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Did Hitler Escape Or Not?

I am posting this as is, otherwise I'll never post it if I wait till I've finished it...

This is apparently controversial stuff because it questions the official story about Hitler. These are notes as I have them. I do not hold nationalistic beliefs for Queen, country, flag or political inclination. I was brought up to believe Churchill good, Hitler bad. I now at least understand the subject is more complicated.

Did Hitler die in a bunker or did he escape to live out his years in Argentina? The victors always write the history and official stories are often not to be questioned. A chap called Harry Cooper is President of
I've followed the interviews of Harry Cooper over the last year or more and became a $50 Sharkhunter member to support Harry's work. The first book I encountered on this subject was Grey Wolf by Gerrard Williams:
Harry was pissed off with Williams, suggesting Grey Wolf was merely a copy and regurgitation of Harry's work. I was introduced to Harry Cooper by Jeff Rense; this is their latest chin-wag at the time of typing:
Jeff Rense & Harry Cooper - Proof Of Hitler's Escape:
An earlier Rense interview: "Hitler in Argentina" &'s SPitLiCkers:

I receive regular newsletters from Harry. For example, the latest reads:

NEW U-BOAT FOUND? Many Members have expressed their unhappiness with the Lamestream media for such "discoveries" that really are re-hashed old news. One must wonder if they feel the need to revive old stories using new headlines when there is no real news in the world - I mean news that they are ALLOWED to print. For instance, other than from Sharkhunters have you read about:
Russia and China conducting naval maneuvers in the Mediterranean?
Russia and Argentina signing a defense pact?
The Brazilian Navy training Chinese carrier pilots?
Russia building nuclear power plants in Patagonia?
China's new aircraft carriers?
China's new 'boomer' boats?

There is much more and we do not wish to take up all that space or task your eyes - but did you ever wonder why the Lamestream media doesn't bother us with such news? Could it be that we are supposed to watch what the left hand is doing so the right hand can cause problems? You be the judge.

So, to notes I've compiled for this post:

Last Hitler bodyguard Rochus Misch dies:
The BBC PM programme reported how Misch described seeing 'Hitler' slumped at his desk following a gun shot.

I recall a BBC radio program in recent years reporting on the anniversary of the JFK Dallas assassination, included a surgeon who was present when JFK arrived at the hospital, the policeman who arrested Lee Harvey Oswald and an eye-witness from the scene... yet there were so many questions and witnesses the BBC simply ignore. It's as if the internet does not exist, unless the BBC suddenly require videos of Syrian chemical attack victims convenient to the 'official' story.

It's easy to forget how it was before the internet. Are the BBC so stupid? So corrupt? So blind? How is it apparently educated, 'intelligent' BBC journalists are so lacking? It's fascinating to observe.

Who Funded Hitler? -- Questions For Corbett #008:

Prescott Bush - How Bush's grandfather helped Hitler's rise to Power:

Irving infers Hitler was burned...

Dennis Wise - Hour 1 - Adolf Hitler: The Greatest Story Never Told:
The Greatest Story Never Told TV:

Eisenhower's Rhine-Meadows Death Camps - Documentary:
Hellstorm Documentary:

Hellstorm - Exposing The Real Genocide of Nazi Germany:

10.05.2015 - From Harry Cooper's Sharkhunter's newsletter:
"We shall never forget nor be able to repay the immense debt of gratitude we owe to our comrades of the German Army."
Juan Domingo Peron - 4 April 1952.

Note that Peron made this statement in 1952 - seven years AFTER the end of World War Two. What prompted him to make that comment and why then? The European conflict of WW II ended in May 1945 but not all Germans remained to suffer their horrible fate at the hands of the victorious Allies - wholesale rape, murder, robbery, slavery and the loss of everything. There were thousands of high ranking Party members, SS officers, spies, agents, scientists, engineers and all manner of the elite of the Reich who escaped the crumbled Europe in favor of a fresh start in South America, primarily Argentina.

In this book researcher/author Michael Ivinheim reveals what his exhaustive research has discovered about the 'Black Boats' that figure prominently into the history.....not of the END of the Third Reich but rather of the RELOCATION of the Third Reich.

What we report in this book is backed up by solid evidence that is presented in the book.

14.05.2015 - From Harry Cooper's Sharkhunter's newsletter:
2 MILLION DOCUMENTS! - The war in Europe ended seventy years ago and the Soviet Union, today the Russian Republic, had sealed everything in their archives for 70 years. IT IS RAINING PAPER more or less! Russia has just released some TWO MILLION German documents including just about all of the orders signed by Adolf Hitler and others at the top of the Third Reich. By rights, Russia should have delivered these documents to the German Government but for reasons we can only imagine they did not. Rather they scanned all these documents and posted them online.......and this is chapping the asses of certain people - people who want to keep certain myths and fairy tales alive. You may fill in the blanks here. Russia and Vladimir Putin and Russia are not the least bit worried that they have upset these people and are going full speed ahead with this project. Soon people will be able to read the truth of what happened during World War Two and can discount the propaganda we are taught today.

BLACKMAIL? All the documents from the so-called "Big Three" conference at Yalta with Roosevelt, Churchill and Stalin were sealed and still remained sealed. However PP tells us that Russia is making it clear that if there is too much in the way of counter attack against them, they will release these documents too. Embarrassing do you think? The public might learn that there are additional war criminals and not Germans but rather the ones we refer to as 'The Good Guys'. Yalta or not, there are millions more documents set to be released by Russia and soon. It is gonna' be interesting!


08.06.2015 - From Harry Cooper's recent Sharkhunter's newsletter:
The Southern Poverty Law Center, SPLC sometimes referred to as the Spitlickers are the SELF APPOINTED determiners of who is bad and who is long as the money keep rolling in. They are not affiliated with any government group we know of, especially now that the FBI has cut them loose. They continue to spout their version of the good, the bad and the ugly.......their own version.
Who is the real hate group? We asked Members and non-Members alike for any input into the real Spitlickers; what they were really all about. What we received surprised even us. They are held in such LOW regard by so many people, publications, organizations etc. it is amazing. Amazing even more so that they are still operating, but as long as the money - TENS OF MILLIONS PER YEAR - keeps rolling in, the doors will remain open.
Did the founder of the SPLC attempt to join the KKK? Was he accused of pedophilia? Was he and the SPLC accused of fraud, fear tactics, intimidation and more? Click on this link and see what others have written and said about the Spitlickers; about their founder Morris Dees and about their main "attack dog" known as "Fat Heidi". Make sure you have some time available as there are hundreds of links when you click below.
After reading the following we encourage you to please send in your comments. We will publish ALL comments whether flattering or not - all will be published. If you wish us to suppress your name, just tell us and we will not reveal your name.
Click on this and see if you can identify the REAL hate group!

Since they classified Sharkhunters as "General Hate" we went to their website, downloaded the incredible list of what they call "General Hate" and were surprised to find that they list a ton of Christian Churches, Christian and Catholic agencies to help parents to home school their children in this country and abroad including some black groups. There were Muslim churches and Jewish groups listed as well. Let's not forget the many patriotic groups they list as "General Hate". Who is left that they do not hate - NASCAR? The Boy Scouts? Little League? Keep in mind, this is only the "General Hate" list. How many hundreds of other groups exist that are pigeonholed into one category of "Hate" or another. It might just appear that they list any group they want as long as it keeps the cash register ringing. Who knows?

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