vote for a Trotskyite. Echoes of Russia in 1917? "The Road To Serfdom" continues in the birthplace of Western Civilization and Individualism.
While Syriza's platform of debt restructuring, and forgiveness has some validity as the current Greek debt burden at almost a quarter trillion Euros is not serviceable by the Greek economy, the solution is not more government welfare and spending to artificially stimulate growth as Mr. Tsipras is proposing. The solution is to free the Greek economy and its entrepreneurial people from an over centralized, corrupt, top down socialistic political mindset that has stifled true economic growth in the country for decades.
With unemployment hovering at depression levels with a 26% overall rate and over 50% for young adults, most of whom are well educated with advanced degrees, it is not surprising that many are leaving the country for foreign opportunities. Over the past 10 years more than 200,000 highly educated young professionals have left for employment in the U.K., Germany and even as far away as Australia. This brain drain tsunami will produce dire consequences for Greece going forward.
In the near term however, it certainly will be interesting to watch the game of chicken between the Troika and Mr. Tsipras. Will the Euro survive a Greek default and possible E.U. exit? Are Spain, Italy and France vulnerable as well? Will this scenario be a precursor for a larger currency crisis? Whatever the outcome, we can be sure the collectivists will use the next crisis as another opportunity to extend their power and diminish our freedoms.

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Let's also consider the relationship between the EU superstate and designs such as the TTP:

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13.02.2016 - Churchill Advocated A United Europe & World Super-Government.
From... Terry Boardman - Britain's Responsibility in 1914 for World War One:
At around 1.24 mins find...

"We do not of course pretend that United Europe provides the final and complete solution to all the problems of international relationships. The creation of an authoritative, all powerful world order is the ultimate aim towards which we must strive. Unless some World Super-Government can be set up and brought quickly into action, the prospect for peace and human progress are dark and doubtful.

But let there be no mistake upon the main issue. Without a United Europe there is no sure prospect of world government. It is the urgent and indispensable step towards the realisation of that ideal. After the First Great War, the League of Nations tried to build, without the aid of the USA, an international order upon a weak and divided Europe. It cost us dear."

Winston Churchill's Speeches: Never Give In! p.443

Whether you are interested or not, the fact remains there are individuals who have long analysed the structure of people management, community governance and models of world governance. Silence appears to result in consent to model implementation. The theory that an EU political club deters conflict for European nations appears to be a red herring; we have had trouble among European nations e.g. Yugoslavia. EU allies do interfere in foregn national affairs e.g. Libya, Ukraine, Syria... there is a policy to dilute national identity to ease the implementation of an EU superstate devoid of strong national and cultural identity.

The current EU-UK-US-NATO onslaught upon Syria is an example of EU hypocrisy and downright foreign interference of a foreign sovereign nation state:
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